Prince, Paris & Bigi’s timeline : 2011

January 25 : Jackie takes his nephew Prince to the basketball game of his Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz in the Staples Center in L.A.

February 13 : Prince celebrates his 14th birthday with family & friends.

February 17 : Birth of Adren Michael Jackson, second child of  Taryll Jackson & Breana Cabral.

February 21 : Blanket celebrates his 9th birthday with family & friends.

March 23 : Prince’s Godmother, Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary actress famed for her beauty, her jet-set lifestyle, her charitable endeavors and her many marriages, has died, her publicist told CNN Wednesday. She was 79. Taylor died “peacefully today in Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles,” said a statement from her publicist. She was hospitalized six weeks ago with congestive heart failure, “a condition with which she had struggled for many years. Though she had recently suffered a number of complications, her condition had stabilized and it was hoped that she would be able to return home. Sadly, this was not to be.”

March 24 : Elizabeth Taylor is buried in a private ceremony, the day after she died, at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Taylor is entombed in the Great Mausoleum, where public access to her tomb is restricted.

March 31 : Blanket, Paris, Latoya and Prince Jackson support Japan Relief for the American Red Cross at the GBK Gift Lounge at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

April 03 : Paris celebrates her 13th birthday with family & friends.

April 14/15/16 : 31st/32nd/33rd concerts in Los Angeles. Katherine, Rebbie, Jermaine, Halima, Tito, Randy, Austin, Yashi, Stacee, Prince, Paris & Blanket, Jimmy Jam, Chris Tucker & Wissam attend the show among others.

June 04 : Family Day at Katherine’s house in Calabasas with Janet, Prince, Paris, Blanket, LaToya, Jackie, Jermaine, Halima, TJ, Yashi & Marlon among others.

Summer : Birth of Jared Esco Jackson, first son of Siggy and first grandson of Jackie.

August 08 : Prince, Paris, Blanket, Katherine and Latoya  attend Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Receives Michael Jackson Artwork Donation ceremony in L.A.

August 26 + 27 : Katherine & Joe take Prince, Paris & Blanket to the old family home in Gary, Indiana.

August 28 : Prince & Paris go back to school while Blanket continues to be home schooled.

September 02 : Birth of Savanna Sanchez, second child of Brittny.

September 23 : Prince attends the Tribute to Bambi 2011 at the Station on September 23, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. He is accompanied by Dieter Wiesner & Howard Mann…

October 02 : Prince, Paris, Blanket, Jermajesty, Jaffar, Katherine, Tito, Jackie & Marlon attend the world premiere of the Cirque Du Soleil “Immortal” show in Montreal.

October 8 : Katherine, Joe, Jackie, Tito, LaToya, Marlon, Siggy, Taj, Taryll, TJ, Prince, Paris, Blanket, Jaafar, Jermajesty & Royal attend and perform at the “Michael Forever” Tribute concert in Cardiff, UK. Janet, Austin, Rebbie, Jermaine & Randy refuse to participate.

November 7 : LaToya ans part of the Jackson family arrive in court for the Dr Conrad Murray trial verdict. Murray is convicted in the 2009 death of pop singer Michael Jackson from an overdose of the powerful anesthetic prop.

November 10 : Marlon, Jackie, Tito & Prince attend a press conference in Los Angeles to announce the ‘Thriller’ et ‘Beat It” jackets signed by The Jacksons.

November 23 : Thanksgiving dinner at Katherine’s house in Calabasas with Janet, LaToya, Austin, Prince, Paris & Blanket among others.

November 30 : Prince, Paris, Blanket & Katherine Jackson attend FOX’s ‘The X Factor’ Top 7 Live Performance Show in West Hollywood.

December 03 : Prince, Paris, Blanket, Katherine, Jackie, Tito, Donte, Randy Jr, Jaafar & Jermajesty attend the US premiere of “Immortal” in Las Vegas.

December 15 : Paris is a guest on the Ellen Show to announce her first film project “Lundon’s BridgeAnd The Three Keys. Prince & Blanket are in the audience.

December 24/25 :  Prince, Paris & Blanket go to Orlando with Omer Bhatti & the 3T and their families.

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