Y&R 1996

By the start of 1996, Amy Wilson had recovered from her mental trauma. She testified on Nick’s behalf that she was responsible for shooting Matt after he had raped her. When Matt learned that the police were about to arrest him for perjury, among other criminal charges, he skipped town. The Newman’s were relieved when Nick was released from jail and cleared of shooting Matt. Soon after, he and Sharon married in a formal ceremony and began living together in a reconverted barn on the Newman estate. Nick also took a position at Newman Enterprises, with his step-dad Jack Abbott showing him the ropes.

Nikki worried that Sharon was anxious to get pregnant so that Nick would be further tied to her. By summer, Sharon’s old friend, Grace Turner, from Madison, had moved to Genoa City, anxious to start a new life. With Nick’s help, Grace landed a job at Newman Enterprises. Nick wasn’t pleased when Sharon announced that she was pregnant. He urged Sharon to consider an abortion because he wasn’t ready for fatherhood. Worried about her marriage, Sharon eventually made plans for an abortion. Nick, however, had a change of heart and stopped Sharon at the last minute, saying that he was prepared to become a father. Sharon confided to Nikki that she had skipped taking her birth control pills deliberately. When Doris heard about Sharon’s confession to Nikki, she worried that Nikki would use this against Sharon. Grace began having fantasies about being involved with Nick and tried to undermine Nick and Sharon’s marriage. When Tony, Grace’s old boyfriend, showed up and said he wanted to resume their relationship, Grace resisted his advances.

Jack Abbott was devastated when Luan died from her terminal illness. When Keemo learned that Jack had know that Luan was seriously ill, he accused his father of stealing precious time that he and his sister Mai could have spent with their mother. Eventually, Keemo forgave his father. To Jack’s disappointment, Keemo announced that he was returning to Viet Nam. After grieving over Luan’s death for several months, Jack resumed his relationship with Mari Jo Mason. By summer, Jack and Mari Jo were engaged to marry.

Nikki grew tired of waiting for Victor to express an interest in resuming their romance and she accepted Brad Carlton’s marriage proposal. Victor was shocked when he learned that Brad was the mystery man in Nikki’s life. To retaliate, he bypassed Brad for a promotion at Newman Enterprises and awarded the new position to Neil Winters. Concerned for his friend John Abbott’s health, Victor warned Jill to stop threatening to take Billy away from him. When Victor received a FAX meant for Jack from Keemo, urging Jack to be leery of Mari Jo, Victor confronted Mari Jo about her manipulative ways. Unknown to Mari Jo, Victor gave the FAX to Chris for safekeeping. On Brad and Nikki’s wedding day, Victor was having a late meeting with Chris when he was shot. When Nikki learned of the shooting, she fled the church to be by Victor’s side at the hospital.

As Victor recovered from his gunshot wound, the police zeroed in on several suspects, including Brad and Jill. Brad urged Nikki to marry him and immediately leave for their honeymoon, but Nikki wanted to keep herself available for Victor. Upset, Brad broke off his relationship with Nikki and left town. When the police discovered that the gun used to shoot Victor belonged to Jill, they arrested her. Further investigation, however, cleared Jill and she was released. Victor’s near-death experience prompted him to reevaluate his life. He left Genoa City for several weeks and visited Hope on her farm in Kansas, where she was now married to Cliff. Victor enjoyed spending time with his son Victor Jr., but Cliff made it clear that the boy considered him his father.

Victor returned to Genoa City and began spending time with Nikki, who assumed that they were finally about to reconcile. When Victor received word that Cliff had been struck by a drunk driver, he quickly returned to Kansas to lend Hope support. Hope was grief-stricken when Cliff died. Nikki misunderstood Victor’s reasons for leaving her, and she resolved to break off with him. She became involved with her doctor, Josh Landers, who said that he was a widower. When Josh proposed marriage, Nikki impulsively accepted and they eloped in Vegas. Victor tried to stop the marriage, but he arrived too late, and so he decided not to tell Nikki that he was still in love with her. Eventually, Victor persuaded Hope to relocate to Genoa City with their son.

When Mari Jo realized that Chris had a link to the FAX that could potentially destroy her relationship with Jack, she kidnapped Chris and held her prisoner in a isolated area of Newman Enterprises. While Chris was trying to escape from the gun-wielding Mari Jo, Victor and Paul came to Chris’ rescue. Mari Jo was arrested and committed to a mental institution. Jack visited Mari Jo and made it clear that their engagement was off.

Jack was surprised when Diane Jenkins, a former girlfriend, suddenly showed up in Genoa City. Jack was anxious to romance Diane, but she resisted, fearing that Jack hadn’t reformed his former playboy ways. Meanwhile, Ashley was livid that Jack and Diane were seeing each other again. She tried to pressure Diane into staying away from Jack, but Diane found it difficult to resist Jack’s charms.

Jill was shocked when John’s first wife, Dina, reappeared in Genoa City. John resumed his romance with Dina and proposed remarriage. Although Jack was elated that his parents were involved again, Ashley, who had also returned to Genoa City, and Traci, who was visiting from New York, both opposed the reconciliation. The stress that John suffered while dealing with Jill caused him to have another heart attack. However, he quickly recovered. Jill and John finally agreed to divorce and Jill made plans to live in a new home with her son, Billy. Dina surprised her family by suddenly leaving town again.

Ashley resumed her job at Jabot and enjoyed a brief flirtation with her new work associate, Adam. When Ashley was attacked, and nearly killed by two thugs, while walking through the woods, she was rescued by Kurt Costner, a mysterious stranger, who had been doing odd-jobs at the Chancellor estate in exchange for room and board. The thugs shot Kurt and fled. Ashley and Kurt were rushed to the hospital, where a grateful Ashley arranged to cover Kurt’s medical expenses. Ashley became intrigued with Kurt and tried to find out more about him, and she turned to Victor for help in trying to put Kurt’s life back on track. While Victor was out of town on a business trip, he asked Kurt to watch out for Hope and his son.

Phyllis was heartbroken when Danny announced that he was still interested in divorcing her. Phyllis reluctantly agreed to Danny’s request, but at the divorce hearing, she testified that she believed that their marriage still had a chance. The judge postponed making a decision until after Phyllis and Danny had marriage counseling. Sensing that her counselor, Dr. Tim Reid, was attracted to her, Phyllis slept with him. On the day that Tim was scheduled to testify that he felt Danny and Phyllis should divorce, Phyllis blackmailed him with a videotape of their lovemaking. Tim testified on Phyllis’ behalf that her marriage to Danny had a chance, but he later recanted his testimony. Phyllis finally accepted the inevitable, and her divorce from Danny was finalized.

To make Danny jealous, Phyllis became involved with Tim, but she didn’t reveal her lover’s identity to Danny. When Tim proposed marriage, Phyllis accepted. Her son, Daniel, became seriously ill and was hospitalized for several weeks. Phyllis and Danny held a vigil by his bedside and, in the process, became closer. They were relieved when Daniel’s health recovered. Touched by Phyllis’ love for their son, Danny began dating his ex-wife. Soon after, Phyllis ended her engagement to Tim. But Phyllis and Danny are a bit nervous about their new growing closeness.

Paul and Chris made plans to marry. On the day before the ceremony, Chris made love to Danny. Paul discovered them in bed together and canceled their wedding. Chris made it clear to Danny that their lovemaking was a mistake and that she was no longer in love with him. Eventually, Chris and Paul patched up their differences and married. Their Caribbean honeymoon, however, was nearly destroyed by Phyllis, who was also visiting the island with Tim. Back in Genoa City, Phyllis apologized for her behavior and pleaded with Chris not to tell Danny. Chris reluctantly agreed.

Dr. Olivia Hastings began treating Keesha, who had contracted the AIDS virus from a former boyfriend. When Olivia inadvertently discovered that her husband, Nathan, had been having an affair–and that Keesha was the other woman–she blasted both Nathan and Keesha for their illicit behavior. Olivia, who had been trying to get pregnant again, worried that Nathan might have exposed her and their son to HIV. Meanwhile, Malcolm, after learning of Nathan and Keesha’s affair, ended his romance with Keesha.

Keesha soon developed full-blown AIDS. Seeing Keesha’s physical deterioration, Malcolm’s attitude toward her softened. Realizing that Keesha was near death, Malcolm made her dying wish, to be married, come true. Soon after the ceremony, Keesha died. Olivia and Dru were initially angry at Malcolm for showing sympathy toward Keesha, but eventually the two sisters forgave him. A bitter Olivia, however, made it difficult for Nathan to see their son. Frustrated, Nathan kidnapped the boy and disappeared. After several weeks on the run, Nathan decided to return Little Nate to Olivia. When the boy wandered away from his father on a crowded street, Nathan rushed to find him and was fatally struck by a car. At the hospital, Nathan struggled to apologize to Olivia for hurting her and then he died.

Dru was offered a lucrative modeling contract, but her husband, Neil, insisted that she turn it down so she could focus on being a full-time mother and wife. Behind Neil’s back, Dru signed the contract and began secretly accepting out-of-town modeling assignments. Malcolm, who was hired to be the photographer for Dru’s shoots, reluctantly agreed to keep the secret. But Neil suspects that perhaps Dru signed with the agents.

Victoria’s marriage to Cole was headed for trouble when she began enjoying secret kisses with Ryan at work. Ironically, Cole was also falling for Ryan’s wife, Nina, who was working as his assistant. When Nina learned that Ryan was still attracted to Victoria, she ordered him out of their home. Meanwhile, following Victor’s orders, Cole asked Victoria to give their marriage another chance and she agreed. Even though Cole made it clear to Nina that he wanted to remain married to Victoria, Nina struggled to fight her attraction for him. ;-)

Y&R 1995

In early 1995, while on a date with Sharon, Matt Clark trapped her in his car and raped her. In the process he tore an expensive coat that Nick had anonymously given to Sharon. When a nonchalant Matt suggested that Sharon would enjoy herself more the next time they got together, Sharon warned him to keep away from her. Later, Sharon’s friends and family were confused by her withdrawal, but Sharon was too ashamed to confide in them what had happened.

When Amy Wilson became involved with Matt, Sharon warned her to be careful, and finally revealed that Matt had raped her. Matt, however, convinced Amy that Sharon had lied out of jealousy. Soon after, Nick and Sharon resume their relationship. Angry with Sharon for this rejection, a vengeful Matt, with his buddy Drake’s help, discovered that Sharon had earlier given birth to a baby boy and had given the baby up for adoption. Matt planed to use this information against Sharon. But when Sharon realized that Matt knew her shameful secret, she decided to confess everything to Nick. Before she could tell him, however, Nick proposed marriage and she accepted.

When Nick discovered that Sharon had had a baby that she had given up for adoption, she assumed that he was no longer interested in her. She returned his engagement ring. But Nick made it clear that he loved her and they made plans to elope. That night, Sharon revealed to Nick that Matt had raped her. Angry, Nick left to confront Matt. Earlier that same evening, Amy had broken off her romance with Matt. Amy left to spend the summer in St. Louis. Nick arrived at Matt’s to discover Matt lying unconscious on the floor with a bullet wound. The police arrived and arrested Nick for attempted murder. When Matt regained consciousness, he told the police that Nick had tried to kill him. Determined to save his son, Victor Newman asked Paul and Chris to do everything possible to prove Nick’s innocence. And as Nick’s trial started, he and Sharon secretly elope.

Not long after this, Amy resurfaced in a shelter for battered women. She appeared to be deeply-disturbed. Victor, Paul and Chris located Amy at the shelter in Chicago. Chris persuaded Amy to return to Genoa City, where Victor paid for her stay at a sanitarium.

Alex “Blade” Bladeson accidentally saw Brad Carlton and Ashley embracing. Blade later suggested to Ashley that they take a romantic vacation. Jack also arranged a Caribbean getaway for himself and Luan, but when a jealous Mari Jo Mason caught wind of their plans, she planted doubt in Luan’s mind about Jack’s true feelings for her. Mari Jo then followed Jack to the Caribbean. Blade and Ashley were also vacationing on the same island, with Brad trailing them. When Ashley and Brad saw Mari Jo with Blade’s identical twin brother, Rick, they assumed that Blade was having an affair with Mari Jo. Jack, however, made it clear to Mari Jo that he was in love with Luan. He headed back to Genoa City. As Blade got ready to head home, Rick knocked him unconscious and held his twin prisoner in a cage. When Blade regained consciousness, Rick bid him farewell and left to assume his brother’s identity.

Back in Genoa City, Jack assured Luan that he loved her, and said that they marry soon. Luan had been ill, but she kept this a secret from Jack. Ironically, Jack inadvertently discovered that Luan was suffering from a terminal illness. He resolved to keep his knowledge of her medical condition a secret so that her remaining months with him would be happy. Meanwhile, Luan’s son, Keemo, became romantically involved with Mari Jo. Keemo quickly tired of Mari Jo’s mind-games and broke off with her.

Rick was so successful at his masquerade that, as Blade, he was able to make love to Ashley. But a crafty Mari Jo caught onto Rick’s scheme and confronted him. However, Blade managed to free himself and returned to Genoa City. Blade agreed not to press criminal charges, provided that Rick leave town. With Rick out of the way, Blade focused his attention on his marriage to Ashley.

Rick returned, however, determined to get revenge against Blade. Mari Jo tried to keep the two brothers apart. However, Blade while rushing home to protect Ashley from Rick, was killed in a car wreck. At the funeral, Rick introduced himself to Ashley. Mari Jo confided to Jill Abbott that Rick had posed as Blade for several months, and Jill broke this news to Ashley. Devastated, a grieving Ashley relocated to Paris.

Frustrated by Victor’s remote behavior, a pregnant Hope returned to her farm in Kansas after she received word that Cliff had been injured in an accident. While Cliff recuperated, Hope extended her stay. Victor’s friend, Douglas, arrived at the farm and pressured Hope to return to Victor. During their argument, Hope accidentally tripped over a chair and had to be rushed to the hospital. Victor arrived to make sure Hope was okay and then he returned home. The next day, Hope gave birth to a baby boy, whom she named Victor Adam Newman. To Victor Sr.’s disappointment, Hope decided to stay in Kansas and raise their son on her farm.

Brad began romancing Nikki. Their relationship escalated and Brad proposed marriage. Nikki told Brad that while she was interested, the timing wasn’t right. She promise to reconsider his proposal at a later date. When Brad told Lauren that he loved Nikki, Lauren packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles, where she entered into a business venture with Eric Forrester.

Ex-wife and husband, Chris and Danny shared a tender kiss on the day before Chris’s wedding to Paul. Phyllis saw them together. Determined to keep Chris away from Danny, Phyllis rented a car the next day and sped towards Chris. In order to save Chris, Paul jumped in front of the car and they were both struck down. Chris’ and Paul’s friends and family waited patiently for their arrival at the church. It was Lauren who received the call and had to tell everyone that there had been an accident. Chris survived the accident with minor injuries, but Paul was devastated when the doctor announced that the accident had left him sexually dysfunctional. Feeling incomplete as a man, Paul canceled their wedding without any explanation, which left Chris devastated. She tried to take her mind off their break-up by gathering dirt on Phyllis so that Danny could get a divorce and custody of his son. But Phyllis caught on. To keep Chris off her case, Phyllis altered her son, Daniel’s, blood tests so that it looked as if Danny really was his dad. Paul finally recovered from his impotency and made love to Chris.

Danny agreed to live with Phyllis for four months, since he believed her promise that she would then agree to divorce him. But when the four months were up, Phyllis had had a change of heart. When Danny tried to see his son, Phyllis called the police and got a restraining order against him. Phyllis eventually calmed down and made peace with Danny.

Malcolm apologized to Dru for sleeping with her when she was drugged on cold medication. Soon after, Malcolm landed a photography assignment with Dru as the model. And a few months later, Dru gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Lily, and who might be Malcolm’s child, or Neil’s. Meanwhile, Malcolm attempted to have a relationship with an attractive doctor named Stephanie, but her medical practice kept her too busy for a personal life.

Victoria became jealous of the time that Cole spent with Jeri on a writing project. But Jeri became a non-issue when Cole made it clear that he loved Victoria. Jeri accepted this and returned to her life in New York.

After a fallout with Neil Winters at Jabot, Ryan accepted a job to work for Jill Abbott.

Following Jill’s orders, John Silva revealed in court that John Abbott had had a vasectomy without Jill’s knowledge after their son, Billy, had been born. Meanwhile, John acknowledged his romantic feelings for Mamie and promised that they would be together after his divorce and custody battle were resolved. On the day before the verdict was announced, John suffered a stroke that resulted in a loss of memory. Jill used John’s stroke to her advantage and convinced him that they had decided to stay together.

Eventually, John recovered and regained his memory, which prompted him to reactivate the divorce and custody battle. Of course, Mamie was thrilled that John was once again interested in pursuing their relationship. However, just before a ruling was about to be made, John and Jill decided to stay married for Billy’s sake, which left Mamie heartbroken. In order to keep Mamie away from John, Jill offered her a million dollars and Mamie accepted. By the time John realized what Jill had done, Mamie had met Trent Jones, a business executive, and immediately found herself attracted to him. They left town for an extended cruise.

Olivia Hastings grew concerned about Nathan’s health when he lost his desire to make love to her. Soon after, Paul discovered that Nathan was having an affair with a sexy woman named Keesha Monroe. When Neil found out about this, he confronted Nathan. Nathan promised to break off with Keesha, but Neil suspected that he was lying. So Neil told tells Dru about Nathan’s infidelity to her sister. Olivia was thrilled when Nathan agreed that they should have another baby. And Keesha began dating Malcolm, which troubled both Neil and Dru.;-)

Y&R 1994

Victor Newman and Nikki were shocked to learn that the daughter, Victoria, and Cole Howard had eloped to Vegas in early 1994. Upon their return, Victor revealed that Cole was his son, which forced an annulment. While going through the late Eve Howard’s belongings, Victor discovered a letter from another man to her, which cast doubt on Victor being Cole’s father. Victor immediately arranged to have blood tests run on Cole, the other man and Eve’s corpse. When Nikki tried to resume her romance with Cole, a devastated Victoria left town before she had learned that Cole wasn’t interested in her mom.

Receiving confirmation that he wasn’t Cole’s dad, Victor and Cole immediately tracked Victoria down. Cole shared Victor’s news with Victoria and they returned to Genoa City, where they arranged to remarry. When Victoria had discovered that Cole and Nikki had once been intimate, she had traveled to New York City and had agreed to pose for a nude centerfold. The publisher had promised Cole that the photos wouldn’t run. Nevertheless, a few months later, Victoria’s shocking centerfold was on newsstands around the country. Angered by the publisher’s unethical behavior, Victor bought every existing copy of the magazine and had them destroyed. He then purchased the company that published the magazine and fired the publisher. Rather than attend college, Victoria opted to take a job at Jabot, working with Ryan.

Hope revealed to Victor that she had never been with a man sexually. Soon after, she and Victor made love. When Victor proposed marriage to her, Hope accepted. Nikki was so distraught by the news that she crashed their wedding and made a spectacle of herself. Nikki considered reconciling with Jack, but he surprised her by announcing that he was ready to file for divorce. Meanwhile, Hope learned that she was pregnant. Victor and Hope were forced to do some serious soul-searching when Hope’s doctor said the baby could inherit her blindness. When medical tests revealed that there was a good chance the baby would be born blind, Victor urged Hope to have an abortion, but she resisted, and the tension in their marriage escalated.

Victor and Nikki’s son, Nick, returned from his Swiss boarding school for the summer. After becoming interested in an attractive young woman named Sharon, Nick decided to stay in Genoa City. Meanwhile, Sharon’s friend, Amy, was also interested in Nick. Eventually, Nick and Sharon began a romance, which angered Sharon’s former boyfriend, Matt. Sensing the closeness between Sharon and Nick, Sharon’s mom, Doris, warned her daughter not to make the same mistake twice and become pregnant again. Still hurting over the pain of giving her first baby up for adoption, Sharon resisted Nick’s attempt to make love. Stung by Sharon’s rejection, Nick turned to Amy for physical comfort. When Doris was hospitalized after falling from her wheelchair, Victor relieved Sharon’s financial worries by taking care of Doris’ hospital bill.

Paul and Christine grew closer after Danny sent Christine a letter from New York, announcing that he wanted a divorce. Heartbroken, Christine resolved to get her life on track by following Danny’s wishes. When her divorce was finalized, Christine resumed her maiden name of Blair. Eventually, Christine learned that Danny had gotten another woman, Phyllis, pregnant. Before their son, Daniel, was born, Danny reluctantly married Phyllis. Soon after, they moved to Genoa City.

Paul’s former wife, April, returned to Genoa City after being beaten by her husband, Robert, over the holidays. Although April was still attracted to Paul, he gently turned her down. Concerned for her daughter, Heather, April returned to Robert. When he threatened Heather’s well-being, April fatally stabbed him with a letter opener. April was charged with murder. To her relief Christine Blair and John Silva volunteered to represent her in court. Christine and Silva’s dynamic representation won April a suspended sentence. After being reunited with Heather, April announced to Paul that she wanted to begin a new life away from Genoa City. Paul’s relationship with Christine heated up and he eventually proposed marriage. But Christine resisted giving Paul an answer because she was still trying to accept the news about Danny’s marriage to Phyllis.

Alex “Blade” Bladeson and Ashley married. While their house was being built, they moved into the Abbott home. Complications quickly developed when Blade’s former lover, Mari Jo, moved to Genoa City. Blade was troubled when Mari Jo became involved with Jack Abbott and secured a job at Jabot. After Mari Jo also befriended Ashley, Blade told her to leave town or he would reveal the truth about her to Jack. But Mari Jo forced Blade to back down when she accused him of being responsible for the death of his twin brother, Rick. Blade realized that Mari Jo was going to become a permanent part of his life when she announced her engagement to Jack. However, Ashley accidentally discovered Mari Jo’s true identity and confronted the woman about her past relationship with Blade. No one was more shocked than Mari Jo when Blade’s presumed-dead twin brother Rick showed up in Genoa City.

Christine became friends with the owner of restaurant called the Saigon Shack, run by a Vietnamese woman named Luan. Luan hadn’t seen her son, Keemo, for years because he still lived in their native country. When Luan was shot by robbers at the restaurant, she pleaded with Christine to find her son. Christine and Paul immediately traveled to Viet Nam, where they found Keemo and brought him back to Genoa City. After a tearful reunion, Luan recovered from her wounds. Keemo moved in with his mom, and her daughter Mai. Through a series of events, Christine deduced that Jack had been Luan’s lover while he was a soldier in Viet Nam, and had fathered Keemo. With Christine’s assistance, Jack and Luan were reunited. Luan told Keemo that Jack was his father, which angered Keemo, because he had always believed that his American father had deserted Luan. When Keemo learned that Jack and Luan had been separated by the war’s ending, he accepted Jack as his father. However, Mari Jo wasn’t pleased to learn of Luan’s new role in Jack’s life.

Olivia was hospitalized with a mystery ailment. During her hospitalization, Nathan took custody of Little Nate. Olivia’s mother, Lillie Bell, snuck into Nathan’s apartment and took the boy to Olivia at the hospital. After a healthy Olivia was released from the hospital, she and Nathan reconciled. Meanwhile, Lillie Bell resumed living with her husband, Walter.

Dru was surprised to discover that Neil had a half-brother named Malcolm. Neil explained that he had distanced himself from his brother, who was a trouble-maker. When Malcolm arrived in Genoa City, he informed Neil that he had reformed his bad-boy ways. Dru befriended Malcolm, which led him to believe that she was attracted to him. Dru was groggy from over-medicating on cold medicine when Malcolm stopped by checked on her for Neil, who was away on a business trip. Dru mistook Malcolm for her husband and made love to him. Initially, Malcolm believed that Dru recognized him. Later, Malcolm told Olivia what happened. When Dru announced to her sister that she was pregnant, Olivia told her that she had slept with Malcolm and that he might be the father of her baby. Dru considered having an abortion, but when her doctor revealed that she wouldn’t be able to have another pregnancy, Dru changed her mind. Rather than learn the truth about the baby’s paternity, Dru resolved to keep the incident secret from Neil, and assumed that he was the father.

Nina informed Ryan that she was pregnant, which prompted him to marry her. Soon after the wedding, Nina miscarried. Nina worried that Ryan would want to end their marriage, but he made it clear he wanted to continue being her husband.

Brad Carlton sought legal help after Traci refused to let him see his daughter, Colleen. The judge ruled that Brad could have supervised weekly visits with Colleen in New York until after the case was reviewed. While Brad was in New York, Traci phoned him at his hotel. She was angered when Lauren answered the phone. Traci tried to prevent Brad from seeing Colleen, but the judge ordered her to bring the child to Genoa City for bi-monthly visits. After making love to Lauren, Brad suffered a heart incident, which forced him into temporary hospitalization. Worried about Brad’s health, Traci risked her marriage to Steve Connelly so that she be with Brad. After Brad recovered, he made it clear to Traci that there was no chance for them to reconcile. Traci accepted the news and returned to her marriage in New York City. Lauren proposed marriage to Brad, but soon realized that he wasn’t interested in making a lifetime commitment.

John Abbott was too embarrassed to tell Jill that he was suffering from impotence. Feeling rejected and shut out, Jill started an affair with Jed Sanders, the contractor who was making improvements on their home. To Jill’s dismay, Mamie discovered the affair. To protect John, Mamie told him about the affair. Meanwhile, Jed also began seeing Nikki. When Nikki learned of Jill’s affair with Jed, she broke off their romance. Soon after, Jed left town. John told Jill that he wanted a divorce and a bitter custody battle over their son Billy ensued. During the custody fight, the judge ruled that Jill could remain in the Abbott house.

Katherine Chancellor’s maid Esther fell for a con man named Norman Peterson after she answered his ad in the Chronicle’s personals column. After a whirlwind romance, Esther married Norman and he moved into the Chancellor estate. Norman’s primary reason for getting involved with Esther was so that he could rob Katherine. While Norman was trying to break into Katherine’s safe, he was interrupted by Katherine’s husband, Rex. Startled, Norman shot and killed Rex. The police apprehended Norman and arrested him for Rex’s murder.;-)

Y&R 1993

In court for a sexual harassment suit at the beginning of 1993, Michael Baldwin shocked Chris by submitting an illicit photo of Danny with Rebecca. Michael then proceeded to suggest that Chris and Danny were experiencing marital difficulties. When Rebecca learned of Michael’s dirty move, she tried to blackmail him. Instead, Michael murdered her. Eventually, Michael was found guilty of sexual harassment and censured by the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

When Michael learned that his ex-girlfriend Hillary was out of town, he broke into her apartment and smashed a hole in the wall that was adjacent to Chris’s apartment. Nina arrived unexpectedly and a gun-toting Michael bound and gagged her. When Chris arrived home, Michael tried to rape her. Fortunately, Chris was rescued by Paul, who shot and wounded Michael. Later, Chris visited Michael in jail and was startled to find him speaking incoherently. Chris accused Michael of feigning insanity to escape a long prison sentence.

Victor Newman agreed to drop rape charges against Ryan because he suspected that Ryan was still involved with Nina. Victor also tried to enlist Nikki’s help in voiding Victoria and Ryan’s marriage. Learning of Victor’s plan, Victoria lashed out at him and demanded that her father stay out of her life. Victoria sought therapy for her inability to make love to Ryan. Deciding that their situation was hopeless, Victoria separated from Ryan and moved in with Nikki. Soon after, Ryan presented Victoria with divorce papers and started sharing Nina’s apartment. Victoria took her mind off Ryan by turning her interest to Cole Howard, a man doing odd jobs at the Newman ranch.

Sheila Carter secretly resurfaced in Genoa City, where she hid in Lauren’s closet and took incriminating photos of Lauren affair with Brad Carlton. Returning to Los Angeles, Sheila developed the photos and cut them into tiny pieces, which she sent to Lauren as a puzzle, along with a note stating that someone from Lauren’s past was about to re-emerge. At first, Lauren assumed Traci was responsible for the puzzle. When a presumed-dead Sheila showed up on Lauren’s doorstep, claiming that she wanted to resolve their differences, Lauren was shocked.

Lauren quickly deduced that Sheila was the secret blackmailer. In anger, she also jumped to the conclusion that Molly Carter was working on this with her daughter. Lauren accepted that her marriage to Scott Grainger was hopeless and announced that she wanted a divorce. Soon after, Scott learned that he was suffering from a terminal illness. When Sheila heard of Scott’s dire condition, she went to him and said she still loved him. Not long after, Scott died while on a vacation with Lauren in Catalina.

While Victor and Nikki were engaged in a heated confrontation, Nikki accidentally fell down the steps and suffered a miscarriage. Jack was grief-stricken over the miscarriage of his baby. Realizing that Nikki was still confused about who she loved, Jack moved out, hoping that the separation would give her a chance to finally resolve things. However, Jack was livid when he discovered that an argument between Nikki and Victor had led to Nikki’s fall down the stairs. Jack confronted Victor and they began fighting. Soon after, Victor was blasted by Nikki, Ashley and Victoria, who all resented the control he tried to exert in their lives. And, on another front, Victor had to warn his former secretary, Eve Howard, not to make false claims about his being the father of her son, Cole.

Anxious to take a breather from his troubles in Genoa City, Victor left town for an extended trip in the country. During his trip, he was robbed of his money and car. In Kansas, he rescued a blind woman named Hope from a rapist. Meanwhile, the thug who had stolen his car died in an automobile accident.

In Genoa City, everyone presumed that Victor had been behind the wheel when his car crashed. Now they believed him dead. A power struggle for control of Newman Enterprises quickly erupted between Jack, Brad and Ashley. Nikki, who was grieving over Victor’s death, accepted consoling from Cole. To show her appreciation for Cole’s friendship, Nikki introduced him to a publisher in New York, Steve Connelly, who agreed to publish Cole’s first novel. Unaware of the friendship developing between Nikki and Cole, Victoria said that she was interested in making love to him. Instead, Cole pursued an affair with Nikki. When Victoria learned of their involvement, she told Cole of her love for him. Soon after, Cole wrote to his mother and said he had fallen for Victor Newman’s daughter.

Nikki suspected that Cole was seeing another woman when he suddenly appeared distant. Eve Howard received Cole’s letter and was immediately distraught because she believed Cole had fallen for his half-sister. She quickly arranged a trip to Genoa City, but became ill and slipped into a coma. Although Cole was worried about his mother’s health, he proceeded with his plans to elope with Victoria. Eve briefly regained consciousness, but died before she had a chance to tell Cole that Victor was his father. Not long after Eve’s funeral, Cole and Victoria eloped to Las Vegas.

Jack succeeded in gaining control of Newman Enterprises. When Victor heard the news, he returned to Genoa City, where he learned from his pal, Douglas, that everyone thought he was dead. After overhearing a conversation between Nikki and his children, Victor mistakenly believed that no one missed him. He asked Douglas not to reveal the truth and headed back to Hope’s farm in Kansas. Victor’s presence created a dilemma for Hope. She was attracted to him, but she accepted a marriage proposal from her longtime friend, Cliff. While wedding plans were underway, Victor arranged to return home. When Hope learned of Victor’s plans, she told Cliff that she couldn’t marry him. Disappointed, Cliff broke the news to Victor. Soon after, Hope accompanied Victor on his return to Genoa City.

Everyone was stunned to learn that Victor was still alive. Nikki was relieved because she continued to have strong feelings for Victor. However, she felt threatened by Hope’s presence. Nikki suggested that Victor was helping Hope out of gratitude for the kindness that she had shown him in Kansas. Feeling out of place and worried that she was interfering in Victor’s relationship with his family, Hope headed back to her farm. At Newman Enterprises, Victor fired Jack for taking control of his company. Upset by Jack’s dismissal, John and Ashley resigned. Soon after, they made plans to create a rival cosmetics company. Unfortunately, their loan papers were denied. The stress caused John to suffer a heart attack. Out of love for his family, Jack promised Victor that he’d stay away from Jabot, provided Victor rehire Ashley and John.

Victoria continued to flirt with Ryan, who was still with Nina. When Ryan approached Nina about having sex, she turned him down, saying that she was interested in a longtime commitment from him. Ryan agreed to live with her, which Nina interpreted as a trial marriage.

Jill and John remarried, and Jill announced to John that she was pregnant. John insisted that Jill abort the baby. Meanwhile, John, believing that Jill had the abortion, went behind her back and had a vasectomy. Eventually, John accepted Jill’s pregnancy and she gave birth to a baby boy, whom they named Will.

Paul was suspicious of the bruises on his former wife April’s face. When Paul asked if he could visit their daughter, Heather, April became agitated. She insisted that she and their daughter enjoyed a happy life with her new husband, Robert. She then added that her bruises were the result of a car accident. When April returned to Robert, he accused her of sleeping with Paul and beat her. Soon after, Paul and Chris realized that April was the victim of spousal abuse. Paul persuaded her to attend a support group of battered wives. Danny temporarily left town to star in a Broadway play, which opened the door for Chris and Paul to become closer.

Olivia survived her cancer scare and gave birth to a baby boy. Soon after, Dru and Neil patched up their differences and married. Dru was heartbroken when her mother, Lillie Bell, revealed that she had not wanted to have another baby after Olivia had been born. The only reason Dru had been conceived was because her father, while drunk, had forced himself on Lillie Bell. When Lillie Bell was diagnosed with a serious bout of depression, Olivia invited her to live with her and Nathan until she recovered. Lillie Bell’s presence created complications in Olivia’s marriage to Nathan because it was obvious to Nathan that Lillie Bell didn’t approve of him. Sensing that she was to blame for the fights between Olivia and Nathan, Lillie Bell disappeared. Olivia held Nathan responsible, which prompted him to move out. Soon after, Lillie Bell returned. Olivia and Nathan agreed to iron out the differences. When Neil suggested to Dru that Lillie Bell could live with them, she vetoed the idea.

Traci Abbott returned to Genoa City and announced to Brad Carlton that she was marrying Steve Connelly. Concerned that Steve would be viewed as Colleen’s father, Brad suggested an alternative. To Traci’s surprise, Brad announced that he had misgivings about divorcing her and he was now open to a reconciliation with her. Traci agreed to try this on a trial basis. When Brad stepped in and took over control of Newman Enterprises, prior to Victor’s return, Traci packed her bags and returned to New York City with their daughter, Colleen.

Ashley became romantically involved with Blade. As their relationship developed, Ashley accepted Blade’s wedding proposal.

Y&R 1992

As 1992 started, Molly Carter continued to be a threat to her daughter, Sheila. Things got worse for Sheila when Paul Williams started snooping around the hospital, asking questions about a baby-switch. During Paul’s investigation he learned that Sheila had made up the story about being trapped in a snowstorm when she had given birth to Scotty Junior. At the same time, the doctor who had treated Sheila for her real miscarriage ended up working with Dr. Scott Grainger and expressed his sympathies over the loss of Scott’s baby, which only perplexed Scott. Sheila was also disheartened that Scott wasn’t interested in making love to her. Sheila finally succeeded in locating a doctor who would remove Scotty Jr.’s birthmark. But soon after, a suspicious Lauren hatched a phony insurance scheme to get blood samples from Sheila, Scott and their baby. A resourceful Sheila managed to destroy her own blood sample. To Sheila’s dismay, however, her mom was bent on revealing the truth about the baby-switch.

Fed up with both Lauren and Molly, Sheila kidnapped Lauren at gun-point and held her, and her mother, hostage in a remote farmhouse. Intent on killing both Lauren and Molly, Sheila finally confessed to her baby-switch scheme. When a fire broke out, however, Lauren and Molly escaped from the farmhouse. After the flames were doused, authorities assumed that Sheila had died in the fire. Soon after, Lauren and Scott agreed to live together again so that Scotty Jr. would have both of his real parents under one roof. Eventually, Lauren and Scott arranged to remarry, which disappointed Paul. However, it wasn’t long until Paul’s former wife, April, resurfaced in Genoa City. And Lauren began a secret affair with Brad Carlton. Molly was shocked when her daughter, Sheila, suddenly showed up on her doorstep with an invitation to join her in Los Angeles, where she had forged a new life.

Victor Newman promised to drop his suit for custody of his children, Victoria and Nick, if his ex-wife, Nikki, would undergo surgery for her back pain. Nikki refused, and ended up collapsing during in a snowstorm. But Nick found her. At the hospital, Nikki regained consciousness and consented to the surgery. However, she pleaded with Ashley to raise her children if she didn’t survive.

After Nikki’s surgery, Jack Abbott pressured her to stay away from Victor. Jack also expressed his desire to have a baby with her. Meanwhile, Victor was angry to discover that Jack and Brad were plotting a hostile takeover of Newman Enterprises. In an emotional confrontation with Jack, Victor suddenly collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Regaining consciousness, Victor pleaded with Nikki to marry him. While Nikki struggled with Victor’s proposal, Jack announced their marriage was finished and he walked out on her. Soon after, Nikki accepted Victor’s proposal. But when Nikki discovered that she was pregnant with Jack’s baby, she quickly changed her mind. She reconciled with Jack, but chose not to tell him that she was pregnant. Eventually, Jack discovered the truth.

Dru’s career took a surprising turn when she discovered that Al and Vinnie had plans to feature her in a porno movie. When Dru refused to cooperate, they locked her in a closet, along with Nina and Chris. They were rescued by Danny and Neil. Later, Dru became aggravated when Neil stood her up in order to spend time with Olivia. To get even with Neil, Dru arranged for Nathan to see Neil and Olivia together. But Dru’s scheme backfired when Neil learned of it and canceled his plans to see Olivia. He also made it clear to Dru that things were over between them. Later, Dru agreed to pose nude for a centerfold in Sensuality Magazine. Meanwhile, a pregnant Olivia discovered that she had cancer. Olivia’s doctor urged her to immediately have a hysterectomy, but Olivia wanted to have her baby first. When Olivia’s blood pressure skyrocketed and put her health in jeopardy, her doctors said that they needed to induce labor.

Ryan went behind Victoria’s back and began sleeping with Nina. When Victor learned of the romance between Ryan and Victoria, he paid Ryan $10,000 to leave town. But a crafty Ryan only pretended to break off with Victoria. While Ryan considered ending his affair with Nina, he changed his mind when she presented him with an expensive sports car. After slipping into Ryan’s apartment to surprise him, Victoria learned of his affair with Nina. Upset, she broke off their involvement. A few days later, Victoria had a change of heart and arrived at Ryan’s apartment with a supply of condoms and hoping that they could make love. To Victoria’s disappointment, Ryan turned her down. Eventually, Victoria and Ryan smoothed over their differences and secretly eloped in Chicago.

In order to keep Victor from learning about his marriage to Victoria, Ryan led his boss to believe that he was marrying Nina. When Victor congratulated Nina on her upcoming wedding, she assumed that Ryan wanted to marry her. After Victoria and Ryan’s civil wedding ceremony, Victoria found it difficult to make love to Ryan because she kept having flashes of him with Nina. Victoria also suspected that Ryan was still seeing Nina. Acting under the impression that Ryan was no longer involved with Victoria, Victor rewarded him with a promotion and a substantial raise.

Concerned about Victoria’s secretive behavior and where she was spending her days, Victor hired Paul to trail her. Eventually, Paul saw Victoria enter a hotel with a man. Paul immediately phoned Nikki, who arrived at the hotel and found Victoria in bed with Ryan. When Victor learned of this, he fired Ryan and filed rape charges because Victoria was underage. Victoria tearfully blurted out that she was pregnant. Desperate to get Ryan out of jail, Victoria borrowed bail money from Katherine Chancellor. After Ryan’s release, Victor offered him a blank check to drop out of Victoria’s life. Ryan declined, claiming that he was in love with Victoria. Touched by Ryan’s gesture, Victoria moved in with him. Tension soon developed in their marriage, however, because of money problems. Realizing that Ryan was strapped for money, Nina slipped a hefty sum, saying that it was a loan. and rather than tell Victoria the truth, Ryan claimed that he had found a new job.

Rex and Katherine remarried after Rex pretended that he was dying from a heart attack. Meanwhile, Jill followed Mamie’s advice and moved out of John Abbott’s house, thinking that it would prompt John to pursue her. When John didn’t express any interest, Jill started to date Alex “Blade” Bladeson to try and make John jealous.

Jill also enjoyed a brief fling with Victor, and even mistakenly believed that he wanted to marry her. She impulsively told John that there was a new man in her life and that they were getting married. Later, Victor explained to a tearful Jill that he wasn’t in love with her, and that he hoped that she didn’t think he was only using her. Acting under the assumption that Jill had married Victor, an elated Jack threw a party to celebrate her final departure from John’s life. At the party, Jill quietly said that a mistake had been made and then dissolved in tears. When John spotted Victor comforting Jill, he deduced that she was involved with him. Touched by Jill’s vulnerability, John arranged to have her move back into the Abbott house.

With Brad Carlton’s help, Traci gave birth to a baby girl, Colleen. Soon after, Traci tried to seduce Brad, but he rejected her, stating that he didn’t want another surprise pregnancy sprung on him. Realizing that their marriage was a sham, Traci accepted a job offer in New York from publisher Steve Connelly.

Danny Romalotti disapproved of the late hours that Chris was spending with her attorney boss, Michael Baldwin. While Chris and Michael were working on a case, Michael impulsively kissed Chris, but she made it clear that she was happily married to Danny. Soon after, Chris was made a partner in the law firm. Unfortunately, Michael used Chris’s promotion to try and pressure her into having sex with him by suggesting that if she didn’t, she’d lose her job.

Even though Chris realized that her job was at stake, she turned Michael down. In retaliation, a rejected Michael spread vicious rumors about Chris’s moral character. When Chris learned of Michael’s smear campaign against her, she hired John Silva to help her file a sexual harassment suit. Worried about the negative publicity the law suit would generate, Chris’s law firm offered her a lucrative promotion to drop it, but Chris declined. In order to prove that Michael had harassed her, Chris secretly obtained a taped confession from him. She then played the tape for her bosses and Michael lost his job. Thinking that newlywed status would help him fight these charges, Michael quickly married a former employee, Hillary. However, when she heard the Michael’s taped confession, that promptly ended their relationship.

In retaliation, Michael arranged to make it look as if Danny was involved with a woman named Rebecca. When Michael quickly landed a job at another law firm, Chris was infuriated. At the court hearing, Michael defended himself against Chris’s charges of sexual harassment. Chris’s case was strengthened when Hillary testified against Michael

Y&R 1991

As 1991 began, Cassandra Rawlins slipped Brad Carlton a potent drug that rendered him unconscious. She then flew him to Las Vegas, where a groggy Brad married Cassandra in a quickie ceremony. Brad finally regained consciousness and found himself in bed with his new wife, Cassandra, at a resort in Aspen, where they were stranded because of a snowstorm. Brad was livid. He had a pressing appointment with his ex-wife Traci. When Brad and Cassandra returned home, Traci was heartbroken to learn of her ex-husband’s new marriage. Brad eventually convinced Traci that he didn’t love Cassandra.

With Traci’s help, Brad finally managed to get out of his unusual marriage. At the divorce hearing, Brad and Cassandra agreed to part amicably without laying claim to each other’s financial interests. Immediately after the hearing, Cassandra rushed off to see her former boyfriend, Paul Williams. Before they could connect, Cassandra was fatally struck by a truck. At the reading of Cassandra’s will, Paul was surprised to learn she had made him her sole heir. However, before Paul could celebrate his becoming a multi-millionaire, an unexpected turn of events took place. The judge who presided over Brad and Cassandra’s divorce died before he had signed their papers, which meant that Brad was the legal heir to Cassandra’s fortune.

A pregnant Lauren was infuriated to learn that Sheila was also pregnant with Scott’s baby. When Sheila suddenly went into labor, she was rushed to the hospital. The doctors later informed her that her baby had been stillborn. Realizing that she needed a baby to continue manipulating Scott, Sheila hatched a new scheme. She purchased a pregnancy pad and made everyone believe that she was still expecting Scott Grainger’s baby. Soon after, Paul helped Lauren through her labor and she gave birth to a baby boy. At the same time, Sheila, who was pretending to be out-of-town, phoned Scott and announced that she had given birth to a baby boy while visiting her parents in Michigan. Sheila then arranged to return home with a baby, courtesy of a shifty baby broker.

Hightailing it to the hospital, Sheila exchanged her brokered baby with Lauren’s child. Sheila also falsified the medical records. However, she encountered a glitch when Lauren noticed that her son was missing the Grainger birthmark. But Sheila bypassed the problem by having the birthmark surgically removed from “her” baby. Scott persuaded Lauren to hasten their divorce so that he could marry Sheila. Disappointed that Scott was dumping her for Sheila, Lauren revealed that she had also just given birth to a baby boy, but that the child’s conception was the result of a extra-marital affair.

Soon after, Sheila and Scott were married in the hospital chapel. A tearful Lauren stood in the back of the chapel and watched them exchange wedding vows. Eventually, Sheila’s mom, Molly Carter, discovered her daughter’s baby switch and decided to tell Lauren the truth. On the way to Lauren’s office, Molly suffered a debilitating stroke, which left her temporarily unable to speak. When Lauren began visiting Molly, Sheila orchestrated an elaborate scheme to make it look as if Molly had attempted suicide. Then Sheila had her mother committed to a mental institution. Not long after, Lauren was overwhelmed with grief when her son died from meningitis.

Determined to have another baby immediately, Lauren seduced Paul. Meanwhile, Lauren continued to visit Molly at the sanitarium. Molly struggled to tell Lauren the truth about Sheila. When Sheila learned of Lauren’s visits, she transferred Molly to an out-of-town institution.

Chronic back pain continued to torment Nikki, who was now downing painkillers with alcohol. Jack advised his wife that she could become addicted, but she ignored his well-intended warning. Meanwhile, Victor’s and Nikki’s daughter, Victoria, who was attending a Swiss boarding school, wasn’t thrilled to learn that both her parents had taken new spouses. Victoria particularly resented her father’s bride, Ashley. Eventually, Victoria returned to Genoa City, determined to break up her parents’ new marriages. She took a summer job at Jabot and immediately became involved with a sexy young trainee, Ryan MacNeil, who was considerably older. Ryan succeeded in seducing Victoria.

Thanks to Victoria’s interference, Victor and Ashley’s marriage unraveled and they agreed to a separation. Ashley began spending time with Brad Carlton, which bothered her sister, Traci. Traci still loved Brad. Even after Ashley and Victor decided to give their marriage another try, Traci was convinced that Ashley was actually in love with Brad.

Worried that she might have become pregnant with Ryan’s baby, or had contracted the AIDS virus, Victoria shared her fears with Ashley. Ashley accompanied the nervous teenager to the doctor’s office for testing. The test results revealed that Victoria was neither pregnant or HIV-positive, which relieved her. Ashley’s interest in Victoria’s well-being inspired the young woman to finally let go of her resentment. Nikki also sought treatment for her drug addiction at a rehab clinic, but quickly signed herself out. When Victor learned the truth about Nikki’s drug dependency, he vowed to help her kick it, an act that made Victoria happy.

Traci discovered that her single night of lovemaking with Brad had left her pregnant. She feared that Brad would think that she was trying to trap him into remarriage. But Brad was delighted at the idea of becoming a father and proposed marriage. Dina Mergeron returned to Genoa City to attend her daughter’s wedding and quickly became romantically involved again with John Abbott, which enraged Jill. When John proposed remarriage to Dina, Jill hired Paul to investigate her background. Paul uncovered information about Dina’s various affairs, held while she was supposed to be recovering from tuberculosis in a sanitarium. Jill presented the damaging file to John, who immediately canceled his wedding to Dina. She left town shortly afterward. And Jill found herself competing with Leanna Love for John’s romantic interest.

Olivia worried that Nathan was falling for Dru’s charms. To hide her real feelings, Dru pretended to be involved with Neil Winters, an executive trainee at Jabot Cosmetics. But to Dru’s surprise, Neil admitted that he was attracted to Olivia. When Olivia and Nathan announced their plans to marry, Dru reluctantly agreed to serve as maid of honor because she knew this would please her father. After Olivia married Nathan, Dru shifted her interest from ballet to modeling. She also found herself attracted to Neil, who was still intrigued by Olivia.

David Kimble realized that the only way he could get his hands on Nina’s fortune was to adopt her son, Phillip. David tried to pressure Nina into agreeing to the adoption, but she resisted because of conflicting information from her pals, Danny and Chris. They were worried that Kimble would kill both Nina and Phillip once the adoption became legal.

Digging into Kimble’s background, Chris came across a photo of Rebecca, wearing a broach that looked exactly like the one that David had recently given Nina. In the photo, Kimble was identified as Rebecca’s husband, Tom. Chris arranged to meet with Nina to break the news about David, but Nina had already learned of her husband’s secret from his lover, Diane. Nina also discovered that David was plotting to murder both her and Phillip.

Infuriated, a crazed Nina fired five gun shots at her husband. Kimble survived his wounds, but pretended to be paralyzed. Nina was arrested for trying to kill him. Terrified that she would be forced to serve a lengthy prison term, Nina fled Genoa City with her son and hid out with her mom, Florence Webster, in Detroit. Chris tracked Nina down and convinced her to return to Genoa City. But Nina skipped town again and her trial began without her. Eventually, Nina returned and attended her court hearing, she was accompanied by her mom, who came to Genoa City to give her daughter emotional support. While on the witness stand, Nina testified that she shot David out of self-defense because she was convinced that he wanted to kill her and Phillip. Her emotional testimony moved the jury and they found her not guilty.

Soon after, David faked his own death in a hospital fire. But a plastic surgeon, who David had pressured into altering his features, outwitted Kimball by carving the word “KILLER” on his forehead. With the help of a make-up artist, Kimball covered the incriminating word with make-up and created a new disguise for himself. Posing as “Jim Adams,” Kimble began dating Flo, which ensured that he would be able to keep a constant eye on Nina. David even married Flo and manipulated Nina into changing her will so that he and Flo would be co-beneficiaries in the event of Nina’s death. At a masquerade ball, where Nina, Danny and Chris were also guests, David attended with the intent of killing them. But David’s former mistress, Diane, learned of his plan and replaced the bullets in his gun with fake ones. While David was being pursued by the police, he met his untimely death in a trash compactor.

Y&R 1990

In 1990, Jack Abbot decided to get revenge against Victor Newman for buying Jabot by marring Victor’s ex-wife, Nikki. Jack’s first order of business was to take Nikki’s mind off of her current boyfriend, Jim Grainger, and put it on himself. He accomplished his mission by romancing Nikki with lavish dinners and gifts. When Jack discovered that Victor was planning to propose again to Nikki, Jack launched an all-out campaign for Nikki. Beating Victor to the punch, Jack took Nikki on a getaway vacation, via his private jet. When they returned from their holiday, Jack and Nikki were married.

Victor, who was suspicious of Jack’s motives for marrying Nikki, offered to return control of Jabot to the Abbotts if Jack agreed to divorce Nikki. Although Jack had fallen deeply in love with Nikki, he reluctantly agreed to the deal out of loyalty to his father, John. But a crafty Victor took advantage of a carefully worded loophole in the contract that voided the deal.

When Nikki discovered that Jack favored Jabot over her, she made plans to divorce him. Jack fell back into Nikki’s good graces when he rescued her daughter, Victoria, from drowning. Nevertheless, Nikki still wanted to divorce Jack because she had realized that her heart still belonged to Victor. Nikki’s hopes for a reconciliation for Victor were dashed after she discovered that she was pregnant with Jack’s baby. The pressure of living in an unhappy marriage eventually prompted Nikki to turn to alcohol to number her pain.

Brad Carlton’s love life moved into a surprising new direction when he began pursuing his ex-wife Traci’s sister, Ashley Abbott. A romance quickly developed and Brad proposed marriage. But right before Ashley was about to give him an answer, Traci returned to Genoa City, hell-bent on winning Brad back. Torn between her love for Brad, and her sisterly feelings for Traci, a confused Ashley left town for a brief stay at her remote cabin. To Ashley’s surprise, Victor, who was still hurting over Nikki’s marriage to Jack, also visited the cabin. Away from their troubles back home, Victor and Ashley convinced themselves that they were still in love and impulsively they got married. The announcement of their marriage had a ripple effect on their friends and family. Cassandra, Brad’s former girlfriend, decided to seek revenge against Brad for rejecting her, Jack was aghast that Victor was now his brother in-law, and Nikki was heartbroken that she had no longer had any chance of remarrying her ex-husband. Soon after, Nikki miscarried. When Nikki developed a chronic back problem, she turned to painkillers for relief and quickly became drug dependent.

Gina’s shifty new husband, Clint Radison, coached Marge, a diner waitress, on how to impersonate the wealthy Katherine Chancellor. Once Marge mastered her impersonation, Clint kidnapped Katherine and her maid, Esther, and held them hostage in a remote cabin. Marge’s first order of business as “Katherine” was to sell several valuable Chancellor properties, an act that surprised Katherine’s friends and family. Meanwhile, Katherine’s husband, Rex, found himself increasingly baffled by his wife’s unusual behavior. No longer able to tolerate her new eccentricities, and boorish behavior, Rex moved out and took up residence with Jill, who persuaded Rex to divorce Katherine and marry her.

Marge and her cohorts were on the verge of becoming wealthy by selling off the Chancellor estate when Katherine’s son, Brock, made a surprise visit. Brock immediately surmised that a stranger was passing herself off as Katherine and demanded to know his mom’s whereabouts. Marge finally broke down and confessed, which led to Katherine’s and Esther’s rescue. And Clint was arrested for his role in the scheme.

Katherine was devastated to learn that during her absence Rex had married Jill. With her lawyer’s help, however, Katherine pointed out that the marriage wasn’t legal because Marge–not Katherine–had signed the divorce papers. Katherine agreed to accept Rex’s marriage to Jill, provided that they wait six months before legally remarrying. During the waiting period, Jill began seeing her ex-husband, John Abbott. Complicating matters more was Rex’s unusual romance with Leanna Love, whom he pursued while posing as a man named Roger. Katherine decided to blow everyone’s cover by arranging a party where she took delight in watching Jill and Rex’s love lives explode.

Paul Williams, who was believed dead, was actually working closely with his father, Carl, to expose Cassandra and her lover Adrian as the murders of her husband, George Rawlins. Paul and Carl followed Cassandra and Adrian to Bermuda, where they tormented Cassandra with visions of Paul as a ghost. Horrified, Cassandra quickly returned home. Soon after, Cassandra confessed that on the night when George was murdered, she was knocked unconscious. When she awoke, there was a gun in her hand and her husband was dead. With Cassandra’s help, Paul and Carl succeeded in exposing Adrian as George’s killer.

Although Lauren Fenmore still had feelings for Paul, she agreed to marry Scott Grainger. Soon after the marriage, Lauren miscarried, which troubled Scott because he didn’t even know that she had been pregnant! Meanwhile, Sheila Carter, a nurse who worked with Scott at the hospital and was attracted to him, tried to further undermine his marriage by suggesting that Lauren still loved Paul. As the troubles in Lauren’s and Scott’s marriage continued to escalate, they agreed to a temporary separation. Eventually, they agreed to give their marriage another chance. By that time, Sheila had announced to Scott that she was pregnant with his baby. To Scott’s surprise, Lauren was also pregnant.

Skip and Carol arranged to adopt a baby from a troubled, unwed mom named Nan, who didn’t know if her child had been fathered by her boyfriend, Jeff, or a man who had raped her. Soon after her baby was born and in Skip’s and Carol’s loving home, Nan discovered that Jeff was the father. Nan succeeded in winning back custody of her baby, but she quickly had second thoughts about motherhood when she and Jeff learned how much responsibility was involved. Eventually, they returned the baby to a delighted Skip and Carol.

Nathan had his pocket picked by a cunning young woman who turned out to be Drucilla Barber, the niece of Abbott maid, Mamie Johnson. Nathan recognized that Dru was troubled, and his attitude toward her softened when he learned that she was illiterate. With Paul’s help, Dru moved in with Nathan and he tutored her. Dru fell in love with Nathan, but he was already dating Dru’s sister, Olivia, who was a doctor. The two sisters had been separated for five years. When Olivia and Dru finally came face-to-face, Dru–who was bitter that Olivia was the woman in Nathan’s life–rejected her older sister’s attempt at a reconciliation. Dru was now studying ballet and became even more determined to steal Nathan away from Olivia.

Jill convinced her secretary, David Kimball, to romance Nina so that Jill would have more time to visit her grandson, Phillip. Eventually, David and Nina shocked everyone by eloping. Nina set up David in business, and he began an affair with Diane, his secretary. It was Diane who came across a newspaper clipping about heiress Rebecca Harper, who had been murdered by her husband, Tom. Oddly enough, the photograph of Tom looked remarkably like David. Shortly after, a woman named Vivian arrived in Genoa City, with the intent of exposing David. However, he electrocuted her in her bath before she was able to contact Nina. David also set a trap to hurt Nina’s friends, Danny and Chris, because they didn’t approve of her marriage to Kimball. David arranged to make it look as if Danny was a cocaine user and had him arrested. Eventually, the charges against Danny were dropped. Soon after, Danny and Chris married.

Y&R 1989

While Lauren and Jack were on a skiing getaway weekend, Lauren noticed Brad’s ex-wife, Lisa. Suspicious of Brad’s prolonged disappearance, Lauren, on a hunch, followed Lisa and discovered that she was holding Brad prisoner in a cage in a remote cabin. Lisa spotted Lauren and also tossed her into the cage. Lisa’s intent was to ditch the cabin and gas Brad and Lauren to death. Fortunately, they were rescued by Jack Abbott, who had trailed Lauren to the cabin.

Although weakened by pneumonia, Brad Carlton quickly made his way back to Genoa City, hoping that he could catch Traci before she filed for divorce from him. To his disappointment he was too late. Traci explained that she thought Brad had deserted her and that the time apart made her think about their relationship. She felt she could have more of a life with her former lover, Tim Sullivan. Brad, however, competed with Tim for Traci’s love. Fed up with the macho competition, Traci surprised both men by packing her bags and leaving town alone.

With the support of the Abbott family, Skip Evans and Carol Robbins married, despite Carol’s disability–she wore a leg brace as a result of a childhood illness. As newlyweds Skip and Carol were heartbroken to discover they weren’t able to have a baby. Because of Carol’s disability, adoption agencies rejected their applications. Instead, Skip and Carol placed an ad in the paper, hoping to find an unwed pregnant mom who would give her baby to them.

Victor Newman decided to stay with Leanna, even after he found out their marriage wasn’t legal because he was still married to Nikki. But Victor changed his mind about Leanna when he learned that she was lovers with Jack Abbott. On her own, Leanna used her wiles to land a job as an advice columnist for the lovelorn. Meanwhile, Victor devised an ingenious way to punish Jack for his role in the publication of Leanna’s tawdry book about Newman’s life. Victor orchestrated a takeover of Jabot, displaced Jack and made Brad Carlton his superior.

Cricket and Danny helped Nina to soften her rough edges. Phillip Chancelor admitted that he was impressed by the appealing changes in Nina’s personality, but maintained that he wasn’t interested in a relationship with her. Ironically, Jill Abbott, who couldn’t keep her nose out of Phillip’s life, served as the catalyst for finally bringing Phillip and Nina together. Repulsed by his mom’s hostile attitude toward Nina, Phillip became very protective of the reformed young woman. When Phillip realized that he had fallen in love with Nina and proposed marriage, she quickly accepted.

Jill, who was sickened by the idea of having Nina for a daughter in-law, persuaded Chase to try and seduce Nina on her wedding day. Nina nearly fell for Chase’s charm, but ultimately pushed him away. Nina, however, did agree to Chase’s invitation to drive her to the church. On the way, he had an accident and an unconscious Nina was rushed to the hospital. When Nina regained consciousness, she quickly departed for the church, where she was relieved to find Phillip still waiting for her. They exchanged vows and began their lives as a married couple.

The role of husband and father proved too demanding for Phillip, however, and he eventually turned back to booze to relieve the pressure. One evening, on the way home from an office party, Phillip, who had way too much to drink, crashed his car and died. Jill held Nina responsible for Phillip’s death and challenged her right to his inheritance. The judge, however, ruled in Nina’s favor and also gave the young widow leeway in deciding visitation terms for Jill and her grandson.

Clint Radison, an ex-cell mate of Rex Sterling, settled in Genoa City, where he pursued Gina Roma. When Clint proposed marriage, Gina quickly accepted, much to Rex’s disappointment. Clint tried to make Rex believed that he had reformed his criminal ways, but at the same time, Clint was hatching a diabolical plot involving Rex’s wife, the wealthy Katherine Chancellor. Meanwhile, Nina, who was still adjusting to her new wealth, lured Esther away from Katherine Chancellor by offering a higher-paying maid’s position. Katherine replaced Esther with a couple, Richard and Shirley, who conspired with Clint to bilk the wealthy matron out of her fortune. Soon after, Clint came into contact with an earthy waitress named Marge, who bore a striking resemblance to Katherine.

Cricket Blair fell in love with her mom’s doctor, Scott Grainger, and they became engaged. But the engagement soon ended when Cricket discovered that Scott was her half-brother. Scott’s father, Dr. Jim Grainger, once had an affair with Cricket’s mother, Jessica, which had left her pregnant. Although Cricket was disappointed to end her engagement, she enjoyed finally meeting her real father.

Soon after, Cricket began dating Derek Stuart. After an enjoyable evening together, Derek accompanied Cricket to her apartment and then raped her. Although traumatized by the incident, Cricket found the courage to press charges against Derek. Her strength inspired another woman to step forward and testify that Derek had also raped her. Angered by the prospect of a long prison sentence, Derek vowed revenge against Cricket. He cornered the young model in her apartment and aimed a gun at her, but just as he fired, Scott burst into the apartment and took the bullet instead. Derek tried to escape by jumping through a window. Instead, he fell to his death. Scott survived his gunshot wound and the near-death experience prompted him to propose marriage to his new girlfriend, Lauren, who agreed to marry him.

Nikki and Cricket’s dad, Jim, became romantically involved. Nikki, who was enamored of Jim, had hopes of marrying him. But Nikki’s dream died when John Abbott graciously agreed to divorce Rebecca because he had realized that she was still in love with Jim. Jill quickly stepped in to be with John, her ex-husband.

Cassandra insisted to Paul Williams that she loved him and was willing to divorce George Rawlins. But when George was stricken with a heart attack, a compassionate Paul suggested that she wait until her older husband was fully recovered. Unknown to Paul, George’s doctors informed him that he was suffering from a terminal illness. At the same time, George discovered that Paul and Cassandra were lovers. In a twisted act of revenge, George made it look as if Paul had murdered him. Before George’s death, he also arranged to argue with Paul, while Victor Newman was nearby and able to overhear the heated exchange. After George’s death, an astute Victor wisely surmised that Paul had been set up.

During the investigation into George’s death, it became clear that Cassandra was also involved in the frame-up. Victor succeeded in proving Cassandra a lethal black widow when he successfully seduced her. For a brief period, Cassandra tried to string along both Victor and Paul. Meanwhile, she promised a mysterious man named Adrian Hunter that she was desperate to leave Genoa City and start a new life with him. When it appeared that Paul would be convicted of George’s murder, Paul and his father, Carl, decided to fake the young private eye’s death. While Cassandra was convinced that Paul was dead, he faded into the background and worked to prove his innocence


Y&R 1988

The mysterious Faren regained her memory and arranged to reconcile with her first husband, Evan, and to be a mother to their daughter, Betsy. Evan’s housekeeper and lover, Janet, felt rejected by Evan because he had promised to marry her. Angered, she fired a gun at Faren, but shot and killed Evan instead. Faren told Andy Richards that she needed to stay with her daughter to avoid adding any further trauma to her life. Andy abided by Faren’s wishes and moved to Pittsburgh.

Lauren wasn’t thrilled to learn that Traci was pregnant with Brad’s baby. But Brad Carlton had bigger problems than Lauren. Lisa, his ex-wife, wanted him back. Brad divorced Lisa after he had been paid a huge sum of money by his ex-father in-law, who didn’t approve of Brad. Lisa, however, was determined to resume her life with Brad. She arranged for him to be offered a lucrative job in Chicago. Instead, Brad accepted a job from Lauren. Eventually, Lisa went off the deep end and kidnapped Brad. She held him prisoner in a deserted lodge for several weeks. Meanwhile, Brad’s apparent desertion caused Traci to miscarry. In order to get through her loss, Traci turned to her writing, and to her former lover, Tim Sullivan.

After Jack Abbott’s scheme to swindle the Mergeron stock away from Victor Newman backfired, Jack was hounded by the IRS. There was, however, a bright side. Brittany, Jack’s auditor, soon felt an attraction toward the playboy and began dating him.

Marc Mergeron, who experienced a series of financial setbacks, became romantically involved with JoAnna, who soon began footing his bills. When Lauren learned that her mother was supporting Marc, she schemed to end that relationship. Her first step was to give Marc a job as a male model for the Fenmore Department Store chain. Marc also modeled for Jabot, but his arrogance eventually cost him the lucrative assignment.

Jill Abbott chose to ignore company procedure during the launching of her men’s line at Jabot. She spent huge sums of money to promote the new products, which enraged her ex-husband, John Abbott. Meanwhile, Jill pursued an affair with her handsome assistant, David Kimball.

Katherine Chancellor discovered that Rex Sterling had been hired by Jill to romance her. Nevertheless, she accepted Rex’s marriage proposal, which infuriated Jill, who was hoping for a proposal herself from Rex.

In a surprise move, Jill and Katherine teamed up to scheme against Nina Webster, who was pregnant with Phillip Chancellor’s baby. Katherine offered the pregnant young woman room and board in her home. To Nina’s disappointment, her living space was a cramped room in the attic. During Nina’s stay, Katherine and Jill tried unsuccessfully to prove that another man had fathered the young woman’s baby. They also offered Nina a huge sum of money to move to another part of the world, but Nina refused to take the bait. She was convinced that Phillip would eventually marry her and be a father to their baby son. Jill also arranged for a young man named Chase to romance Nina. Jill hoped that Chase would succeed in taking Nina away on a romantic vacation for three weeks, which would provide enough time to have Nina legally charged with deserting her baby. Nina, however, cut the vacation short when she discovered that baby Phillip was seriously ill. Phillip stood by Nina during the ordeal, which fueled her hope that they’d marry. Fortunately, the baby survived the illness.

Cricket’s mom, Jessica, arrived in Genoa City after she had dropped out of her daughter’s life for several years. Initially, Cricket didn’t want anything to do with Jessica, but sentiment got the better of the young model and they were soon reconciled. Jessica and John Abbott also fell in love. Jessica, however, neglected to tell her daughter or John that she was suffering from AIDS. Her secret came out when Jessica was suddenly hospitalized with a serious illness. She was treated by Dr. Scott Grainger.

Leanna Love, a former mental patient of Dr. Steven Lassiter, surfaced in Genoa City. Steven and Ashley Abbott had met and fallen in love. Leanne, however, believed that she was madly in love with and hated Ashley with a deadly passion. Her plans did not work, and eventually, Leanna abandoned her plans and her lunacy. She became involved with Jack Abbott, who arranged for Leanna to write a sensational tell-all biography, “Ruthless: The Victor Newman Story,” which would destroy Victor. Ironically, the wealthy businessman, who didn’t know about Leanna’s project, also hired her to write an authorized biography of his life. Without Jack’s consent, or knowledge, Leanna added an extra chapter to the unauthorized book that chronicled Ashley’s ill-fated affair with Victor, and included details about the young woman’s abortion.

Victor decided to postpone divorcing Nikki after he learned that Ashley had married Steven Lassiter. Nikki, who was also pregnant with Victor’s baby, hoped that Victor would eventually drop his divorce plans and resume their marriage. But when “Ruthless” hit the bookstores, Victor assumed that Nikki was responsible for the dirt on Ashley. In order to take the media’s attention off Ashley, Victor quickly divorced Nikki. In a surprise move, he married Leanna Love. Nikki, however, discovered that her divorce from Victor wasn’t legal. Meanwhile, Steven was killed, leaving Ashley a widow.

Paul Williams fell for a mysterious and beautiful woman named Cassandra. When Paul learned that Cassandra was an interior designer, he hired her to decorate his office. Soon after, Paul became romantically involved with Cassandra, but she was unwilling to take things beyond being just lovers. One evening, while dining at the home of George Rawlings, a client of Paul’s, the young private eye was surprised to discover that Cassandra was Rawlings’ wife. While socializing with George, the older gentleman confided to Paul that he was impotent. Nevertheless, George wanted to raise a child with Cassandra. To Paul’s surprise, George asked him to father the baby!

Y&R 1987

Lauren placed a personals ad in the newspaper, which was designed to discover Faren’s true identity. Thanks to the ad, a man showed up, who introduced himself as Evan. Evan said that he was determined to get in touch with the Faren–the mystery woman in the ad–claiming that she was missing wife, Michelle. Lauren, however, was reluctant to assist Evan because she worried that Paul would be angry at her for meddling in Faren and Andy’s marriage. Lauren also fretted that Evan’s appearance would create complications for Andy and Faren.

Evan managed to locate Faren on his own, however, she couldn’t remember him or their daughter, Betsy. Evan finally accepted Faren’s memory loss and prepared to return home. But Faren’s memories of her former life, as Evan’s wife and Betsy’s mom, began to return.

Paul Williams finally forgave Lauren for submitting a nude photo of him to the magazine that published it as a centerfold. He also proposed that they remarry. Initially, Lauren turned down his proposal, but then had a change of heart. However, Paul decided that remarrying might not be the best thing for either of them.

Lauren focused her attention on Brad Carlton. While Brad’s wife, Traci, was away at Stanford Lauren told Brad that Traci’s former lover, Tim, was also at Stanford. Believing that his wife was having an affair, Brad allowed himself to be seduced by Lauren. Eventually, Traci returned to Genoa City and reconciled with Brad. Despite the reconciliation, Lauren was intent on continuing her affair with Brad.

After getting her ex-husband John’s approval, Jill Abbott launched a new men’s line of products under the Jabot banner. Although Jill approached her new project with enthusiasm, her personal life was in a shambles. To Jill’s disappointment, Phillip made it clear that he was interested in remaining at Katherine Chancellor’s home. Jill waged a custody battle for Phillip, which caused several unseemly details to surface, such as Katherine’s move to take away Phillip’s hefty inheritance when he was still a small boy. Despite what happened in the past, Phillip chose to stay with Katherine because she provided him with a level of security and attention that he had never received from Jill. To get back at Katherine, Jill hired a homeless man–whom she christened Rex Sterling– to pose as a wealthy gentleman and romance her nemesis. Meanwhile, Katherine also bribed a photographer to lavish Jill with attention.

Phillip was befriended by Cricket Blair and Nina Webster. Eventually, Phillip’s feelings for Cricket went beyond friendship. But Cricket didn’t return his affections because she was dating Danny Romalotti. Meanwhile, Nina waged an aggressive campaign to win Phillip’s heart. She soon had competition. Cricket and Danny agreed to date other people for the summer, and Cricket fell in love with Phillip.

During Phillip’s and Cricket’s romance, Phillip began drinking to give himself confidence. One evening, while driving Cricket home, Phillip got into an accident. Cricket told authorities that she was driving so that Phillip, who was under the influence of alcohol, wouldn’t be arrested. The negative publicity nearly cost Cricket her job as a model at Jabot. But Phillip, who had no recollection of the accident, ultimately assumed responsibility after Danny told him what actually had happened. Cricket temporarily moved into Katherine’s home to lend Phillip emotional support as he struggled to quit drinking. But the circumstances created tension and the young lovers found themselves quarreling. One evening, while Cricket was enjoying an innocent visit with Danny, Nina got Phillip drunk and seduced him.

Cricket was forced to make a decision between Phillip and Danny when both young men proposed marriage to her. While Cricket was struggling to make up her mind, Nina schemed to win Phillip. Shortly after Cricket resolved to accept Phillip’s proposal, Nina broke the news about their sexual encounter. The ploy nearly worked. Hurt by Phillip’s infidelity, Cricket arranged to return his engagement ring. At the last moment, Cricket realized how deeply she loved Phillip and she proceeded with plans to marry him. Both Katherine and Jill were delighted by the news. Nina, however, still had a trump card she hadn’t played. To Katherine’s and Jill’s horror, Nina announced that she was pregnant with Phillip’s baby.

Victor Newman continued to provide comfort to Nikki, who was stricken by a potentially life-threatening illness. Ashley Abbott, who was pregnant by Victor, declined Matt Newman’s proposal. Instead, she aborted Victor’s baby. When Victor discovered that Ashley had been pregnant with his baby and had had an abortion, he berated her. Traumatized, Ashley suffered a nervous breakdown in New York City. Since she wasn’t carrying any identification, Ashley ended up in an overcrowded mental institution, where she was treated by Dr. Lassister.

Eventually, John Abbott located his daughter, Ashley, in the New York mental institution. He arranged for her return to Genoa City. Meanwhile, Dr. Lassister, who had fallen in love with his patient, also moved to Genoa City so that he could pursue a romance with Ashley.

Nikki discovered that she was facing a possible terminal disease. Determined to make sure that her daughter, Victoria, had a mother figure in her life, Nikki ultimately accepted Ashley’s romance with Victor. But before Nikki could step aside, and open the door for Victor and Ashley to reconcile, Nikki’s doctor announced that her disease was in remission. Overjoyed, Nikki rushed to tell Victor the news. When Nikki arrived home, she accidentally saw Victor embrace Ashley.

Jumping to the wrong conclusion that Victor and Ashley were lovers again, Nikki decided that Victor was only with her because of her disease. Angered, she also decided not to tell Victor the news about her clean bill of health. She resumed her affair with Jack Abbott and conspired with him to have Victor sign over his shares of the Mergeron stock to her. Victor’s close friend, Douglas Austin, accidentally discovered Nikki’s involvement with Jack. Soon after, Nikki came down with a bad case of food poisoning and she was rushed to a doctor. Talking to Nikki’s doctor, Victor inadvertently discovered that her disease was in remission. Outraged by her deception, Victor announced that he was filing for divorce. And he was left hoping that there was still time for him to reconcile with Ashley