Janet leaves A&M Records and signs a 32 $ millions deal with Virgin Records!

  • January:

Randy is charged with beating his wife, Eliza as well as their 14-month-old daughter, Stevanna. He pleads no contest to the battery charge.

Janet attends the NAACP Image Awards with Katherine where she presents an award to Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam.

Janet wins three American Music Awards.

She is on the cover of Jet Magazine.

Michael records the song Dangerous.

The single Do The Bart Man produced by Bryan Loren and featuring background vocals by Michael is released.

  • February 6 :

“State Of The World” is released as the 8th & final single from “Rhythm Nation 1814” (only in Australia, Japan & South Africa).

  • March 16 :

Janet is presented with the Humanitarian Of The Year Award by the Starlight Foundation.

  • March 18:

Michael & Madonna go dining together at the Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles .

  • March 20:

In New York City , the biggest deal is music industry is signed between Michael Jackson & Sony Software who bought CBS Epic Records. For a potential $1 billion, Michael agrees to a fifteen year, six-album record and film contract and also becomes CEO of his own record label Nation Records (later renamed MJJ MUSIC)

  • March 25:

Michael & Madonna attend the Academy Awards ceremony together.

The title of Michael’ new album is revealed to be Dangerous.

  • March 31:

Janet & Rene secretly tie the knot and move in a beach house in Malibu .

  • April 8:

Michael organises a seat chimp party to raise money for Jane Goodall’s ape research institute.

  • April 9:

Michael & Madonna go to the Spago restaurant in Los Angeles . Michael offers to do a duet with her on the song In The Closet but she refuses.

  • June:

Michael pays for the funerals of David Ruffin, a member of The Temptations.

Michael is co-chairman of a Stevie Wonder presentation of the Nelson Mandela Award.

The tabloids publish stolen pictures of a photo session of Michael by Herb Ritts.

Michael enlists the help of producers L.A Reid & Babyface which deeply upsets Jermaine who is also working with them.

  • June 19:

Michael visits the island of Bermuda with Home Alone star, Macauley Culkin & his family.

  • June 22:

Michael & Macauley go scuba diving.

  • June 23:

Michael & Macauley go to Disneyworld ( Orlando )

  • July:

New surfaces of Michael first movie for Colombia Picture Entertainment, a science fiction musical extravaganza named MidKnight.

  • July 26:

Michael & Emmanuel Lewis visit the Community Youth Sports & Arts Foundation Center in Los Angeles .

The media report that Steven Spielberg has invited Michael to make a cameo appearance in his new film Hook, based on the book Peter Pan.

  • July 27:

Michael invites the Jackson family in Neverland to celebrate the first ever Joe Jackson Day. Katherine, Joe, Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine & Janet and the grandchildren attend the event. Later at Hayvenhurst, Joe receives his present from Janet & Michael : A boat!

  • August 7:

Michael goes to Disneyland with a young friend.

  • August 26:

Macauley Culkin spends his 11th birthday in Neverland with all his family & Michael.

  • September:

Latoya publishes her autobiography “Growing Up In The Jackson Family” which causes a great controversy. During her promotional tour, LaToya gives many interview with Jack Gordon by her side and claims thar Rebbie and her were sexually abused by Joe…

The Jackson family denies the allegations and claims LaToya was brainwashed by her manager/husband Jack Gordon…

LaToya’s 7th studio album titled “No Relations” is released by Pump Records (Warner).

LaToya also poses for the second time for the upcoming cover of Playboy magazine

Jermaine, Margaret and their children move back to Hayvenhurst in Janet & Latoya’s rooms.

  • September 19:

Michael lends his voice to a character of the cartoon The Simpsons.

  • October 7:

Elizabeth Taylor marries for the eighth time to Larry Fortensky at Neverland. Michael pays for everything and gives the bride away in the ceremony. Many celebrities attend the wedding which is almost interrupted by paparazzi.

  • October 21:

Michael, Elizabeth & Larry are on the cover of People magazine.

  • October 29 :

Michael & Bruce Swedien complete the mixing of the Dangerous album in Los Angeles.

  • October 31 :

Latoya is in Paris to work on the French version of her autobiography titled “Jackson Story”. She gives interviews to Europe 1, Paris Match and Le Parisien.

  • Early November:

Thirty seconds ads directed by David Lynch begin airing on TV to promote the for the forthcoming release of Dangerous.

Randy is arrested after Eliza phones the police to report that the beatings have not stopped. Randy is sentenced to one month in jail, two years’ probation, and ordered to enroll in a domestic violence rehabilitation program.

Eliza files for divorce and custody of Steveanna.

Katherine, Joe, Rebbie & Jermaine give a press conference in Paris.

  • November 2:

Black Or White, the first single from the Dangerous album is unofficially leaked to US radio stations while Michael is on the cover of TV Guide.

The same day, an unofficial version of Jermaine’s new single Word To The Badd is also leaked to the same radios. In the song, Jermaine openly attacks Michael.

  • November 3:

Michael begins filiming the video of Remember The Time in Los Angeles directed by John Singleton and featuring Eddie Murphy, Iman & Magic Johnson.

He visits Jermaine at Hayvenhurst and the two brothers have a big argument…

  • November 6:

Black Or White is officially premiered to radio stations all around the world while a thirty seconds commercial directed by David Lynch begins airing on TV to promote the forthcoming release of Dangerous.

  • November 11:

The single of Black Or White is officially released.

  • November 13 :

Katherine, Joe, Rebbie & Jermaine are guests on French TV Show Sacrée Soirée where they claim LaToya was brainwashed by Jack Gordon.

  • November 14:

The Black Or White video is premiered in 27 countries around the world by almost 500 million viewers! The 11 minutes short film was directed by John Landis and features Macauley Culkin, Brandi Jackson, George Wendt, Heavy D, Wade Robson, Bart & Omer Simpson.

  • November 15:

Following the controversy over the last part of the Black Or White Video, Michael issues a statement and decides to edit his video.

  • November 15/16:

Michael performs Black Or White & Will You Be There at the taping of the MTV’s 10th Anniversary Special to be aired on November 27TH.

  • November 18:

Michael & Brooke Schields go out for dinner at the Inn Of The Seventh Ray Restaurant in Malibu .

  • November 20:

Michael sends a video-taped message to the London listening party Of Dangerous.

  • November 21:

The album Dangerous is released in Europe .

Live from Las Vegas, LaToya appears on French TV Show Sacrée Soirée to refute the claims from her family.

  • November 22:

The album Dangerous is released in the US

  • November 29:

Michael appears on the cover of Entertainment Tonight.

  • December 2:

Michael appears on the cover of Jet magazine.

  • December 11:

Michael is given a private visit to the Guinness World Of Records Museum.

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