Janet’s timeline : 2021

January 03 : Janet celebrates Eissa’s 4th birthday in London and posts a birthday message on her social medias.

January 21 : On her social medias, LaToya congratulates Joe Biden & Kamala Harris on Inauguration Day. Janet does not comment on this historical day.

January 23 : Janet & Randy post the same message on their social medias following the death of Larry King : We celebrate the life of our friend, Larry King. A legend in media that held up incomparable standards that will be missed today. ~ The Jackson Family

January 29 : Janet on her social medias : “My heart is so heavy. At this moment I’m celebrating the life of a true inspiration to me, Cicely Tyson. An icon, a legend, a pioneer, a trailblazer, our Queen. What an honor to have been in your presence. Thank you for all you’ve done. You will be truly missed”.

February 4 : The album “Control” turns 35 today and Janet shares memories and dance tributes on her social medias.

February 7 : On Superbowl Sunday, the whole world pays tribute to Janet on social medias with JanetJacksonAppreciationDay. Janet responds on her social medias : “I have received so much luv from all of u and it feels so good! U have always been and will continue to be an inspiration. I luv u so much, u guys are the best!!!”

February 11 : Janet Jackson will auction dozens of her costumes that she kept in storage among other tour items. The 3 day auction will take place on Jackson’s birthday weekend May 14-16, 2021. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Christian child sponsorship group Compassion International.

February 12 : Justin Timberlake on Instagram : “I specifically want to apologize to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson…”.

February 13 : Janet records and shares a video message to thank her fans for their love and support. She does not mention any musical project.

February 19 : In honor of the 35th anniversary of @JanetJackson’s album 𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘳𝘰𝘭, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis discuss the making of the iconic album that shifted history and created a movement! Now on Janet’s @YouTube channel.

Janet shares a FaceTime conversation with UCLA gymnast Margzetta on her social medias.

February 21 : Janet Jackson’s life story will get the documentary treatment next year from Lifetime and A&E to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her first album.

The documentary, co-produced by Workerbee and Associated Entertainment Corporation, promises to offer unprecedented access to the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s life, and an intimate, honest and unfiltered look at the untold story of one of the highest-earning artists in music history.

Filming on “JANET” has been under way for three years. The doc follows Janet as her family is going through the loss of her father, Joseph, the patriarch of the Jackson dynasty who passed in 2018. Producers were granted exclusive access to archival footage and never-before-seen home videos while developing the documentary for the past three years. “JANET” will also detail the most talked-about moments of her life, including her 2004 Super Bowl appearance with Justin Timberlake in which she inadvertently exposed a portion of her breast, sparking controversy that would hover for more than a decade. The docu will also explore Jackson’s reaction to the death of her brother, the legendary and also controversial Michael Jackson, and her process of becoming a mother “JANET” is targeted for debut in early 2022 on Lifetime and A&E. The docu is executive produced by Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson. Executive producer for Workerbee is Rick Murray and Brie Miranda Bryant serves as executive producer for A+E Networks. Ben Hirsch is directing.

March 18 : Janet on Twitter : My heart breaks for the Asian community. Sending prayers to all affected by yesterday’s tragedy. #StopAsianHate Mains jointes

April 10 : Janet shares a new selfie in the dance studio on her social medias.

April 30 : Janet shares a short video of her grooving in her car in London.

May 4 : Janet & LaToya post pictures of Katherine on their social medias on her 91th birthday.

May 6 : Janet posts a new video with this message : Hey u guys. I’ve partnered with @JuliensAuctions to sell over 1000 items from my career & personal treasures. A portion of the proceeds will go to @compassion International Cœur blanc. Can’t believe this will be the last time I’ll see some of these items, but it’s for a good cause.

May 14 + 15 + 16 : “Iconic Treasures from the Legendary Career and Life of Janet Jackson” auction take place in Los Angeles.

May 16 : Janet celebrates her 55th birthday in London with Eissa. She thanks her fans during a FaceTime call at the “Iconic Treasures from the Legendary Career and Life of Janet Jackson” auction in Los Angeles.

May 29 : Janet on LaToya and Rebbie’s birthday : “Sending luv to my two beautiful sisters, I luv u both so much”.

May 30 + June 11 : Janet shares a new selfie on her social medias.

August 1 : Luther Jackson, Joe Jackson’s brother passes away. He was the last Jackson still alive from this generation after the passings of Lawrence Jackson, Verna Mae Jackson & Joe.

August 2 : Janet shares new pictures of her in the recording studio in Los Angeles.

August 5 : Tito releases his new music video Love One Another featuring appearances by most of the Jackson family (Katherine, Janet, LaToya, Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon, Johbonnie, Prince, 3T, Austin and many others).

August 18 : Janet shares a new pictures of her in the recording studio in Los Angeles.

August 20 + 21 : Janet takes Eissa to Disneyland in Anaheim with Ciara.

September 3 : Janet shares a new picture in the recording studio.

September 6 : Janet shares the first trailer of her documentary titled “Janet : the untold story”. A two nights event scheduled to be aired on Lifetime in January 2022.

September 14 : US medias like Rolling Stone or People report that “Janet Jackson’s new album will be released in 2022…For the album, she has worked with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Darrel Randle, Ralph Johnson, Siedah Garrett and Marcel East.”

Those reports are removed a few hours later without any explanation from Janet’s team.

September 28 : Janet shares a new picture in the dance studio with Dean Anthony Lee
a professional choreographer.

October 12 : Janet shares a new video in the dance studio with Dean Anthony Lee
a professional choreographer.

October 23 : Janet shares a new picture on her social medias.

October 29 : Janet celebrates Randy’s 60th birthday on her social medias : “God created my big head bro on this day. I luv you @randyjackson8 ”

October 31 : In London, Janet shares a video of her ironing Eissa’s Halloween costume.

November 1 : FX and Hulu are moving from Britney Spears to Janet Jackson with their latest documentary in The New York Times Presents strand. The cable network and streamer are set to launch Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson on November 19.

The film will tell the story of the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, which saw Justin Timberlake briefly expose Jackson’s breast to millions of viewers. Jackson’s career never recovered but Timberlake went from strength-to-strength. Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson is directed and produced by Jodi Gomes, who previously directed A+E Networks’ The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty.

November 8 : A pre taped video of Janet is played during the unveiling of Missy Elliott’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Janet also congratulates Missy on her social medias : @missymisdemeanorelliott ! It’s about time. I wish I was there. Welcome to the walk of fame. I am so proud of u and I luv u so much!

At night Janet makes a live appearance on Dancing With The Stars on ABC which is “Janet Jackson Night”. She is live from her London home (Preston flew to London to do her make up and hair).

November 13 : Janet shares a video of her walking in London with Preston and Terri.

November 19 : Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson presented by
@nytimes and @FXDocs airs on Hulu. Tito & Taj participate to the doc. Janet does nos react publicly to this documentary.

December 4 : Janet shares a new video in the dance studio with Dean Anthony Lee.

December 15 : Janet spends time with Gil, Preston & Laurel at her beach house in Los Angeles.

December 17 : Allure magazine releases a 10 minutes video (shot in November) of Janet commenting her most iconic music videos.

December 24 : Janet spends Christmas at her London home with Eissa.

December 25 : Janet shares a new pic with a message : I luv and miss u guys so much! HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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