Rebbie : 2017

January 03 : Janet gives birth to a baby boy named Eissa Al Mana in London.

January 15 : Death of Lawrence Jackson, Joe’s brother. He leaves behind him his beloved wife Michelle and their children and grand children.

January 20 :  Birth of Soltan Jackson, first child of Asa Soltan Rahmani and Jermaine Jr and first grand child of Jermaine & Hazel.

January 22 : Katherine, Rebbie & Randy fly to London to visit Janet and her newborn son.

February 08 : Katherine & Rebbie are spotted in London while visiting Janet and her baby boy Eissa.

February 09 : Katherine Jackson claims she was the victim of years of mental abuse at the hands of her nephew and driver, Trent Lamar Jackson, to the point where she is afraid to return to her home.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Jackson, 86, claims her nephew (through marriage) has accessed her bank accounts without her permission, used credit cards of hers for his own personal purchases without authorization, and subjected her to years of mental abuse that has left Jackson “in a constant state of fear and confusion.”

Jackson describes her nephew as “an abusive con-man” who has manipulated her in order to “assume control of her finances.”

The Jackson family matriarch says she tried to fire her nephew and order him to move out of her guest house, but he has refused. Katherine is currently in London visiting her daughter, Janet Jackson, but is “afraid to go home with Trent there” and “fears he could physically harm her for terminating him.”

A judge granted Jackson’s request for a restraining order and ordered her nephew to move out of her home and return all keys, passwords and combinations to the property.

A hearing has been scheduled for March 1st.

March 01 : Jermaine attends an hearing in L.A to support Katherine who is still in London with Rebbie & Janet, but is “afraid to go home with Trent there” and “fears he could physically harm her for terminating him.”

A judge granted Jackson’s request for a restraining order and ordered her nephew to move out of her home and return all keys, passwords and combinations to the property. A follow-up hearing has been scheduled for March 23.

March 20 : Katherine Jackson‘s nephew Trent Jackson has filed new court documents that dispute her recent allegations that he “manipulates” and “bullies” the Jackson family matriarch, and her claims of elder abuse.

Trent claims in a court filing submitted on Monday, and obtained by PEOPLE, that he has “a serious concern” that the 86-year-old’s request is not “authentic or trustworthy,” and that even if she signed it herself, he does not believe it was drafted “under her own free will.”

He further alleges that Katherine “may be the subject of undue influence perpetrated by some of her own children, who are keeping her secluded in London while they seek to separate her from people she is close with, like [Trent], who might resist their efforts to take control over her interest in Michael Jackson’s estate.”

He later names Jermaine Jackson as one of the people involved in trying to keep him away from her.

Katherine Jackson’s lawyers and a rep have not responded to multiple requests from PEOPLE for comment.

March 28 : Katherine Jackson must leave her daughter Janet Jackson’s London home and take the witness stand in California if she wants her voice heard in her elder abuse battle with nephew Trent Jackson, a judge ruled Tuesday.

It was the first day of testimony in her restraining order trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court, and Judge Rolf Treu said he wouldn’t accept a sworn statement from the King of Pop’s 86-year-old mom in place of her live appearance and cross-examination.

March 30 : Katherine flies from London to L.A with Rebbie. She is taken to Rebbie’s house in order to avoid Trent & TJ at her Calabasas home.

Randy stays in London with Janet to support her during her divorce proceedings from Wissam.

April 16 : Austin & Genevieve spend Easter sunday with Rebbie & Katherine.

April 25 : Katherine files a request to dismiss the case against Trent without prejudice, however, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Rolf Michael Treu grants the dismissal with prejudice, preventing her from filing the restraining order again with the same evidence and allegations in the future. The judge does note that future conduct can be litigated.

Katherine’s new lawyers, Nelson J. Handy and Vatche Zetjian, explained that Katherine didn’t understand the extent of the action brought about by the case when she initially filed the temporary restraining order request in February, and said that she was not prepared for a trial, or having to testify in court.

May 13 : Katherine spends Mother’s Day at Rebbie’s house with Rebbie, Austin, Alejandra, Genevieve, Randy Jr, Donte, Jaafar & Jermajesty. She meets TJ at a local hotel.

June 7 : Rebbie takes Katherine to see Austin’s gig in L.A.

September 23 : Janet’s nephew Siggy Jackson gets married at Hayvenhurst. Many family members attend including, Jackie, his wife and twins, Brandi, Tito, TJ, Taryll, Taj, Prince, Paris, LaToya, Rebbie, Austin, Alejandra & Genevieve.

October 8 : Janet gives a concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Many family & friends attend the show including Jimmy Jam, Katherine, Rebbie, Tito, Taryll, Taj & his wife, Jackie, Brandi, Siggy and his kids, Jermaine Jr & his wife Asa, Randy, Randy Jr & Genevieve.

October 31 : Katherine Jackson has started the process to legally resign as Blanket‘s guardian. Back in Sept. 2012, Katherine and TJ Jackson were appointed co-guardians of the late Michael Jackson‘s three children. Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson are now over 18, while Blanket (real name Prince Michael Jackson II) is still only 15. In court documents filed by Katherine’s attorneys and obtained by E! News, it’s stated that Katherine is “no longer needed to fulfill the duties” that were needed back in 2012. The documents also say that given Katherine’s age, 87, and that Blanket is now 15, she “feels that TJ is able to assume all necessary responsibilities of the guardianship” for him. Katherine wants to resign, so long as TJ is sole guardian of Blanket. Documents also state that TJ wants to remain the sole guardian of Michael’s youngest child.

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