Y&R 1975

Cast Members (actors still on the show today in bold)

-Brenda Dickson as Jill Foster

-Julianna McCarthy as Elizabeth “Liz” Foster

-James Houghton as Greg Foster

-William Greg Espy as Snapper Foster

-David Hasselhoff as Snapper Foster (2nd Snapper)

-Donnelly Rhodes as Phillip Chancellor II (2nd Philip)

-Jeanne Cooper as Katherine “Kay Chancellor

-Beau Kazer as Brock Reynolds-

-Lee Crawford as Sally McGuire

-Robert Colbert as Stuart Brooks,

-Trish Stewart as Christine “Chris” Brooks

-Jaime Lyn Bauer as Lauralee “Lorie” Brooks

-Dorothy Green as Jennifer Brooks

-Janice Lynde as Leslie Brooks

-Pamela Peters Solow as Peggy Brooks

-New characters :

Bill Foster

Characters leaving :

-Phillip Chancellor II (death onscreen)

-Characters returning :

On the night of a major piano concert in Detroit, Leslie Brooks received a devastating blow. Anxious for emotional support from the man whom she loved, Leslie sent word to Brad, inviting him to attend. But her letter was intercepted by Lorie, who quickly hatched a nasty scheme to steal the spotlight from her sister. When a disappointed Leslie phoned Brad after the concert to ask why he didn’t show up, Lorie answered the phone. Lorie was at Brad’s apartment, receiving assistance on a book she was writing. Cunningly, she led Leslie to believe that she and Brad were lovers. Later that night, Lorie seduced Brad and proposed marriage. Believing that Leslie wasn’t interested in him, Brad married Lorie. When Leslie learned of the marriage she had a nervous breakdown and wandered aimlessly through Central Park, where all her identification was stolen. She was admitted to a mental hospital as “Jane Doe.”

Pierre confirmed that his sister Marianne’s suspicion was true–Sally was pregnant with another man’s baby. In a case of tragic bad timing, Sally had finally learned to appreciate Pierre for his generous, unselfish nature and had fallen in love with him. But Pierre was killed by a robber at the restaurant. Sally wanted to leave town. However, Snapper urged her to stay until the baby was born. Eventually, Snapper confessed to Sally that he wanted to keep an eye on her because he feared that her unborn baby might have been injured by her recent suicide attempt, which occured when she found that Snapper had proposed to Chris.

Sally gave birth to a baby boy, Pierre Charles. Feeling sympathy for Sally’s plight of raising a baby alone, Chris encouraged Snapper to spend time with Sally and her baby. However, Chris eventually realized that Snapper was the baby’s father and Snapper confirmed Chris’ fears. Distraught, Chris suffered a miscarriage. Soon after, she separated from Snapper and accepted a job as a social worker in Legal Aid working for Greg. Meanwhile, Sally moved to Chicago. With Sally gone, Chris and Snapper soon reconciled.

Greg overcame his feelings for Chris, and fell in love with Gwen Sherman. They planned to wed, but shortly before the ceremony, Greg discovered that Gwen was a prostitute. They postponed their marriage and Greg tried to help lead Gwen out of prostitution. But Gwen’s pimp used physical force to pressure the terrified young woman into continuing to accept clients. Greg finally persuaded Gwen to press charges against her pimp. With prostitution behind her, Gwen experienced a spiritual awakening and devoted her life to God as a nun, leaving Greg once again a loser at love.

Snapper finally convinced his mother, Liz, to have his dad, Bill Foster, declared legally dead. Unknown to Liz and her children, Bill was alive in a town nearby. Meanwhile, Liz fell in love with Sam Powers and they became engaged. While Liz was looking forward to her new life with Sam, Bill resumed contact with the family, via a letter, after he was diagnosed with cancer. With the exception of Snapper, the entire Foster family embraced Bill’s return. Liz even invited Bill to move back into the house. Although Bill realized that he still had feelings for Liz, he put her needs ahead of his own and encouraged Liz to continue with her plans to marry Sam. But Liz broke off her engagement to Sam because, as far as she was concerned, she was still a married woman. This turn of events delighted Jill and Greg, who hoped Liz and Bill actually would resume their marriage.

Kay realized that her son Brock was attracted to Jill and that he wanted to pursue her. Meanwhile, Phillip was anxious to divorce Kay, but Jill discouraged Phillip from taking any action until after Kay sought help for her drinking problem. Sensing a closeness between Jill and Phillip, Kay started keeping a closer eye on them. Soon after, she stumbled upon them kissing. Kay’s feelings for Jill immediately turned hostile. Obsessed with finding out more information about the clandestine lovers, Kay arranged to have an elaborate bugging system installed in her home so that she could keep constant tabs on Phillip and Jill. When Phillip and Jill made plans to spend the night at a small, remote cabin to consummate their love, Kay followed them.

Shortly after, Jill discovered she was pregnant. Worried that she would lose Phillip to Jill, Kay offered her son a fortune to seduce Jill and marry her. Brock accepted the offer because he thought it would finally bring an end to the tension between Kay and Jill. Meanwhile, Jill accepted Brock’s proposal so that her baby wouldn’t be born illegitimate. Brock, a self-ordained minister, performed their wedding ceremony himself and they set up housekeeping in a small cabin. The only thing missing from their marriage was lovemaking. When Kay learned that Brock had actually married Jill, she was initially horrified. But her horror quickly turned to relief when Kay realized that Jill was no longer a threat to her own troubled marriage. Kay relished the second chance that she had been given to correct the problems in her marriage to Phillip.

Turning over a new leaf, Katherine joined Alcoholics Anonymous and laid off the booze. Meanwhile, Phillip was saddened to hear that Jill was pregnant because he assumed that the baby was Brock’s child. But when Jill revealed to Phillip that he was the baby’s real father, and went on to tell him her reasons for marrying Brock, Phillip decided to finally divorce Kay. He flew to Haiti, where he obtained a quickie divorce, and then rushed back to Genoa City so that he could marry Jill.

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-Next year : Y&R 1976

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