Janet’s timeline : 2019

January 03 : Janet celebrates Eissa’s 2nd birthday in London.

January 13 : Janet is spotted shopping in London.

January 31 : Janet gives a private performance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Then she takes a private jet back to L.A with her team (Joey, Gil, Preston, Cassie, Paulette & the Kids).

Paula Abdul presents Janet with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 20th Anniversary of Choreographer’s Carnival. Taryll Jackson attends the show.

February 3 : Janet Jackson Appreciation Day on social medias for the Superbowl.

February 7 : Janet & her team arrive in Tokyo, Japan.

February 8 : Janet goes shopping at Kiddy Land for Eissa.

February 10 + 11 : Janet performs at Nippon Dubokan in Tokyo, Japan.

February 21 : Janet is spotted in London with Eissa.

February 26 : Janet is in NYC with Gil & Preston.

Global icon Janet Jackson is taking over the Las Vegas strip this spring/summer! Her new headlining residency Metamorphosis begins on Friday, May 17, 2019 at Park Theater at the new Park MGM resort.

Metamorphosis peels back the layers of the immensely private life of Janet, sharing her transformation from a young girl with issues of self-esteem to global icon.

The centerpiece of her all new thought-provoking show, will be Janet captivating you through your senses with electrifying visuals, explosive dance numbers, chart-topping hits and fan favorite deep cuts. The show also features a special 30-year anniversary celebration of her ground-breaking album Rhythm Nation.

You will follow her path to self-love, empowerment, motherhood and activism, amidst the challenges faced along her personal journey finding your own light through her Metamorphosis.

February 28 : Janet is spotted at NYC airport.

March 2 : Janet visits MPA Academy in London.

March 11 : Janet is spotted at NYC airport.

March 29 : Janet attends the 2019 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony at Barclays Center in New York City where she is inducted by Janelle Monae.

Then she attends an after party celebrating her induction with many family & friends including Randy, Austin Brown, Joey, Gil, Preston, Robert, Lil Kim, MC Lyte, Tina Landon, Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, Asa Soltan, Johnny Gill, Joey Harris, Cassidy Blaine, Tommy Parker, Janet & Talun Zeitoun & more.

April 7 : Janet and her crew perform the very last SOTW show at Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage on a boat cruise in Miami, Florida.

Then Janet throws a party for Gil’s 40th birthday!

April 9 : Back in L.A, Janet and her crew start rehearsing for Metarmophosis.

April 18 : Janet makes a photoshoot in L.A.

April 25 : Janet shares a video message to her fans to win tickets for her #MetamorphosisVegas opening night. She also announces a special Rhythm Nation 30th anniversary concert on Sept 21 in San Francisco.

May 2 : Janet and her team go to Las vegas for the next phase of rehearsals for #MetamorphosisVegas.

May 16 : Janet celebrates her 53rd birthday in Vegas.

May 17 : Opening night for Janet’s residency in Vegas.

Many family and friends attend the show  including Katherine, Rebbie, Austin, Yashi, Jimmy Jam, Yvette Nicole Brown, Queen Latifah, Gabrielle Union, Eve etc

Later Janet attends the after party for the debut of her residency “Metamorphosis” at On The Record Speakeasy and Club at Park MGM.

May 18 : 2nd Metamorphosis show in Vegas. Austin attends it.

May 19 : Janet’s friends hold a surprise birthday party in Vegas with many family & friends including Austin, Johnny Gil, Lil Kim, Ciara, Teyana etc…

May 21 : 3rd Metamorphosis show in Vegas. Siggy attends it.

May 22 : 4th Metamorphosis show in Vegas.

May 25 : 5th Metamorphosis show in Vegas.

May 26 : 6th Metamorphosis show in Vegas.

May 27 : Janet flies back to London wih Eissa.

June 21 : Gil & Preston join Janet in London.

June 23 : Janet is on the cover of the Sunday Times magazine with a new photoshoot + interview of Janet.

June 26 : Janet attends a Gladys Knight concert in London with Gil & Preston.

June 29 : Janet performs a 50 minutes set at the Glastonbury Festival in England.

June 30 : Janet performs a 80 minutes set at the Jazz Montreux Festival in Switzerland. She is introduced on stage by Quincy Jones.

Backstage, Janet poses with Shania Twain and a few fans who present her with the European Appreciation Award.

July 5 : Janet attends Wireless in London with her friend James and backstage she meets Lil Nas.

July 6 : Janet attends Stevie Wonder’s concert at Hyde Park in London and backstages she poses with Lionel Richie & Stevie.

July 18 : Janet and her team perform at the Jeddah Music Festival in Saudi Arabia.

July 20 : Janet and her team are back in Vegas.

July 24 : 7th Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

July 26 : 8th Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

July 27 : 9th Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

July 31 : 10th Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

August 2 : 11th Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

August 3 : 12th Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

August 7 : 13th Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

August 9 : 14th Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

August 10 : 15th Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

August 11 : Janet is on the cover of Stellar inside the Sunday Telegraph and  the Sunday Herland Sun with an exclusive interview.

August 14 : 16th Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

August 16 : 17th Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

August 17 : 18th and final Metamorphosis show at the Park MGM Theater in Vegas.

Mary J Blige, Katherine, Rebbie, Yashi, Austin, Taj, Taryll & Jermaine Jr attend the show.

August 22 : The Jacksons perform in Penthalaz, Switzerland.

August 23 : The Jacksons perform in Overton, Hampshire, UK.

August 27 : Missy Elliott is presented with Michael Jackson Vanguard Award during the MTV Video Music Awards. Janet does not attend but she sends a pre recorded video message to congratulate Missy.

September 12 : Janet is spotted in Mayfair, centra London with Randy.

September 13 : Janet visits the Flyte Time Studios in Minneapolis with Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam.

September 14 : Janet performs a concert at the Treasure Island Amphitheater in Welch, Minnesota. Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam join her onstage.

September 19 : Janet celebrates the 30th anniversary of Rhythm Nation 1814 with small videos messages on her social medias + Spotify.

September 21 : Janet performs a concert at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

October 1 : Janet is spotted having lunch in London with Eissa and a friend.

October 5 : Janet flies from London to NYC.

October 9 : Janet flies back to London.

October 12 : Janet shares a picture of her in London.

October 18 : Janet flies from London to NYC.

October 24 : Back in London, Janet gives an interview to the Star Advertiser.

October 28 : Janet makes a surprise appearance at the 2019 Pride of Britain Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London to present Dame Elizabeth Anionwu with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

October 31 : Host Sheinelle Jones dresses as Janet in her “Rhythm Nation” Video during NBC’s “Today” Halloween Celebration at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City and Janet congratulates her in a pre recorded video taped in London.

November 4/5 : Janet flies from London to Perth, Australia.

November 6 : Janet gives an interview to radio show Carrie & Tommy on Hit network. She rehearses with the Kids. At night she has dinner with her team including Gil, Preston & Joey.

November 8 : Janet performs a concert at  RNB Fridays Live 2019 at HBF Park in Perth, Australia.

November 9 : Janet performs a concert at  RNB Fridays Live 2019 at HBF Park in Melbourne, Australia.

November 10 : Janet performs a concert at  RNB Fridays Live 2019 at HBF Park in Adelaide, Australia.

November 15 : Janet performs a concert in Brisbane, Australia.

November 16 : Janet performs a concert in Sydney Australia.

November 17 : Janet performs a concert in Auckland, New Zealand.

November 20 : Janet performs a concert in Honolulu, Hawaii.

November 21 : Janet performs a concert in Honolulu, Hawaii.

November 23 : Janet performs the very last concert of her State Of The World 2017-2019 Tour in Honolulu with a special duet performance with ANA VEE.

November 28 : Back in London, Janet spends Thanksgiving with Eissa. She also shares on her social medias her upcoming cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam. A new photoshoot from last month.

December 1 : Janet presents the Urban Luxe Award to Rihanna at The Fashion Awards 2019 held at Royal Albert Hall in London.

December 12 : Janet shares videos from her Malibu home on her Instagram stories.

December 31 : Janet is spotted arriving at JFK airport. She spends New Year’s eve at her NYC home with Eissa and shares the fireworks on her Instagram Story.

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