Randy moves to Hayvenhurst with Alejandra and their children Genevieve and Randy Jr.

January  : Back from Japan, Michael celebrates his first Christmas at Neverland with Elizabeth Taylor & her husband Larry Fortensky.

Michael invites the Cascio family (Dominic, Connie, Frank, Eddie, Dominic, Marie Nicole & Aldo) to Neverland for the first time). They soon become regular guests until 2004.

Janet returns to Minneapolis with Rene to resume the recording sessions of her new album with Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam.

January 9 : Michael and Oprah Winfrey make a photoshoot together to promote their upoming TV Special for ABC.
Michael starts rehearsing for his upcoming American Music Aards and Superbowl performances.

January 16 : Michael attends the NAACP Image Awards with Katherine at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena. He is presented with the Best Video Of The Year Award for “Black Or White” and the Entertainer Of The Year Award.
Patti Labelle sings “Will You Be There” with Michael joining for the last verse.

January 18 : Michael attends the Pre-Inaugural Celebration for Bill Clinton and joins other celebrities (including Diana Ross & Stevie Wonder) on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C,  to sing “We Are The World”.

January 19 : Michael sings “Gone Too Soon” & “Heal The World” at the 52nd Presidential Inaugural Gala at the Capital Centre in Landover.

January 25 : Michael opens the American Music Awards ceremony held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with a performance of “Dangerous”. He also receives three awards including the first ever International Artist Award presented by Elizabeth Taylor & Eddie Murphy.
Michael stays at “The Hideaway”, his apartment in Century City with Frank & Eddie Cascio and Jordy Chandler.

January 26 : Michael attends a press conference at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles to accept a cheque of $100 000 from the NFL and Frito Lay (Sponsor of the Superbowl) and $500 000 from Best Foundation for his Heal The World Foundation. Heal LA is launched at this event.
Later he takes, Frank, Eddie & Jordy (with his mother & sister) to Disneyland and at night the whole group goes to Neverland.

January 31 : Michael performs a medley of “Jam”, “Bilie Jean”, “Black Or White” and “Heal The World” at the Superbowl Halftime Show in the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena before an audience of 100 000 in the stadium and 133 millions on TV.

February 8 : Michael is on the cover of Jet magazine with Oprah Winfrey.

February 10 : “Michael Jackson Talks…to Oprah” is aired live from Neverland Valley Ranch all around the world attracting around 100 million viewers. During the interview, Michael reveals that he suffers from a skin disorder that destroys the pigmentation of his skin. He also shows his ranch to the world, premieres the video of “Give In To Me” and improvises a beat box on “Who Is It” after doing the Moonwalk. Elizabeth Taylor makes a surprise appearance to support him. Karen Faye & Debbie Rowe are also present.

February 15 : “Give In To Me” is released in the world (except the US).

LaToya and Jack Gordon tape an “In Depth Interview With Joan Rivers” at CBS Broadcast Center in New York City.

February 16 : Former President Jimmy Carter visits Michael at Neverland for Heal Our Children Co-Chairs and they pose for pictures together.

February 24 : Michael attends the Grammy Awards with Brooke Schields where Janet presents him with the Grammy Legend Award. Following the presentation, Michael & Brooke attend the Polygram Party at A&M Studios and later show up at the Sony Party in Century City .

February 26 : Michael is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. He talks about Elizabeth Taylor in a video for the Arts & Entertainment Network.

Late February : Michael invites Jordy Chandler, his sister Lily & mother June to Neverland for the first time.

March : Janet hires Tina London as new choreographer and they audition dancers for the new project. The “Kids” include Shawnette Heard, Tish Oliver, Kelly Konno & Nikki Panterpurg.

Together they shoot the video for “That’s The Way Love Goes” (directed by Rene and featuring Jennifer Lopez).

March 1 : LaToya performs in Copenhagen, Denmark.

March 9 : Michael attends the Soul Train Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with Bill Bray where he is presented with two awards + the Humanitarian Award Of The Year presented by Eddie Murphy. He also perfoms “Remember The Time” seated in a gold chair because he twisted his ankle the night before (Wayne & Bill help him to the podium on a wheelchair!).

March 10 :  Janet attends the unveiling of Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam’ star on the Hollywwood Walk Of Fame with Quincy Jones and Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

March 11 : Walking on churches, Michael attends an American Film Industry dinner in honour of Elizabeth Taylor at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles .

March 16 :  Dr Sasaki performs surgery on Michael’s scalp to reduce the scar & bald scalp from the Pespi burn.
Dr Hoefflin, Dr Metzger, Dr Klein & Debbie Rowe take care of Michael after the surgery.
Michael is diagnostised with Lupus.

March 20 : Tito, Jermaine, Randy, Rebbie Katherine, Joseph and Jackie Jackson visit the Chaplin family in Switzerland.

March 27 : Michael makes a five-minute speech in front of 1200 teachers and politicians at a conference in the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles which is sponsorised by the Milken Family Trust.

March 29 : “Who Is It” is released in the US only. It peaks at #14 on Hot 100 Billboard.

March 30 : “Watzupwitu”, a duet between Michael & Eddie Murphy is released.

Late March : Michael takes Jordy, Lily & June Chandler to Las Vegas & Disneyworld.

April : “That’s The Way Love Goes” is released as the 1st single released from “Janet”. It peaks at #1 on Hot 100 Billboard. Janet goes to Europe with Rene & the Kids to promote the album and perform the song in many TV shows including :

-Paris (France) : Les Années Tubes (aired on April 19), M6 Studios (aired on April 20), Studios des Buttes-Chaumont on Sacrée Soirée (aired on April 22).

-Olympiahalle, Innsbruck (Austria) : Wetten, dass..? aus Innsbruck aired on April 17.

-London (England) : Top Of The Pops aired on April 24.

April 11 : Joe, Katherine, Rebbie, Jermaine, Tito, Randy & Jackie give an interview from Hayvenhurst to ABC’s Day One programme.

April 14 : Michael visits the Hasbro toy factory in Powtucket, Rhode Island to witness how toys are made; he checks out the production line and fun room where toys are tested, as well as visits with children and signs autographs for them.

April 15 : The video for “Watzupwitu”  is premiered on FOX & BET.

April 20 : In their New York home, Gordon beat LaToya repeatedly with a heavy brass dining room chair, leaving Jackson with black eyes, swollen lip and chin “the size of a clenched fist”, cuts requiring 12 mouth stitches and contusions on her face, arms, legs and back. LaToya lost consciousness during the beating, leading Gordon to believe she was dead. She recalled, “He called his friends and said, ‘She’s dead. I killed her,’ because I was lying in a puddle of blood and I was out.

Gordon is arrested but then released, claiming he beat LaToya in self-defense.

Katherine flies to New York in order to reconnect with LaTota but it fails. LaToya refuses to speak to her and refuses to press charge against Gordon

April 26 : As part of “Heal L.A drive”, Michael visits Los Angeles South Central with Caroline Bingham & Adrian Grant.

Michael is on the cover of Jet magazine with Eddie Murphy.

May :  Janet is on the cover of Essence & Glamour magazines.

Early May : Evan Chandler invites Michael to spend time with his son at his house…

May 5 : Michael is invited by ex president Jimmy Carter to Atlanta in order to boost the
Atlanta Immunisation Drive. Afterwards, Michael joins Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Emmanuel Lewis & Lisa Marie Presley in the front row during the Kids Celebration at OMNI.

May 9 : Michael checks in the Hotel de Paris in Monaco with Jordy, Lily & June + Bob Jones.

May 10 : Michael has donner with Prince Albert De Monaco.

May 12 : Michael attends the World Music Awards with Jordy, Lily & June where he wins three awards presented by Michael Douglas, Prince Albert & Princess Stephanie.

May 13 : Michael & the Chandlers leave Monaco by helicopter and in Nizza transfers to a plane to Paris where they spend three day visiting Disneyland .

May 16 : Michael & the Chandlers fly back to Los Angeles.

May 18 : Michael is presented with two awards at the BMI Pop Awards Dinner at the Regency Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles. Lori Byler, president of the ‘MJ Observer Fan Club’, later presentes Michael with another award, a plaque in recognition of his work with children.

The album Janet is released by Virgin. It peaks at #1 on Billboard 200.

May 19 : Michael is presented by the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from Norris McWhirther, the Editor of the Guinness Museum of World Records in Los Angeles.

May 27 : ASCAP presents Michael with three awards for Dangerous.

June : Michael is on the cover of LIFE magazine with an exclusive cover story of Neverland.

June 5 : Michael is interviewed by Rick Dees on the Radio Sation KIIS FM in Los Angeles .

June 9 : Janet and director John Singleton attend the Liberty Hill Foundation’s 11th Annual Upton Sinclair Awards in Beverly Hills, California.

June 10 : Michael makes an appearance at an afternoon rally at a middle school in Los Angeles to launch a new DARE programme.

June 21 : In L.A Janet & the kids start rehearsing for Janet’s world tour and her upcoming VMA’s performance.

June 28 : Janet, Tina & the Kids shoot the video for “If” (directed by Dominic Sena).

Will You Be There”, the eighth single from Dangerous is released worldwide. It peaks at #7 on Hot 100 Billboard. The “live” video is a montage of MTV 10th anniversay performance and the Dangerous tour.

June 30 : Michael meets with Dr Sasaki at Dr Klein’s office in Beverly Hills . Michael explains that he is experiencing pain while rehearsing

July : The American Friends of Hebrew University award their 1994 Scopus Award to Michael Jackson.

Michael starts working on a short film named “Is This Scary” with Stephen King and Mick Garris for a song scheduled to appear on “The Adam Family Values” soundtrack.

Evan Chandler & his attorney Barry Rothman set a plot to extort money from Michael. During a phone call to Dave Schwartz (Jordy’s stepfather), Evan threatens to destroys Michael if he doesn’t get what he wants. Michael’s attorney Bert Fields hires private investigator Anthony Pellicano to investigate the Chandlers.

July 9 : Dave & June Schwartz play the tape conversation to Pellicano who then visits Jordy & Lily at Michael’s Century City condominium.

July 11 : Chandler & Rothman ask June to let Jordy stay with Evan for a “one week visitation period”.

Latoya poses Mary Kate Olsen, & Ashley Olsen during the Video Software Dealers Association Convention at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas (where LaToya is promoting her “Step Up” VHS).

July 13 : “If” is released as the 2nd single from “Janet” along with a video directed by Dominec Sena. It peaks at #4 on Hot 100 Billboard.

July 21 : In Hollywood , Janet attends the premiere of “Poetic Justice” with Rene, John Singleton & Tupac.

July 23 : “Poetic Justice’ is released in US theatres. According to Box Office Mojo, Poetic Justice made $27,515,786 in the domestic box office with the budget being $14,000,000. For its opening weekend it opened at #1 with over $11,000,000 in ticket sales. It ranked #20 for the year of 1993 openings and #21 for highest R-rated movies of 1993.

August : Janet is on the cover of US magazine, Young & Modern magazine & Jet (with Tupac).

August 1 : Janet makes a photoshoot with by George Holz for US Weekly in Los Angeles.

August 4 : Evan & Jordy meet Michael & Pellicano in a suite at the Westwood Marquis Hotel (this is the last time Michael & Jordy ever see each other)
Later that evening, Pellicano go to Rothman’s office where he & Chandler make their demand for $20 millions!!!

August 10/11/12 : Michael starts shooting the short film “Is This Scary” at CBS/Radfort Studios in Studio City.

August 13 : During another meeting in Rothman’s office, Pellicano proposes a counter offer : a $ 350 000 screenwriting deal but Chandler rejects it…
Rothman makes a counterdemand: a deal for three screenplays or nothing but Pellicano refuses it.

Michael calls in sick and does not show up on the set of “Is This Scary”.

August 14 : Michael resumes the filming of “Is This Scary”.

August 15 : Dr Sasaki meets Michael with Debbie Rowe and injects him with Demerol to relieve him from extreme pain on his scar. 

August 16 : On behalf of June Schwartz, attorney Michael Freeman notifies Rothman that he will be filing paper early the next morning that will force Chandler to turn over Jordy.
Reacting quickly Chandler takes Jordy to psychiatrist Mathis Abrams. During a three hour session, Jordy (under drug sodium Amytal) alleges that he was sexually molested by Michael.
Abrams, who is required by law to report any such accusations to authorities calls a social worker at the Department of Children’s Services who in turn contact the police…

August 17 : The Los Angeles Police Department officially opens a criminal investigation against Michael Jackson based on accusations of child molestation made by Jordy Chandler.

Michael shows up at 8 pm on the set of “Is This Scary” with Brett Barnes & Arnold Klein.

August 18/19 : Michael does not show up on the set of “Is This Scary”. According to Arnold Klein he has a 103 degree temperature. Word is that Michael is about to cancel the next leg of his Dangerous Tour.

August 20 : Michael cancels the filming of “Is This Scary” and flies to Bangkok.

August 21 : Michael arrives in Bangkok, Taiwan for the third leg of his Dangerous World Tour.

The Los Angeles Police Department serve search warrants on Michael’s Neverland Valley Ranch in Santa Barbara and on his condominium in Century City.

Brett Barnes is at Neverland when the polices arrives for the search.

August 22 : Filming for “Is This Scary” wrapps in L.A with crucial scenes missing including Michael’s singing and dacing parts”.

August 23 : Michael attends a Pepsi Tour Press Conference at the Oriental Hotel.

The media reveal that Michael is under criminal investigation for child molestation which becomes of the biggest scandals of all time and will dominate newspapers, magazines, TV shows and tabloids for many months to come…

Soon after, Janet’s deal with Coca Cola is canceled.

August 24 : Michael gives a concert in Bangkok.

Michael’s criminal lawyer, Howard Weitzman reads a statement to the press on behalf of Michael while Anthony Pellicano reveals the accusations are the result of a failed attempt to extort money from Michael

August 25 : Michael’s second concert in Bangkok is rescheduled to august 26 because Michael is suffering from acute dehydration
Elizabeth Taylor flies to Bangkok to be with Michael.

August 26 : Michael’s concert is is again rescheduled for august 27 (he releases an audio-taped message to his fans).

Brett Barnes & Wade Robson appear on CNN to defend Michael but their admissions that they shared a bed with Michael Jackson (in a friendly, slumber party spirit) only causes more damage…

August 27 : Michael finally performs his second concert in Bangkok .

August 28 : Michael arrives in Singapoure.

August 29 : Michael gives a concert in Singapoure on his 35th birthday.

Late August : In L.A Janet & the kids start rehearsing for Janet’s world tour and her upcoming VMA’s performance.

August 30 : Jermaine, Katherine, Joe, Rebbie & Tito give a press conference at the Academy Theatre in North Hollywood to announce the Jackson Family Honors.

Police search Michael’s hotel room at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas .
The second concert in Singapoure is cancelled when Michael collapses backstage moments before the show is due to begin suffering from a severe migraine.

August 31 : Michael undergoes a brain scan in hospital and he releases a second audio-taped message to apologize for the late cancellation of his concert.
Attorney Gloria Allred is retained to represent Jordy Chandler.

September : Janet is on the cover of Rolling Stone & Ebony magazines.

September 1 : Michael performs his second concert in Singapoure and after the show he goes shopping until 2;30 am!

September 2 : LaToya supports Michael during an interview with Katie Couric on US Today Show.

Janet performs “That’s The Way Love Goes” & “If” at the MTV Video Music Awards life from the Gibson Amphitheater in L.A. Many attendees at the MTV Video Music Awards express well wishes for Michael.

Michael spends time with Elizabeth Taylor, her husband Larry and 3T at this hotel.

September 3 : Michael arrives in Taipei with Elizabeth Taylor & 3T. Joe, Katherine, Jermaine, Jackie, Rebbie also arrive in Taipei to support him.

September 4 : Michael performs in concert in Taipei .

September 5 : Michael goes shopping to Toy’s R Us in Taipei with the 3T.

September 6 : Michael performs his second concert in Taipei.

LaToya supports Michael on GMTV show.

September 7 : Michael & the 3T arrive in Fukuoka (Japon) then board a bus to Huis Ten Bosh, a theme park, where they stay for two days.

September 9 : Michael returns to Fukuoka .

September 10 : Michael is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.
He performs in concert in Fukuoka .

September 11 : Second concert in Fukuoka .

September 12 : Michael arrives in Moscow, Russia.

September 13 : Michael is on the cover of Jet magazine.
He goes shopping in Moscow and tours the Kremlin museum ad armoury.

September 14 : Gloria Allred mysteriously resigns from representing Jordy and is replaced by Larry Feldman.
A civil suit against Michael is filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.
Michael shoots a video of himself marching with Russian army soldiers.While in Moscow, Michael writes and composes the song “Stranger In Moscow” with Brad Buxer.

LaToya supports Michael on the Howard Stern Show.

September 15 : Michael performs in concert in Moscow .

September 17 : Michael arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel. At Michael’s request, Dominic Cascio and his children Frank & Eddie arrive from NYC to support him.

During another TV interview, LaToya supports Michael : “I love him and I stand by him”.

September 18 : Michael visits Jerusalem . He is met by religious protesters at the ancient Western Wall but is welcomed at Masada , another historic site.

September 19 : Michael performs in concert in Tel Aviv.

September 20 : Michael visits the Israeli Army for Womens Soldiers in Israel of Tsaha in Tel Aviv.

September 21 : Second concert in Tel Aviv.
Two US detectives fly to Manila to question Mark & Faye Quindoy.

September 22, Michael arrives in Istanbul, Turky, with Frank & Eddie. They go to the cinema to watch Jurassik Park !
Jeanne White, Ryan White’s mother, tells the press that she met Jordy at Neverland in July and doesn’t believe he was molested by Michael.

September 23 : Michael perfoms in concert in Istanbul .

September 24 : Michael arrives in Tenerife with the Cascios.

September 26 : Michael performs in concert in Tenerife . Minutes before the show he meets backstage Laurent Hopman, the president of the French fan-club. Katherine & the Cascios are also there.

September 27-October 6 : Following the cancellation of the South African concerts due to continued violence there, Michael takes a break and go Switzeland with Frank & Eddie. They stay at Elizabeth Taylor’s chalet in Gstaad for several days and then visits Geneva.

October : Tony Jackson, a cousin of Michael with whom he had a close relationship dies in a car accident aged 35. Michael pays for the funeral and decides to support Tony’s wife Debra and their 7 year old child Anthony.

Janet, Rene & the Kids go to Hawaii to rehearse for the next tour.

October 7 : Michel arrives in Buenos Aires with Frank & Eddie.

October 8/10/12 : Concerts in Buenos Aires .

October 12 : “Again” is released as the third single from “Janet” along with a video directed by Rene. It peaks at #1 on Hot 100 Billboard.

October 13 : Michael arrives in Sao Paulo, Brasil, with Frank & Eddie.

October 15/17 : Concerts in Sao Paulo .

October 18 : Michael arrives in Santiago, Chile,  with Frank & Eddie. Brett Barnes joins them.
Dr Arnold Klein & Debbie Rowe visit Michael to support him and treat his skin condition.

October 21 : Michael’s first concert in Santiago is cancelled due to a back injury.

October 22 : Michael visits sick children at the Luis Calvo Mackenna Children’s Hospital in Chile, Santiago.

October 23 : Michael performs in Santiago .

October 24 : Michael arrives in Mexico City with Frank & Eddie.

October 27 : Michael meets the President of Mexico.

October 29 : Michael performs before 100 000 people in Mexico!

October 31 : Second concert before 100 000 people in Mexico
Joe’s father, Samuel Jackson dies at the age of 90.

November 2 : Michael cancels his third Mexican concert due to a severe toothache.

November 4 : Michael receives oral surgery to have an abscessed molar extracted and stays in hospital overnight.

November 5 : Michael attends a children’s charity party at the Hard Rock Cafe dedicated to the children of the La Niñez Mexicana orphanage.

November 7 : Third concert in Mexico

November 8 : While the Jackson family is in Phoenix for Samuel Jackson’s funerals, the police raids Hayvenhurst…

Michael’s attorney Howard Manning flies to Mexico City to take a deposition from Michael for a copyright infringement lawsuit brought by three songwriters claiming “Thriller”, “The Girl Is Mine” & “We Are The World” were stolen from them… The three hour deposition is video taped and leaked later to the press.

November 9 : Elizabeth Taylor &  Larry Fortensky fly to Mexico to support Michael.
Dr Klein & Debbie Rowe also arrive to show their support.
Fourth concert in Mexico.

During the TV show Devil’s Advocate, LaToya responds to MJ fans : “I want the best for Michael”.

November 10 : Second day of Michael’s deposition in Mexico in the copyright infringement lawsuit. The deposition is videtaped and later leaked to the press.

November 11 : Michael performs the 69th and last concert of the Dangerous World Tour in Mexico City.

November 12 : Michael leaves Mexico with Liz & Larry, stopping off in Canada and Iceland and finally lands at Luton airport in England. Liz & Larry fly on to Gstaad while Michael secretly goes to a rehab facilty in London.
Frank & Eddie fly back to NYC.
Michael announces in an audio-taped message that he is cancelling the rest of the tour in order to seek treatment for an addiction to painkillers

November 14 : A spokesman for Pepsico announces their partnership with Michael Jackson is over.
Following Elton John’s advice, Michael checks in a private detox clinic in London.

November 15 : LaToya gives a press conference with Jack Gordon in Cape Town, South Africa.

November 16 : Police obtain a strip search warrant for Michael Jackson in order to verify a descrition of his genitals given by Jordy…

November 19 : Michael’s longtime personal assistant Norma Staikos quits her job and leaves the US for Greece. She is replaced later by Evvy Tavasci (who will be Michael’s PA until his death in 2009).

Elton John helps Michael to find a better rehab facility at a private estate oustide London.

November 23 : “Dangerous: The Short Films” is released on VHS.

November 24 : Janet kicks off the “Janet World Tour” at the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, Ohio. Early in her performance she asks her audience to bow their heads and say a silent prayer “for my brother Michael”.

MTV interviews Janet and her team of dancers and musicians before the opening night of the tour. The interview airs a few days later along with the full performances of “If” and “Rhythm Nation”.

The administration of Michael’s music catalogue ATV moves from MCA Music to EMI Music Publishing.

Los Angeles Superior Court judge, David Rothman sets March 21, 1994, as the date for the civil suit against Michael to begin, denying a request from Michael’s attorneys to delay the proceddings until the criminal investigation is completed.

November 26 : Janet gives a concert at the Sky Dome in Toronto, Canada.

November 28 + 29 : Janet gives two concerts at the US Air Arena in Landover, US.

November 29 : Michael is on the cover of People magazine.

Janet is on the cover of Jet magazine

December 1 : Janet gives a concert at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, US.

Meeting of Michael’s team at Elizabeth Taylor’s house in Bel Air. Johnnie Cochran is hired.

“Gone Too Soon as the ninth and final single from the Dangerous album. Following its release—on World AIDS Day of 1993—”Gone Too Soon” became a moderate chart success in several countries: France, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and the UK. The song was released as a cassette single in the US  and became a hit in Zimbabwe, where it charted at number 3.

“Gone Too Soon” was promoted with a music video directed by Bill DiCicco, which showed footage of Jackson and White together, as well as scenes from the latter’s funeral.

December 02 : Janet gives a concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis, US.

Katherine and Jermaine appear on CNN’s Showbiz Today and Hard Copy to defend Michael and refute remarks made by five former Hayvenhurst security guards.

December 04 : Janet gives a concert at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, US.

December 06 : Michael is on the cover of Jet magazine.

December 08 : LaToya shocks the world by holding a midnight press conference in Tel Aviv, Istrael where she says that she “can no longer be a silent collaborator” to Michael’s ‘crimes against young innocent victims”. Her husband and manager Jack Gordon is by her side.
The Jackson family reacts immediately and holds a press conference at Hayvenhurst to refute LaToya’s claims. Katherine, Joe, Jermaine, Jackie, Tito & Randy tell CNN that LaToya has been brainwashed by her “money hungry” husband Jack Gordon.

Frank & Eddie visit Michael at his rehab center near London

December 09 : In a pre recorded interview from Israel on US Today Show, LaToya tells Katie Couric that she believes Michael is a child molester because Katherine showed her checks in the 80’s at Hayvenhurst. She also claims that Katherine called Michael “a damn faggot”. The same day, she gives an interviews to Howard Stern and Larry King on the phone.

December 10 : Michael leaves London and returns home to Neverland with Frank & Eddie.

December 11 : Margaret Maldonado leaves Jermaine & Hayvenhurst with Jeremy & Jourdyn

December 14 : Six members of the Jackson family appear on BET live from Hayvenhurst to support Michael.

December 15 : Blanca Francia, Michael’s former personal maid gives a deposition in the civil lawsuit and sell her story to tabloid TV show Hard Copy claiming that her son Jason was a victim of Michael when he was 10.

December 17 + 18 + 22 + 23 : Janet gives 4 concerts at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, US.

December 20 : Attorney Johnnie Cochran joins Michael’s legal team with Howard Weitzman. Cochran replaces Bert Fields.

December 22 : Live from Neverland and around the world, Michael makes a 4 minutes statement where he claims his innocence and reveals that earlier this week he was forced by the LAPD and SBPD to submit to a photo session of his body and genitals.

LaToya is a guest on Spanish TV Show ¡Hola Raffaella! where she once again accuses Michael.

December 24/25 : Michael celebrates Christmas at Neverland with the Cascio family.

Janet spends Christmas with Rene.

LaToya is a guest on RuPaul’s Christmas Ball.

December 28 : Janet gives a concert at the RI-Civic Center in Providence (which started an hour and a half late due to a technical problem).

Concert promoter Marcel Avram files a $20 million breach of contract against Michael claiming Michael’s true condition was concealed on signing the contracts for the Dangerous Tour.

December 30 : Michael appears in public for the first time since returning home at the Treasure Island complex in Las Vegas with friends Steve Wynn and Michael Milken.

Janet gives a concert at the CT-Civic Center in Hartford.

December 31 : Janet celebrates New Year’s eve on stage with a concert and a countdown at the Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Previous year : 1992

Following year : 1994

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