Janet’s timeline : 1966-1973

May 16, 1966 : Katherine gives birth to Janet Damito Jo Jackson in Gary.

November 30, 1968 : While the Jackson 5 perform at the Regal Theater in Chicago, their sister Rebbie gets married to Nathaniel Brown at the Kingdom Hall of Gary. One month later they move to Kentucky. Janet, aged 2, attends the ceremony.

July 1969 : Motown headquarters move from Detroit to California and so do the J5! Joe, Tito, Jack Richardson, drummer Johnny Jackson & keyboards players Ronnie Rancifer drive to Los Angeles while Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon & Michael fly out a few days later. The group is accommodated at the Motel Tropicana on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Katherine remains in Gary with LaToya, Randy and Janet.

November , 1969 : Katherine, LaToya, Janet & Randy join Joe and the Jackson 5 in California and the whole family moves into a house rented by Motown on 1601 Queen Roads in Los Angeles.

The family celebrates their new life by driving up to San Francisco for the weekend.

November 1970 : The Jackson family moves in a new house rented by Motown at
Bowmont Drive, in Beverly Hills.

May 5, 1971 : The Jackson family moves into a new house that they just purchased in Encino, they call their new home Hayvenhurst. They share 6 rooms  : Katherine/Joe, Jackie/Ronnie Rancifer, Tito/Johnny Jackson, Jermaine/Marlon, Michael/Randy, LaToya/Janet).

Rebbie gives birth to a baby girl named Stacee Brown.

September 241971 : The Jackson 5 are on the cover of Life magazine with Katherine & Joe. The photoshoot took place at Hayvenhurst and features Rebbie, baby Stacee, LaToya & 5 years old Janet.

June 17, 1972 : Tito leaves Hayvenhurst and gets married to Delores “Dee Dee” Martes in LA. The whole family attends the wedding including Michael, LaToya & Janet.

March 9, 1973 : Katherine files for divorce after finding out about Joe’s affair but she withdraws her demand a couple of months later.

August 4, 1973 : Dee Dee gives birth to Toriano Jackson 2 (Taj), Tito’s first son and Katherine and Joe’s first grandson.

December 15, 1973 : Jermaine leaves Hayvenhurst and gets married to Hazel Gordy, daughter of Berry Gordy. The whole family attends the wedding including Michael, LaToya & Janet.

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