Rhythm Nation 1814 : TV performances (1989-1990)

October 1989 : Janet, Rene & the Kids (the dancers) go on promotional tour in Europe.

-London : They perform Miss You Much and Rhythm Nation on Top Of The Pops, TV PLUS, Rhythm Nation on The Royal Variety Performance & Rhythm Nation and Miss You Much on Big England Cafe.
-Paris : They perform Miss You Much at Sacrée Soirée on TF1.
-Munich : They perform Miss You Much on Peter’s Pop Show on ZDF.
-Spain : They perform Miss You Much
-Belgium : They perform Miss You Much & Rhythm Nation at the Diamond Awards Festival.

January, 1990 : While rehearsing for her first tour in a studio of Los Angeles , Janet gets a surprise visit from comedian Arsenio Hall who is recording his TV Show in another studio and she accepts to do the Miss You Much chair routine for his audience!

January 22, 1990 : Janet attends the American Music Awards where she performs “Escapade” and wins 2 awards.

September 6, 1990 : Janet is presented the Video Vanguard Award for her contributions and influence within music and popular culture. She also performs “Black Cat”.

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