Janet’s timeline : 2012

January 9 : Janet is a guest on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno along with her trainer Tony Martinez.

Late January : Janet goes to Paris to spend time with Wissam.

February 7 : Janet flies from Los Angeles to New York City.

February 14 : Janet tapes an interview for the Anderson Cooper Talk Show in Manhattan with her trainer Tony Martinez & her Chef Andre.

February 20 : The Anderson Cooper episode with Janet is aired on CNN.

February 26 : Janet shoots a new commercial fot NutriSystem directed by Dave Meyers.

March 12 : Janet has dinner with Gil in L.A.

March 26 : Janet has lunch with Preston in L.A.

March 27 : Janet is spotted at LAX leaving L.A for Dubai.

April 5 : A new NutriSystem commercial and picture is premiered.

April 7 : Janet & Wissam arrive in Paris on a flight from Dubai.

May 10 : Janet attends the Marco Glaviano “Supermodels” exhibition opening at the Keszler Gallery in New York.

May 16 : Janet celebrates her 46th birthday with Wissam in Paris, France.

She tweets for the first time about Wissam sharing a picture of them in Paris.

May 23 : Janet & Wissam attend the Grisogno Glam Extravaganza at Hotel Du Cap Eden-Roc in Cap d’Antibes.

May 24 : Janet & Wissam attend the 2012 amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS at Hotel Du Cap Eden-Roc in Cap d’Antibes.

June 1 : Janet shoots her 3rd campaign for Blackglama in New York City.

June 14 : Janet & Wissam are spotted at the Midori Sushi Restaurant in Doha (Qatar).

July : Janet, Randy, Jermaine, Rebbie & Tito sign a letter demanding the resignation of the exucotors of the Michael Jackson Estate and accusing them of forging the Will.

LaToya, Marlon & Jackie refuse to sign it.

July 12 : Janet sends Dr Metzger to Katherine’s house in Calabasas in order to take her to a resting place in Arizona.

July 15-20 : Janet & Wissam are spotted on vacation in Porto Cervio in Sardinia, Italy.

July 17 : The letter is leaked to the medias.

A big controversy rises up when Paris Jackson attacks Randy on Twitter about Katherine.

July 18 : Randy Jackson on Twitter : “Yes, the letter is authentic. We ask that everyone respects that this is a serious matter that will be handled by the proper authorities.

July 21 : Katherine’s nephew Trent files a missing report with the L.A County Sheriff’s Department because Prince, Paris & Blanket haven’t been able to speak to her since she left L.A on July 15th.

Jermaine tweets that Katherine is not missing. She is safe and resting in Arizona.

July 23 : Back in L.A, Janet goes to the Jackson family home in Calabasas with Jermaine & Randy and they triy to take Prince, Paris & Blanket to Arizona but the kids refuse to go along.

Trent calls the police and orders Janet & her brothers off the property.

July 24 : Janet goes to Arizona to visit her mother.

Katherine orders the security team to be fired and replaced by Janet’s security and she also orders Trent off the property.

Katherines phones to Prince, Paris, Blanket & TJ and promise to go home.

Marlon, Tito & Jackie give an interview to The Insider saying that they are not allowed to speak to Katherine and Marlon breaks down and cries.

LaToya remains silent on her social medias.

July 25 : An L.A Judge appoints TJ to become the temporary guardian of Prince, Paris & Blanket.

Katherine reads a statement to ABC News from the Miraval Spa in Tucson, Arizona surrounded by Janet, Jermaine, Rebbie & Stacee. She denies having been kidnapped and says she’s devasted to have lost guardianship of the kids.

At night she goes back home and is finally reunited with Prince, Paris & Blanket.

Randy Jackson on Twitter : “I was on the phone at 9pm in Los Angeles, with my sister Rebbie, when my mother FIRED Trent and Security. My mom told TJ that she was coming home tomorrow (which is today). He asked for temporary guardianship & she said -“NO its not necessary, I’ll be home tomorrow.” He asked again, and she said “NO TJ” I heard the conversation. His performance in court today breaks my heart. He knows his Aunts and Uncles would never hold their mother against her will. That’s ABSURD.He insisted upon knowing what time she was arriving today & now I know why. Trust me – the Executors are behind this. The “powers that be” use tabloid media to spin their lies and divide our family. Again.. WHY would it be necessary for TJ to take guardianship of the children away from my mother when they were already in his care?

July 26 : Prince reveals that Katherine was lied to and manipulated by certains members of the family and he posts a screencap of a phone text message by Janet telling Austin & Rebbie not to let the kids speak to Katherine…

July 27 : Randy Jackson on Twitter :

1) When TJ asked my mother if he should ask for temporary guardianship, my Mother told TJ NO – twice.

2) The Estate denied Rebbie, Janet and Jermaine access to the house when they returned to home to Calabasas with a letter written by Howard Weitzman, attorney for the Estate, who is not a resident of the home.

3) The Estate is trying to isolate my Mother from her family JUST LIKE THEY DID TO MICHAEL, in order to propagate their lies, financial agendas and to protect a fraudulent will.

4) The same people that are trying to manipulate my mother are the same people that were involved with my brother when he died.

5) In order to obtain temporary guardianship, TJ lied to the court. Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine and I would never harm our mother and we are doing our best to protect her and the Estate knows that. I want to know why Perry Sanders would consider a negotiation based on lies.

6) It is clear that anyone who stands up against the Executors of the Estate – John Branca, John McClain and their attorney Howard Weitzman – is denied access to my mother.

7) It is my fear and belief, that they are trying to take my mother’s life.

August 1 : Janet is spotted at LAX airport in Los Angeles.

August 2 : Janet on Twitter : “Thank u for knowing fact from fiction. Thank u for all of ur support. I luv u all.”


After Tito & Jermaine decided to take off their name from the letter, Janet, Randy & Rebbie are barred from the family home in Calabasas by the MJ Estate…

August 8 : Janet & Gil tweet “LET’S DO THIS” & Gil reveals that Janet will be back in a dance studio next week!

August 9 : Janet is spotted in Armani Cafe in Doha, Qatar.

August 12 : Back in L.A, Janet has lunch with make up artist Preston and hair dresser Cassie.

August 16 : Janet attends WWE Summer Slam Kick-off party in Los Angeles.

August 25 : Janet attends her nephew Austin’s show at Hunnington beach with Rebbie, Yashi & Genevieve.

August 29 : A 3rd campaign for Blackglama featuring Janet begins.

September 8 : Janet & Wissam attend the Dylan’s Candy Bar Opening in Los Angeles.

September 16 : Ian Cross, Janet’s longtime sound engineer posts a picture on his FB page of what it seems to be Janet’s feet in the studio with a legend : “Oh. this is the start of something good. Don’t you agree?”.

September 28 : Janet attends Bebel Gilberto’s concert in Los Angeles.

October 1 : Janet is spotted at LAX airport where she takes a flight to Paris.

October 2-11 : Janet is in Paris with Wissam.

October 13 : Janet & Wissam are spotted having dinner at the Diplomatic Club in Doha, Qatar.

October 25 : Janet & Wissam attend Kira Plastinina’s fashion show in Moscow, Russia.

November : Janet & Wissam get married in a private secret ceremony in Doha, Qatar. The Jackson family is not invited.

November 6 : Janet is spotted in L.A on US Election Day.

November 18 : Janet attends her nephew Austin Brown’s birthday celebration in L.A.

November 30 : Janet tapes a video message for World AIDS Day.

December 5 : Janet is back in a dance studio with Gil, Preston & Whyley.

December 16 : Janet & Wissam are spotted shopping in L.A.

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