Janet’s timeline : 2020

January 03 : Janet celebrates Eissa’s 3rd birthday in London.

January 07 : Janet shares a picture with her new hairdresser Wendy in London.

January 25 : Janet attends the Clive Davis Pre-GRAMMY Gala and “GRAMMY Salute to Industry Icons” in Beverly Hills with Preston, Gil & Joey. She poses with many friends including Jimmy Jam, Usher, Naomi Campbell, Joni Mitchell & P Diddy. At the end she is presented with a plaque honoring her carrer.

January 30 : Janet attends the Gatsby Gala 2020 at Bloomsbury Ballroom in London. Later she does her first ever Q&A on Instagram Live with Preston.

February 3 : Janet posts a new pictures on Instagram : “Thank U guys for all the love and appreciation today! Means so much to me. I want to show my love and appreciation back to U. So stay tuned…” 

February 5 : Janet is spotted in London.

February 8 : Janet is spotted at NYC airport. At night she attends a private party with Preston, Alexander Wang, Malibu Mitch & Summer Walker.

February 9 : iHeartRadio leaks Janet’s surprise! She is going back on tour next summer on her new “Black Diamond World Tour” (BDT).

Gil tweets “BDT”

February 10 : Janet on her social medias :

“Hey U Guys!

I’ve heard all your wishes and now from my lips to your ears. I’m working on my new album and going on a brand new World Tour this summer! Both titled “Black Diamond”. I love u guys so much and I’m so excited to share this new era with you.

See u soon!”

At night Janet is a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon where she performs an acoustic version of her song “runaway” with The Roots.

February 11 : Janet attends the hit musical “Chicago” on Broadway at The Ambassador Theatre in NYC.

February 12 : Janet is a guest on radio show”On Air With Ryan Seacrest”.

Later she pays a surprise visit to “The View” talk show at ABC Television Studios, 57 West 66th Street in NYC to invite the audience and co-hosts to her upcoming BTD.

February 14 : Janet posts a new pic of her in the recording studio in NYC on Instagram

February 29 : Janet is spotted at The Blonds in NYC.

March 10 : Siggy & Toyia welcome their new child, a baby girl named Anai Icon Katherine Jackson.

March 19 : Janet is in lockdown in London during Covid-19 crisis and she posts on Instagram : “Hey U guys . I know we’re all going through some rough times right now. I was thinking it would be nice to come together to shift the energy into the positive. If U have some free time and got cabin fever, here are a few ideas of how to do so. •
#MeditationAndPrayer  #StretchingAndWorkingOut  #ListeningToMusic 
#Writing  #Dancing  #Strutting  #TalkingToLovedOnes  #RolePlay  #SelfLove  •
Positivity and spreading love is everything right now . Feel free to share with me all the things U all are doing, and your own versions of what I posted too . I would luv to see. I’ll be reposting  Sending U love & light 

March 31 : Still in lockdown at her London home, Janet on Instagram : “Like Mama like son. Spring cleaning with my baby today  #CleaningSeason”.

April 30 : Janet (still on lockdown at her London home) on Instagram : “a little birdie told me that Control made the top 5 on the #itunes charts.  Aw thank u guys so much! your energy and all your posts keep me going & put a huge smile on my face!  let’s keep dancing.  #happyinternationaldanceday #control #internationaldanceday #dancewithjanet #thankyou”.

May 16 : Still in lockdown at her London home, Janet celebrates her 54th birthday with Eissa. She shares a never before seen picture on her social medias. Her team of dancers and musicians send her a video of them performing a medley/

May 20 : Ticketmaster announces that the Black Diamond Tour is postponed.

“The event organizer has had to postpone your event. The rescheduled date will be announced soon. Please hold onto your tickets as they will be valid for the new date. Sign in to your account to locate your tickets. If your event is eligible for a refund or credit, you can make a request from the available options.”

Janet & Gil don’t comment this information on social medias.

June 10 : The status of Janet’s #BlackDiamondTour concerts on Ticketmaster are changing from Postponed to Cancelled and all the date are removed from Janet’s official website.. Refunds will begin to be processed immediately.

Janet & Gil don’t comment this information on social medias.

June 13 : Janet sends a video message to congratulate students for graduating.

July 2 : Janet is spotted in London for the first time since lockdown.

July 17 : Janet shares a new picture on her social medias with the title “MYM”.

July 24 : Janet shares a new picture on her social medias with the title “chill vibez”.

September 2 : Janet shares one of her favorite places in London to eat on her social medias.

September 3 : Janet posts an audio message to promote her make up artist Preston first masterclass “Give Me A Beat”.

September 5 : Janet shares a new pic on her social medias : “My baby painted my face today, I’m a tiger”.

October 10 : Janet shares a new pic on her social medias.

October 26 : Janet shares a new pic on her social medias.

October 29 : Janet wishes Randy happy birthday on her social medias.

November 7 : The whole Jackson family celebrate the victory of Joe Biden and Kamela Harris on social media except Randy and Janet.

November 26 :  Janet spends Thanksgiving in London with Eissa.

December 25 : Janet spends Christmas at her London home with Eissa.

December 31 : Janet spends new year’s eve in London with Eissa.

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