Dream Street : tv performances (1984-1985)

September 15, 1984 : Janet performs her new single Don’t Stand Another Chance & Dream Street  on American Bandstand.

September 29, 1984 : Season 4 premiere of “Fame” featuring Janet is aired on NBC.In the first episode Janet/Cleo performs  her new single “Two To The Power Of Love” with Jesse Borrego taking Cliff Richard’s place.

October 27, 1984 : In Fame new episode “The Heart Of Rock N Roll”, Janet/Cleo performs “Don’t Stand Another Chance”.

November 10, 1984  : Janet performs Don’t Stand Another Chance on the Soul Train Show.

January 26, 1985 : In Fame’s new episode “The Heart Of Rock N Roll II”, Janet/Cleo performs a rendition of Jackson 5 hit “I Want You Back”.

May 25, 1985 : In Fame’s season 4 finale, Janet/Cleo performs “Dream Street”. This is Janet first ever promotional music video and also her last appearance on the show.

October 27, 1985 : Janet supports LaToya by performing background vocals on her song “Baby Sister” during a live performance at the 16th annual World Popular Song Festival in Japan.

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