Y&R 1988

The mysterious Faren regained her memory and arranged to reconcile with her first husband, Evan, and to be a mother to their daughter, Betsy. Evan’s housekeeper and lover, Janet, felt rejected by Evan because he had promised to marry her. Angered, she fired a gun at Faren, but shot and killed Evan instead. Faren told Andy Richards that she needed to stay with her daughter to avoid adding any further trauma to her life. Andy abided by Faren’s wishes and moved to Pittsburgh.

Lauren wasn’t thrilled to learn that Traci was pregnant with Brad’s baby. But Brad Carlton had bigger problems than Lauren. Lisa, his ex-wife, wanted him back. Brad divorced Lisa after he had been paid a huge sum of money by his ex-father in-law, who didn’t approve of Brad. Lisa, however, was determined to resume her life with Brad. She arranged for him to be offered a lucrative job in Chicago. Instead, Brad accepted a job from Lauren. Eventually, Lisa went off the deep end and kidnapped Brad. She held him prisoner in a deserted lodge for several weeks. Meanwhile, Brad’s apparent desertion caused Traci to miscarry. In order to get through her loss, Traci turned to her writing, and to her former lover, Tim Sullivan.

After Jack Abbott’s scheme to swindle the Mergeron stock away from Victor Newman backfired, Jack was hounded by the IRS. There was, however, a bright side. Brittany, Jack’s auditor, soon felt an attraction toward the playboy and began dating him.

Marc Mergeron, who experienced a series of financial setbacks, became romantically involved with JoAnna, who soon began footing his bills. When Lauren learned that her mother was supporting Marc, she schemed to end that relationship. Her first step was to give Marc a job as a male model for the Fenmore Department Store chain. Marc also modeled for Jabot, but his arrogance eventually cost him the lucrative assignment.

Jill Abbott chose to ignore company procedure during the launching of her men’s line at Jabot. She spent huge sums of money to promote the new products, which enraged her ex-husband, John Abbott. Meanwhile, Jill pursued an affair with her handsome assistant, David Kimball.

Katherine Chancellor discovered that Rex Sterling had been hired by Jill to romance her. Nevertheless, she accepted Rex’s marriage proposal, which infuriated Jill, who was hoping for a proposal herself from Rex.

In a surprise move, Jill and Katherine teamed up to scheme against Nina Webster, who was pregnant with Phillip Chancellor’s baby. Katherine offered the pregnant young woman room and board in her home. To Nina’s disappointment, her living space was a cramped room in the attic. During Nina’s stay, Katherine and Jill tried unsuccessfully to prove that another man had fathered the young woman’s baby. They also offered Nina a huge sum of money to move to another part of the world, but Nina refused to take the bait. She was convinced that Phillip would eventually marry her and be a father to their baby son. Jill also arranged for a young man named Chase to romance Nina. Jill hoped that Chase would succeed in taking Nina away on a romantic vacation for three weeks, which would provide enough time to have Nina legally charged with deserting her baby. Nina, however, cut the vacation short when she discovered that baby Phillip was seriously ill. Phillip stood by Nina during the ordeal, which fueled her hope that they’d marry. Fortunately, the baby survived the illness.

Cricket’s mom, Jessica, arrived in Genoa City after she had dropped out of her daughter’s life for several years. Initially, Cricket didn’t want anything to do with Jessica, but sentiment got the better of the young model and they were soon reconciled. Jessica and John Abbott also fell in love. Jessica, however, neglected to tell her daughter or John that she was suffering from AIDS. Her secret came out when Jessica was suddenly hospitalized with a serious illness. She was treated by Dr. Scott Grainger.

Leanna Love, a former mental patient of Dr. Steven Lassiter, surfaced in Genoa City. Steven and Ashley Abbott had met and fallen in love. Leanne, however, believed that she was madly in love with and hated Ashley with a deadly passion. Her plans did not work, and eventually, Leanna abandoned her plans and her lunacy. She became involved with Jack Abbott, who arranged for Leanna to write a sensational tell-all biography, “Ruthless: The Victor Newman Story,” which would destroy Victor. Ironically, the wealthy businessman, who didn’t know about Leanna’s project, also hired her to write an authorized biography of his life. Without Jack’s consent, or knowledge, Leanna added an extra chapter to the unauthorized book that chronicled Ashley’s ill-fated affair with Victor, and included details about the young woman’s abortion.

Victor decided to postpone divorcing Nikki after he learned that Ashley had married Steven Lassiter. Nikki, who was also pregnant with Victor’s baby, hoped that Victor would eventually drop his divorce plans and resume their marriage. But when “Ruthless” hit the bookstores, Victor assumed that Nikki was responsible for the dirt on Ashley. In order to take the media’s attention off Ashley, Victor quickly divorced Nikki. In a surprise move, he married Leanna Love. Nikki, however, discovered that her divorce from Victor wasn’t legal. Meanwhile, Steven was killed, leaving Ashley a widow.

Paul Williams fell for a mysterious and beautiful woman named Cassandra. When Paul learned that Cassandra was an interior designer, he hired her to decorate his office. Soon after, Paul became romantically involved with Cassandra, but she was unwilling to take things beyond being just lovers. One evening, while dining at the home of George Rawlings, a client of Paul’s, the young private eye was surprised to discover that Cassandra was Rawlings’ wife. While socializing with George, the older gentleman confided to Paul that he was impotent. Nevertheless, George wanted to raise a child with Cassandra. To Paul’s surprise, George asked him to father the baby!

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