Y&R 1989

While Lauren and Jack were on a skiing getaway weekend, Lauren noticed Brad’s ex-wife, Lisa. Suspicious of Brad’s prolonged disappearance, Lauren, on a hunch, followed Lisa and discovered that she was holding Brad prisoner in a cage in a remote cabin. Lisa spotted Lauren and also tossed her into the cage. Lisa’s intent was to ditch the cabin and gas Brad and Lauren to death. Fortunately, they were rescued by Jack Abbott, who had trailed Lauren to the cabin.

Although weakened by pneumonia, Brad Carlton quickly made his way back to Genoa City, hoping that he could catch Traci before she filed for divorce from him. To his disappointment he was too late. Traci explained that she thought Brad had deserted her and that the time apart made her think about their relationship. She felt she could have more of a life with her former lover, Tim Sullivan. Brad, however, competed with Tim for Traci’s love. Fed up with the macho competition, Traci surprised both men by packing her bags and leaving town alone.

With the support of the Abbott family, Skip Evans and Carol Robbins married, despite Carol’s disability–she wore a leg brace as a result of a childhood illness. As newlyweds Skip and Carol were heartbroken to discover they weren’t able to have a baby. Because of Carol’s disability, adoption agencies rejected their applications. Instead, Skip and Carol placed an ad in the paper, hoping to find an unwed pregnant mom who would give her baby to them.

Victor Newman decided to stay with Leanna, even after he found out their marriage wasn’t legal because he was still married to Nikki. But Victor changed his mind about Leanna when he learned that she was lovers with Jack Abbott. On her own, Leanna used her wiles to land a job as an advice columnist for the lovelorn. Meanwhile, Victor devised an ingenious way to punish Jack for his role in the publication of Leanna’s tawdry book about Newman’s life. Victor orchestrated a takeover of Jabot, displaced Jack and made Brad Carlton his superior.

Cricket and Danny helped Nina to soften her rough edges. Phillip Chancelor admitted that he was impressed by the appealing changes in Nina’s personality, but maintained that he wasn’t interested in a relationship with her. Ironically, Jill Abbott, who couldn’t keep her nose out of Phillip’s life, served as the catalyst for finally bringing Phillip and Nina together. Repulsed by his mom’s hostile attitude toward Nina, Phillip became very protective of the reformed young woman. When Phillip realized that he had fallen in love with Nina and proposed marriage, she quickly accepted.

Jill, who was sickened by the idea of having Nina for a daughter in-law, persuaded Chase to try and seduce Nina on her wedding day. Nina nearly fell for Chase’s charm, but ultimately pushed him away. Nina, however, did agree to Chase’s invitation to drive her to the church. On the way, he had an accident and an unconscious Nina was rushed to the hospital. When Nina regained consciousness, she quickly departed for the church, where she was relieved to find Phillip still waiting for her. They exchanged vows and began their lives as a married couple.

The role of husband and father proved too demanding for Phillip, however, and he eventually turned back to booze to relieve the pressure. One evening, on the way home from an office party, Phillip, who had way too much to drink, crashed his car and died. Jill held Nina responsible for Phillip’s death and challenged her right to his inheritance. The judge, however, ruled in Nina’s favor and also gave the young widow leeway in deciding visitation terms for Jill and her grandson.

Clint Radison, an ex-cell mate of Rex Sterling, settled in Genoa City, where he pursued Gina Roma. When Clint proposed marriage, Gina quickly accepted, much to Rex’s disappointment. Clint tried to make Rex believed that he had reformed his criminal ways, but at the same time, Clint was hatching a diabolical plot involving Rex’s wife, the wealthy Katherine Chancellor. Meanwhile, Nina, who was still adjusting to her new wealth, lured Esther away from Katherine Chancellor by offering a higher-paying maid’s position. Katherine replaced Esther with a couple, Richard and Shirley, who conspired with Clint to bilk the wealthy matron out of her fortune. Soon after, Clint came into contact with an earthy waitress named Marge, who bore a striking resemblance to Katherine.

Cricket Blair fell in love with her mom’s doctor, Scott Grainger, and they became engaged. But the engagement soon ended when Cricket discovered that Scott was her half-brother. Scott’s father, Dr. Jim Grainger, once had an affair with Cricket’s mother, Jessica, which had left her pregnant. Although Cricket was disappointed to end her engagement, she enjoyed finally meeting her real father.

Soon after, Cricket began dating Derek Stuart. After an enjoyable evening together, Derek accompanied Cricket to her apartment and then raped her. Although traumatized by the incident, Cricket found the courage to press charges against Derek. Her strength inspired another woman to step forward and testify that Derek had also raped her. Angered by the prospect of a long prison sentence, Derek vowed revenge against Cricket. He cornered the young model in her apartment and aimed a gun at her, but just as he fired, Scott burst into the apartment and took the bullet instead. Derek tried to escape by jumping through a window. Instead, he fell to his death. Scott survived his gunshot wound and the near-death experience prompted him to propose marriage to his new girlfriend, Lauren, who agreed to marry him.

Nikki and Cricket’s dad, Jim, became romantically involved. Nikki, who was enamored of Jim, had hopes of marrying him. But Nikki’s dream died when John Abbott graciously agreed to divorce Rebecca because he had realized that she was still in love with Jim. Jill quickly stepped in to be with John, her ex-husband.

Cassandra insisted to Paul Williams that she loved him and was willing to divorce George Rawlins. But when George was stricken with a heart attack, a compassionate Paul suggested that she wait until her older husband was fully recovered. Unknown to Paul, George’s doctors informed him that he was suffering from a terminal illness. At the same time, George discovered that Paul and Cassandra were lovers. In a twisted act of revenge, George made it look as if Paul had murdered him. Before George’s death, he also arranged to argue with Paul, while Victor Newman was nearby and able to overhear the heated exchange. After George’s death, an astute Victor wisely surmised that Paul had been set up.

During the investigation into George’s death, it became clear that Cassandra was also involved in the frame-up. Victor succeeded in proving Cassandra a lethal black widow when he successfully seduced her. For a brief period, Cassandra tried to string along both Victor and Paul. Meanwhile, she promised a mysterious man named Adrian Hunter that she was desperate to leave Genoa City and start a new life with him. When it appeared that Paul would be convicted of George’s murder, Paul and his father, Carl, decided to fake the young private eye’s death. While Cassandra was convinced that Paul was dead, he faded into the background and worked to prove his innocence


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