Janet on stage : Janet Jackson era (1982-1983)




May 6, 1982 : During an episode of Diff’Rent Strokes titled “The Music Man” Janet sings “The Magic Is Working” a song she has just recorded for her debut album.

September 1982 :  Janet gives an interview on the Mike Douglas Show with her pet snake Muscles. It’s her first TV interview as a solo artist.

October 30, 1982 : Janet performs Young Love & Come Give Your Love On Me for the first time on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand and reveals why she wears a key on her ear ring.

November 5, 1982 : Janet performs Young Love on Solid Gold.

December 18, 1982 : Janet performs Say You Do and Young Love on the Soul Train show.

January 17, 1983:  Janet attends the American Music Awards.

February 5, 1983 : Janet performs “Say You Do” on Solid Gold.

February 04, 1983 : LaToya, Janet and Joe Jackson attend the R&B Awards in Los Angeles.

February 10, 1983 : Janet performs Young Love on Musikladen in Bremen, Germany.

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