January 2 : MTV premieres the video for “Leave Me Alone”.

The Cosby Show has the Huxtable family attending a Michael Jackson concert.

January 5 : Margaret gives birth to Jourdynn Jackson. A few months later, Jermaine, Margaret & the kids leave Hayvenhurst to move in their own house in Beverly Hills .

January 10 : “Moonwalker” is released on video in the US & Canada.

January 16+17+18+26+27 : Michael plays the last final concert of the Bad World Tour at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles . Among the celebrities & friends attending the shows are Gregory Peck, Barbara Streisand, Sylvester Stallone, Sydney Poitier, Elizabeth Taylor, Whitney Houston, Berry Gordy, Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, Liza Minnelli, Katherine, Joe, Rebbie, Janet & Jimmy Safechuck.

The tour ends after 123 concerts grossing over $125 millions!

January 30 : At the American Music Awards, Michael is presented with the video Pioneer Award presented by his friend Eddy Murphy.

January 31 : LaToya gives a press conference in New York City to reveal her upcoming cover for Playboy Magazine. She is a guest on “Good Morning America” at ABC Studios and “Late Night With David Letterman”.

February-April : Janet & Rene go to Minneapolis to record the “Rhythm Nation 1814” album with Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam.

February : “Leave Me Alone” is released  as the 8th single from “Bad” but only in Europe

LaToya Jackson appears on the March cover of Playboy magazine and stops talking to the family who blames her manager Jack Gordon. She gives a one hour interview on the Phil Donahue Show.

February 7 : Michael visits the Cleveland Elementary School in Scockton (California) after a man opened fire on children.

February 13 : Michael accepts two Brits Awards via satellite.

February 14 : Michael’s publicist Lee Solters announces that Michael and his manager Frank Dileo are to part company.

February 27 : Michael is on the cover of Jet magazine.

March: The Black Radio Exclusive Humanitaran Award is presented to Michael at the Universal Amphitheater in Universal City (California).

LaToya performs her new single “Such a Wicked Love” in Puerto Vallarta for Mexican television and in Caracas for the Venezuelan television program “Only For Men”. She also performs her single “You Blew” in Caracas for the Venezuelan television program “Only For Men” and in two German TV shows, including Günther Jauch’s Na Siehste!.

March 5 : Michael takes 200 disadvantaged children to Circus Vargas in Santa Barbara and to Neverland.

March 25 : LaToya debuts her new single “Such a Wicked Love” on “Bob Hope’s Easter Vacation in the Bahamas”. NBC’s Standards and Practices department censor her performance, deeming her dance moves “too prurient” for prime time television.

April : Michael is on the cover of Ebony magazine.

Michael shoots the video for “Liberian Girl” featuring many guest stars such as Paula Abdul, Quincy Jones, John Travolta, Olivia Newton John, Rosanna Arquette, Steven Spielberg, Whoopi Goldberg, David Copperfield, Corey Feldman & Bubbles!

The video is dedicated to Liz Taylor.

April 12 : Michael attends the 3rd Soul Train Awards where he is presented the Heritage Award & Sammy Davis Jr Award from Eddie Murphy & Elizabeth Taylor. Another award is presented to Michael by Mike Tyson.

April 14 : At the 2nd World Music Awards in , Michael accepts two awards presented by Whitney Houston via satellite from Neverland.

April 15 : Moonwalker is broadcast on the US cable channel ‘Showtime’.

April 16 : The single “2300 Jackson Street” is released by Epic. It’s a tribute to Joe & Katherine with all the children (except Marlon & LaToya) & grandchildren singing and appearing in the video shot during a Family Day at Tito’s home. It’s the last song ever that Michael recorded with The Jacksons.

April 26 : Janet and Rene Elizondo attend the Fourth Annual ASCAP Film & Television Music Awards at Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

May : Michael is seized by armed police after being mistaken for a robber whilst shopping in disguise with Jimmy Safechuck at Zales jewellers in Simi Valley.

May/June  : Janet shoots a short film to promote her next album. It is directed by Dominic Sena and features the songs The Knowledge, Miss You Much & Rhythm Nation.

Rene helps in the production and Tina Landon is featured among the dancers.

Michael & Katherine visit Janet on the set.

May 16 :  Janet celebrates her birthday for the first time of her life on the set of the “Rhythm Nation” short film thanks to Rene & Tina.

May 23 : “2300 Jackson Street”, the last album by The Jacksons is released by Epic. Michael only participates to the title song. It’s the last album ever recorded and released by The Jacksons 20 years after their first album on Motown.

June : Teldec Records initiates a huge promotional campaign for LaToya’s new single “Bad Girl” presenting the song in four TV shows, including Günther Jauch’s Na Siehste! (where she had previously performed her last single You Blew), followed by a performance on ZDF Fernsehgarten and the NDR Talk-Show (both shows being broadcast on the same day). The music video for the track shows LaToya with two male dancers who also performed with her on the TV shows.

Michael goes back to Westlake studio with Matt Forger and Bill Bottrell. He meets Brad Buxer who will work with him until 2008. Together they work on new songs for a compilation named DECADE 1979-1989. Quincy Jones is not part of this project. Black Or White and Heal The World are among the first songs worked on.

June 8 : LaToya & Jack Gordon go to Moscow, Russia on a promotional tour.

June 13 : Michael gives a second sitting to sculptor David Goode in Los Angeles for the latest Madame Tussaud’s wax figure.

June 19 : LaToya reaches out to a patient in pediatric ward of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. She serves breakfast to children in the huge South Bronx hospital.

July 4 : Michael turns up at Diana Ross’s Motown home-coming party with super-model Beverly Johnson.

Two year after the promotion began, “Liberian Girl”, the ninth & last single of the Bad album is released in Europe .

July 28 : Michael becomes the newsest claymation member of the Raisin Family by appearing in their new TV commercial called “Michael Raisin”.

August : Randy gets married to Eliza Shaffer but keeps on seeing his longtime girlfriend Alejandra.

August 22 : “Miss You Much” is released as the 1st single from “Rhythm Nation 1814”. It will peak at #1 on the Hot 100 Billboard. The video premieres on MTV 2 days later.

September : LaToya performs a “Sizzling Spectacular” concert on pay-per-view at Bally’s Reno in Nevada.

September 5 : After on of her performances concert at Bally’s Reno in Nevada. Jack Gordon takes LaToya to a chapel for a surprise wedding!

September 11 : LaToya and Jack Gordon attend the Grand Opening Celebration of The A & S Store In Herald Square at A & S Store in New York City, where LaToya also performs.

September 13 : Michael attends a press conference to announce a new endorsement deal with L.A Gear under the special marketing campaign Unstoppable.

September 14 : Janet gives a press conference to announce the album & the short film. Later that day, Janet attends the album party with many friends and family members (Quincy Jones, Jackie & Marlon, Jackson, Donny Osmond, Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, Rob Lowe etc.).

September 16 :  The “Rhythm Nation 1814” short film is world premiered on MTV.

September 19 : The album “Rhythm Nation 1814” is released by A&M Records.

September 22 : Michael receives the Humanitarian Award at the 8th annual Best Of Washington Celebrity Fashion Show and Luncheon at the Sheraton Washington Hotel.

October 03 : Janet attends a Bobby Brown party to celebrate the sale of “Don’t Be Cruel” going 5X platinum.

October 10 : Michael goes back to the Gardner Elementary School in Hollywood where he attended sixth grade. The school renames his auditotorium “The Michael Jackson Auditorium”. Michael gives a speech to thank his former teacher Mrs Gerstin & former tutor, Rose Fine who attend the event.

October 19 : Michael gives a deposition in the copyright infringement lawsuit regarding The Girl Is Mine, Thriller and We Are The World.

October 24 : “Rhythm Nation” is released as the 2nd single from “Rhythm Nation 1814” It will peak at #2 on the Hot 100 Billboard

Janet is on the cover of Jet magazine.

November : Janet, Rene & the Kids (the dancers) go on a promotional tour in Europe.

-London (England) : They perform “Rhythm Nation” and “Miss You Much” on Top Of The Pops (aired on November 9) and Miss You Much & Rhythm Nation on TV PLUS, The Royal Variety Performance, where she meets Queen Elizabeth (aired on November 20) & Big England Cafe (aired on November 19).

-Paris (France) : They perform “Miss You Much”  at Studios des Buttes-Chaumont on Sacrée Soirée TV show on TF1 (aired on November 22).

-Berlin (Germany) : They perform “Miss You Much” on ZDF and “Rhythm Nation”  on TV Puls (aired on November 16).

-Madrid (Spain) : They perform “Miss You Much” & “Rhythm Nation” at TVE Studios and “Rhythm Nation” at Rockopop.

-Westfalenhalle, Dortmund (Germany) : They perform “Miss You Much” & “Rhythm Nation” at Peter’s Pop Show (aired on November 17).

-Merksem, Antwerp (Belgium) : They perform “Miss You Much” & “Rhythm Nation” at the Diamond Awards (aired on November 17).

November 10: Members of the Jackson Family are interviewed on Donahue (Michael, Janet & LaToya don’t participate)

November 13 : Michael sings “You Were There” during the taping of the Sammy Davis Jr 60th Anniversary TV Special at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

December : Michael attends the world class boxing fight between Sugar Ray Leonard & Roberto Duran at the Mirage Hotel.

Bo Jackson of the LA Raiders visits Michael at a Los Angeles Studio where he is recording new songs.

Michael is on the cover of Vanity Fair with a new photoshoot by Annie Leibovitz.

LaToya & Jack Gordon go to Paris, France. LaToya attends the “Best” gala.

December 1 :  Janet & Rene go at Le Dome Restaurant in West Hollywood.

December 3 : Randy’s girlfriend, Alejandra Loaiza gives birth to his daughter, Genevieve Jackson while Randy’s wife Eliza is also pregnant.

December 6 : Michael makes a surprise appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show to present Eddie Murphy with the MTV’s Humour God Of The 80’s Award. Murphy then presents Michael with the award for Thrillers as The Greatest Video In The History Of The World.

December 8 : Janet attends the presentation of platinum records for her album “Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814” and two singles “Miss You Much” and “Rhythm Nation” at A&M Records in Hollywood, California

December 19 : Michael visits F.A.O Schwartz toy store in Manhattan . He then goes to Radio City Music Hall with several children to see the Christmas Spectacular.

December 28 : Ryan White, a young boy suffering from AIDS is invited to spend a week in Neverland with Michael.

December 31 : Michael is presented with a scroll proclaiming him Best Selling Male Singer of the 80’s as part of the Cilla Black ITV Show “Goodbye to the 80’s”.

Previous year : 1988

Following year : 1990

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