LaToya’s timeline : 1992

February 19 : LaToya is a guest on French TV show TV show “Stars 90” filmed in Paris.

February 25 : LaToya is in Paris to announce her upcoming revue at Moulin Rouge.

March 15 : LaToya attends the funeral of artist Denise Weber in Paris.

March 23 : Janet attends the “White Men Can’t Jump” Westwood Premiere at Avco Center Cinemas in Westwood.

June 24 : Jermaine visits LaToya backstage at her Moulin Rouge revue in Paris.

July : LaToya is on the cover of Ebony Magazine about her new life in Paris performing a revue titled “Formidable” at the famous Moulin Rouge Cabaret.

LaToya leaves Paris and goes back to New York. She was to perform two shows a night, six nights a week and was the highest paid performer in the cabaret’s history earning a reported $5 million. Though Formidable was successful, selling out on most nights, LaToya departed half-way into her year-long contract owing the nightclub $550,000 in damages.

August 3 : LaToya & Jack Gordon attend “Follies” at Palace Theater in New York City.

September 4 : LaToya is spotted at Savoy Hotel in London.

October 2 : Alejandra Loaiza gives birth to Randy Jackson Jr in Colombia, South America.

November 15-18 : The Jacksons-An American Dream is aired on ABC. This mini series about the Jackson family produced by Jermaine & Margaret and becomes a huge success.

December : While taping an Exotic Club Tour in Minneapolis Latoya visits Janet, also in town recording her album, to ask for help in escaping Gordon. Janet gets mad at La Toya, accusing her elder sister of recording their conversation.

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