LaToya’s timeline : 1991

January 2 : LaToya is a guest on Des O’Connor Tonight.

July 12 : LaToya and her python arrive at the Long Island Pet Memorial Park to support of bereaved pet owners following the uncovering of swindle by the cemetery owner.

July 29 : LaToya attends Kim Hunter’s Birthday Party at Amazon Village in New York City with Donald Trump and Marla Maples.

September :  LaToya’s 7th studio album titled “No Relations” is released by Pump Records (Warner) along with the single “Sex Box”. The album Is only released in Colombia, Germany, and Holland, but Is imported throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

LaToya poses for the second time for the upcoming cover of Playboy magazine.

Jermaine, Margaret and their children move back to Hayvenhurst in Janet & Latoya’s rooms.

September 12 : Latoya publishes her autobiography “Growing Up In The Jackson Family” which causes a great controversy. During her promotional tour, LaToya gives many interviews with Jack Gordon by her side (including the Phil Donahue Show) and she claims that Rebbie and her sexually abused by Joe… The Jackson family denies the allegations and claims LaToya was brainwashed by her manager/husband Jack Gordon… Michael & Janet do not react publicly to those allegations.

September 16 : LaToya gives a press conference at Laura Belle in New York City to promote her book.

October/November : LaToya goes in Europe to promote her book. On October 31, she is in Paris to work on the French version of her autobiography titled “Jackson Story”. She gives interviews to Europe 1, Paris Match and Le Parisien. In November, she goes to Sweden for a TV show, in Spain, in Italy, in Munich for a TV show called “Grell-Pastell”, in the Netherlands on Gert Berg, a TV show, in London on Terry Wogan etc.

November 5 : LaToya is in Munich to promote the german version of her book.

November 13 : Katherine, Joe, Rebbie & Jermaine give a press conference in Paris to announce a clothing line.  Later they are guests on French TV Show Sacrée Soirée where they claim LaToya was brainwashed by Jack Gordon.

November 21 : Live from Las Vegas, LaToya appears on French TV Show Sacrée Soirée to refute the claims from her family.

December 1 : LaToya is in Montreal to promote the canadian version of her book.

December 2 : LaToya is in Toronto to promote the canadian version of her book.

December 31 : LaToya is in Paris to promote the french version of her book titled “Jackson Story”.

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