LaToya’s timeline : 2011

January 4 (Day 1 of Dr Conrad Murray preliminary hearing) :

Katherine, Jackie & LaToya attend the hearing.
Los Angeles County Prosecutor David Walgren makes his opening statement.
Testimonies of Kenny Ortega (producer/director for “This Is It”), Michael Amir Williams (Michael’s assistant at the time of his death) & Faheem Muhammad (Michael’s bodyguard at the time of his death).

January 6 (Day 3 of Dr Conrad Murray preliminary hearing) :

Katherine & LaToya attend the hearing.
Testimonies of Richard Senneff, Martin Blount (another EMT who arrived at Michael Jackson’s house 4 minutes after the 911 call), two reps from the phone companies ATT & Sprint Nextel (Harry Daliwal et Jeff Strohm), (two doctors from the UCLA Medical Center (Dr. Richelle Cooper & Dr. Thao Nguyen) & death investigator Dan Myers.

January 7 (Day 4 of Dr Conrad Murray preliminary hearing) :

Katherine, Joe & LaToya attend the hearing.
Testimonies of Dan Myers, Sade Anding (a girlfriend of Dr Murray’s at the time of Michael’s death), Bridgette Morgan (Dr Murray’s former girlfriend) Nicole Alvarez (Dr Murray’s former girldriend and mother of one his children), Elissa Fleak (an investigator for the L.A. County Coroner’s Office).

January 10 (Day 5 of Dr Conrad Murray preliminary hearing) :

Katherine, Janet, Rebbie, Randy & LaToya attend the hearing.
Testimonies of Stephen Marx (an iPhone expert), Tim Lopez (a pharmacist at Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas), Jaime Lintemoot ( Senior Criminalist from the L.A. County Coroner’s Office) & Orlando Martinez (LAPD Robbery Homicide Detective).

January 11 (Day 6 of Dr Conrad Murray preliminary hearing) :

Katherine, Janet, Randy & LaToya attend the hearing.
Testimonies of Christopher Rogers (a doctor for the L.A. County Coroner’s Office) & Richard Ruffalo. Judge Michael Pastor rules there is sufficient evidence to warrant a manslaughter trial and so Dr. Conrad Murray is ordered to stand trial in the death of Michael Jackson.

January 15 : LaToya attends the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge at The London Hotel in West Hollywood, California.

February 17 : Birth of Adren Michael Jackson, second child of  Taryll Jackson & Breana Cabral.

March-May : LaToya takes part in NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, which air from March through May 2011 and raises $65,000 for her chosen charity, AIDS Project Los Angeles. La Toya is “fired” from Celebrity Apprentice in episode 8 during season 11, which aired on April 24, 2011 on NBC. In an Apprentice first, LaToya is rehired in the following episode, as she felt she couldn’t defend her case. La Toya is fired for the second time on May 8, 2011 and becomes the first person to be fired from The Apprentice twice within the same season. She is also the first guest judge to appear in two episodes of season three of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She also serves as guest judge on the 17th season of America’s Next Top Model.

To promote Celebrity Apprentice, LaToya gives several interviews including the Today Show, “Live With Regis & Kathie Lee” (March 4) , the Mo’Nique Show (May 18) and the Wendy Williams Show.

March 16 : LaToya will publish her second memoir, tentatively titled Starting Over and set to be released in the United States on September 13, 2011 through Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

March 31 : Blanket, Paris, Latoya and Prince Jackson support Japan Relief for the American Red Cross at the GBK Gift Lounge at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

April 29 : LaToya attends the 18th Annual Race To Erase MS at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel  in Century City, California.

May 18 : LaToya is a guest on the Mo’Nique Show.

May 22 : LaToya attends ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ Season 4 Finale at Trump SoHo in New York City.

June 04 : Family Day at Katherine’s house in Calabasas with Janet, Prince, Paris, Blanket, LaToya, Jackie, Jermaine, Halima, TJ, Yashi & Marlon among others.

June 20 : LaToya attends La Toya Jackson’s Book Launch Party at 230 Fifth Avenue in New York City. 

June 21 : LaToya releases her new book “Starting Over” and gives many interviews to promote it including Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN.

The same day her long awaited EP “StartingOver” is digitally released to online music retailers, to coincide with the same-titled book. The EP’s title track was first previewed on LaToya’s official You Tube channel at the end of May. 

June 22 : LaToya promotes her new book ‘Starting Over’ at Barnes & Noble Tribeca in New York City and she is a guest on Today Show on NBC.

June 24 :  LaToya promotes her new book ‘Starting Over’ at Barnes & Noble in Chicago, Illinois.

June 28 : LaToya does a book signing of ‘Starting Over’ at the Barnes & Noble in The Grove in Los Angeles, California.

Summer : Birth of Jared Esco Jackson, first son of Siggy and first grandson of Jackie.

July 21 : LaToya is a guest on “The View”.

July 25 : Katherine, LaToya, Tito, Jackie and Marlon attend the Jackson Family press conference at Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

August 08 : Prince, Paris, Blanket, Katherine and Latoya  attend Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Receives Michael Jackson Artwork Donation ceremony in L.A.

September 02 : Birth of Savanna Sanchez, second child of Brittny.

September 27 + 28 + 29 + 30  : LaToya attends Dr Murray’s trial in Los Angeles with her family (Katherine, Joe, Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine, Tito & Randy).

October 8 : Katherine, Joe, Jackie, Tito, LaToya, Marlon, Siggy, Taj, Taryll, TJ, Prince, Paris, Blanket, Jaafar, Jermajesty & Royal attend and perform at the “Michael Forever” Tribute concert in Cardiff, UK. Janet, Austin, Rebbie, Jermaine & Randy refuse to participate.

November 7 : The Jackson family arrives in court for the Dr Conrad Murray trial verdict. Murray is convicted in the 2009 death of pop singer Michael Jackson from an overdose of the powerful anesthetic prop.

November 23 : LaToya has Thanksgiving dinner at Katherine’s house in Calabasas with Janet, Austin, Prince, Paris & Blanket among others.

November 27 : LaToya attends the 80th anniversary Hollywood Christmas Parade benefiting Marine Toys for Tots in Hollywood, California.

November 29 : Katherine, Rebbie, LaToya & Jermaine attend the sentencing of Dr. Conrad Murray at the Los Angeles Superior Court. Judge Michael E. Pastor sentences Murray to four years in the Los Angeles County Jail for the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson.

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