“Made For Now” era (2018-2020)

Made For Now

Recording sessions : Spring of 2018

Studios :

Label : Rhythm Nation/Cinq

Release date : August 17, 2018

Original track listing

Made For Now (with Daddy Yankee)

Demos/Alternate Versions

Made For Now (latin version) : sung in Spanish. Released in 2018 on streaming.

Outtakes/unreleased tracks from the album’ sessions 

Others songs from this era 

Singles and videos

TV performances

State of the World Tour 2017-2019

Janet Jackson: Metamorphosis (2019)

Janet Jackson: A Special 30th Anniversary Celebration of Rhythm Nation (2019)



Previous era : « Unbreakable » era (2012-2015)

Next era : The Black Diamond (2020-2021)

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