Y&R 1976

Cast Members (actors still on the show today in bold)

-Brenda Dickson as Jill Foster

-Julianna McCarthy as Elizabeth “Liz” Foster

-James Houghton as Greg Foster

-Brian Kerwin as Greg Foster (2nd Greg)

-David Hasselhoff as Snapper Foster (2nd Snapper)

-Jeanne Cooper as Katherine “Kay Chancellor

-Beau Kazer as Brock Reynolds

-Lee Crawford as Sally McGuire

-Robert Colbert as Stuart Brooks,

-Trish Stewart as Christine “Chris” Brooks

-Jaime Lyn Bauer as Lauralee “Lorie” Brooks

-Dorothy Green as Jennifer Brooks

-Janice Lynde as Leslie Brooks

-Pamela Peters Solow as Peggy Brooks

-K.T Stevens as Vanessa Prentiss

-John Mc Cook as Lance Prentiss

-Caleb Stoddard as Derek Thurston

-Jeff Cooper as Derek Thurston (2nd Derek)

-New characters :

-Phillip Chancellor III (birth onscreen)

-Derek Thurston

-Vanessa Prentiss

-Lance Prentiss

Characters leaving :

-Bill Foster (death onscreen)

-Characters returning :


The Brooks family desperately tried to locate Leslie, who was still tucked away as “Jane Doe” in the New York mental hospital. Lorie, however, wasn’t shedding any tears for her missing sister. She was too busy making plans to marry Brad. At the New York mental hospital, Leslie’s doctor accidentally ran across her photo in an old newspaper. The doctor phoned Stuart Brooks, who caught the next flight out of Genoa City. In New York, Stuart was delighted to discover that ‘Jane Doe’ was his daughter, Leslie.

With Leslie back in Genoa City, Brad discovered that Lorie had manipulated him into marrying her. He immediately broke off their engagement. Thanks to Brad’s loving support, Leslie recovered completely from her ordeal and they made plans to marry. Leslie also arranged to buy Pierre’s nightclub from Sally. She renamed it the Allegro and began performing regularly at the club.

Brad opened up to Leslie about his past life in Chicago. He’d been a neurosurgeon and had engaged in an extramarital affair with a nurse named Barbara Anderson. That affair had led to the birth of a son, who eventually died. At the time of his son’s death, Brad was performing surgery on a patient. Overwhelmed by grief, Brad had given up his medical career, left Chicago and eventually ended up in Genoa City. Leslie agreed to keep Brad’s secret and they married.

Katherine was devastated to discover that she and Phillip were no longer married. Putting the pieces together, Katherine realized that she had been drinking heavily on the night Phillip left for Haiti. In a drunken stupor she signed consent papers that opened the door for Phillip to divorce her.

Trying to maintain a calm exterior, a panicked Katherine met Phillip at the airport and offered him a ride home. But while they were driving, Katherine could no longer contain her false facade. She pleaded with Phillip to resume their marriage. In a heightened emotional state, Katherine lost control of the car and it careened off a cliff. They were rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Katherine sustained serious injuries and Phillip was in critical condition. Worried that she would lose Phillip, a tearful Jill kept a constant vigil at his bedside, praying for him to recover. Meanwhile, Bill Foster arranged for Phillip and Jill to be married at the hospital. After the ceremony, Jill quickly headed home to make plans for her life with Phillip. By the time Jill returned to the hospital later that evening, Phillip had died. After Phillip’s burial, Jill’s grief quickly turned to open hatred against Katherine, whom she held responsible for Phillip’s death.

Now that Jill was Mrs. Phillip Chancellor, and had access to everything that belonged to her dead husband, including his money and home, she devised a scheme to punish Katherine. With little notice, Jill threw Katherine out of the Chancellor estate. Jill then arranged for her family to live with her in the plush home. Initially, Jill’s family felt awkward, being taken care of by servants. Eventually, they began enjoying their comfortable new life. Meanwhile, Katherine was hell-bent on winning back her home. With that goal in mind, she devoted her time to proving that Jill and Phillip weren’t legally married. In an ugly courtroom battle, Katherine testified that she had been coerced into signing the divorce papers while under the influence of alcohol. The judge ruled in Katherine’s favor, making it possible for her to regain possession of Phillip’s home. Jill, who was no longer recognized as Mrs. Phillip Chancellor, realized that her son would be born illegitimate. Although Katherine was the victor, it gnawed away at her that Jill was carrying Phillip’s baby. She offered Jill a million dollars for legal custody of the unborn baby and Jill eventually accepted. But after giving birth, Jill had a change of heart and refused to turn her baby over to Katherine. Instead, she petitioned the court for part of Phillip’s estate to go to her son. But the court rejected her petition.

Angered, Jill plotted revenge against Katherine. She led Katherine to believe that Phillip was still alive, and that she still suffered from a drinking problem. Although Katherine had actually gotten sober after Phillip’s death, Jill deliberately left a bottle of booze where Katherine would find it. Distraught, Katherine began drinking again. When Liz realized what Jill was doing, she insisted that her daughter stop. Jill confessed her dirty scheme to Katherine, but it was too late. Katherine was already off the wagon.

Jennifer Brooks made plans to divorce Stuart and marry her former lover, Dr. Bruce Henderson. But Jennifer postponed her plans when Stuart suffered a heart attack. When Stuart recovered, Jennifer asked for the divorce and then flew to Chicago to be with Bruce. Soon after, Jennifer discovered that she had breast cancer. After her mastectomy, Jennifer, abruptly broke off her relationship with Bruce, believing that no man could really love her because she was disfigured. Stuart, meanwhile, continued to love Jennifer. After dealing with her insecurities about the mastectomy, Jennifer reconciled with Stuart.

After Lorie was dumped by Brad, she fell for Jed Andrews, a married man. When that relationship ended, Lorie found herself attracted to Bruce’s son, Mark. They fell in love and planned to marry. But shortly before the wedding, Jennifer revealed to Mark that he and Lorie were half brother and sister. Jennifer explained that Bruce, not Stuart, was Lorie’s father. Mark quickly broke off the engagement, leaving Lorie confused. When Jennifer finally confessed the truth to Lorie, she lashed out in anger.

Brad discovered that he was going blind. Fearful that he would be a burden to Leslie, Brad deliberately began neglecting her so that she would fall out of love with him. With his eyesight nearly gone, Brad left Leslie and moved in with Lorie, who looked after him. Soon after, doctors found a cure for Brad’s blindness. But by that time, irreparable damage had been done to Brad and Leslie’s marriage. They divorced and Brad left town.

Bill and Liz Foster remarried. But Bill’s cancer progressed quickly. The doctors doubted that he would live out the year. Bill was eventually hospitalized and kept alive by machines. He pleaded with Liz to pull the plug. Not wanting to see her husband suffer, Liz agreed to his wishes, but she was so traumatized by the incident that she suffered a stroke and forgot her actions. Meanwhile, Snapper was accused of killing his father. With Greg’s help, Snapper was cleared of murder charges. Soon after, Jill fell for David Mallory, a young man who had been blind until a cornea transplant restored his vision. The eyes he received were from the deceased Bill Foster.

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