Invincible years : 1998-2002


January : Michael records a demo version of “What More Can I Give”.

January 18 : Michael wins the copyright infringement case against Al Bano Carrisi for the song “Will You Be There”.

February : Michael & Janet see each other for the first time since December 95 in a Los Angeles hotel and MJ introduces her to his son Prince.

February 7 : Michael has dinner with Lisa Marie at the Ivvy Restaurant in L.A.

February 13 : Adrian Grant holds an exclusive interview of Michael in his hotel suite of Los Angeles.

Michael & Omer host a party for Prince 1st birthday.

February 20-27 : Michael goes to Seoul to attend the investiture ceremony of President Kim Dae Jung on the 25th.

March 3 : An order is entered by District Judge Carl J. Christensen at Clark County, Nevada dissolving the marriage between LaToya and Jack Gordon and awarding LaToya royalties and property.

March 5-10 : Michael goes to Vienna with Prince Michael Jr.

March 10-30 : Michael is in Munich with Prince to visit his friends Anton & Francesca and also Marcel Avram, his former concert promoter still in jail. He also takes Prince to the circus.

April 3 : Debbie Rowe gives birth to Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, second child of Michael, at the Spalding Pain Medical Clinic of Beverly Hills. Michael attends the birth and then takes his baby girl to Neverland where Prince is waiting with Grace, Pia, Omer & Connie Cascio.

April 21 : Michael gives an interview to Laurent Hopman from in his hotel suite in Los Angeles.

May 7-9 : Michael goes to the Virgin Islands with Don Barden , his new business partner with whom he wants to build casinos.

May 15 : Michael holds a press conference in Beverly Hills to announce a series of benefit concerts for the World Peace Foundation For Children.

May 17 : Michael goes to Namibia n with Don Barden. He pleads for children’s cause during the opening statement of the World Economic Forum Summit. Michael is invited to the State House, official residence of the Namibian President Sam Nujoma and he meets two presidents Theo-Ben Gurirab and Nangolo Mbumba..

May 18 : Michael & Don Barden visit an orphanage.

May 19 : During the the Forum Summit, Michael has a private meeting with President Laurent Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Late May : Michael & Don Barden go to Las Vegas.

July 6 : Michael arrives in Detroit with Don Barden where he is welcomed by hundreds of fans!

July 7 : Michael & Don give a press conference in Detroit to announce a Casino project named Majestic Kingdon.

July 8 : Michael & Don give a secong press conference to support their project.

July 9 : Michael & Don go to New York to speak with potential financers.

July 14 : Michael & Don go back to Namibia.

July 15 : Michael has a two hour long private meeting with the Namibien President.

July 17 : Michael &  Don arrive in Mbabane, the capital of the Kingdom of Eswatini formerly and still commonly known in English as Swaziland) and they have a business meeting with Mswati III, the King of Swaziland.

July 18 : Michael & Don go to Joannesburg, South Africa.

July 19 : Michael attends the 80th birthday banquet and wedding of Nelson Mandela with Stevie Wonder among others. While in South Africa, Michael visits Sun City

July 24 : Michael goes to Tokyo.

July 25 : Michael attends the Kick Boxing Champion All-Star Match in Tokyo.

July 27 : Michael holds a press conference in Tokyo to announce a new Japanese Company Wonder World – Land Of Toys .

July 28 : Michael flies back home.

August 3 : Michael returns to Detroit to convince the people to vote for his casino project.

August 4 : Michael and Stevie Wonder visit the Motown Museum in Detroit with Berry Gordy’s sister Ester Edwards.
After learning that his project was rejected by the people of Detroit , Michael returns to Los Angeles.

August 25-26 : Michael starts recording news songs such as “A Place With No Name”, “Break Of Dawn” and “Blue Gangsta” at the Record Plant Studio in L.A with producer Elliot Straite aka Dr Freeze and sound engineer Michael Prince. Michael is also working on song ideas with 3T for their upcoming album.

August 29 : Janet gives a concert at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Michael spends his 40th birthday with Taj & Taryll and they attend Janet’s concert together. LaToya also attends the concert but doesn’t get to see Michael.

Late august : Disguised as an Arab Sheik, Michael attends a fan convention for the Three Stooges in Burbank, California with TJ & Taryll.

September 8 : Michael records his lead vocals on “A Place With No Name” at Record Plant Studio in LA.

September 24 + 25 : Michael & Don Barden attend the World Gaming congress & Expo in Las Vegas.

October 16 : Michael records additional lead vocals on ” A Place With No Name’ at the Record One Studio with Dr Freeze. He also starts working with Brad Buxer and Michael Prince on the songs “Speechless” and “The Lost Children”.

October 29 : Michael & Debbie go to the Getty museum in Los Angeles with Prince & Paris

November 10 : Michael arrives in Johannesburg with his kids as well as Lisa Marie & her kids. They stay in Sun City, a luxury resort and casino, situated in the North West Province of South Africa, located between the Elands River and the Pilanesberg, about 140 km northwest of Johannesburg.

November 16 + 17 : Michael visits Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, in Southern Africa. While in Town, he meets the presidential couple Robert et Grace Mugabe. Later, they go back to Sun City.

November 21 : Janet gives a concert at the Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. Michael & Lisa Maria attend the show.

November 25 : Back in Los Angeles, Michael spend Thanksgiving at Hayvenhurst with the Jackson family + Lisa Marie & her kids. The whole family attends except LaToya who stays in Vegas and Janet (on tour).

December 10 : Michael & Debbie attend a dinner in honour of Dr Arnold Klein. It’s their last public appearance together.

December 11-12 : Michael attends the Grand Opening of Royal Towers of Atlantis resort in with his friend Gerry Inzerillo. He goes on stage to perform a bit of “Heal The World” with a group of children.

December 20 : Michael takes Prince & Paris to visit the Hilton family in New York.

December 24/25 : Michael celebrates Christmas at Neverland with Prince, Paris, the Cascios & the Bhattis.

December 31 : Michael and the kids spend New Year’s eve on a private yatch near Capri, an island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrento Peninsula, on the south side of the Gulf of Naples in the Campania region of Italy.


January 13 : The Japonese pop group J-Friends releases the single “People Of The World” written and composed by Michael.

January 14-25 : Michael goes to Johabbesburg with Prince, Paris & their nanny Grace Rwaramba. On the 15th, he attends the Bar Mitzvah of the son of his friends Dean & Darren Cohen. While in South Africa, Michael takes the kids to Sun City.

January 26 : On his way back home , Michael stops by an hospital in Miami to be treated for a small fracture to his right wright.

January 28 : Michael takes Prince to the emergency room of the Cedars Sinai Medical Center of Los Angeles because of a viral infection.

February 12 : After 13 years of relationship and 8 years of marriage, Janet & Rene decide to split and soon file for divorce. Janet leaves their Malibu beach house.

February  13 :  Michael hosts a party at Neverland for Prince’s second birthday with Paris, Grace, Pia & Omer.

February  21 : Michael, Dr Freeze and Brad Buxer work on “A Place With No Name” at Record One.
Michael asks Carole Bayer Sager to work on his new album and she introduces him to Rodney Jerkins,

Rodney, his brother Fred and friend LaShawn Daniel (the Darkchild Team) join the MJ Team at Record One and start working on songs for MJ.

February 24 : Michael invites the Top Epic Records Executives (Cory Rooney, Tommy Mottola, John Doelp, Dave Glew & Polly Anthony) to the Marvin’s Room in Hollywood for a listening session and he plays only one song : “Break Of Dawn” produced by Dr Freeze.

Mid March : Michael goes back to Sun City .

March 20 : Michael goes to Munich to announce the Michael Jackson & Friends Benefit Concerts during the German TV Show Wetten Dass.

March 23 : Michael goes to Cape Town to give a press conference with Nelson Mandela about the benefit concerts. While in South Africa he visits Sun City.

Late March : Michael, Prince, Paris and Grace check in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Michael starts working on new songs at the Hit Factory with Cory Rooney (“She Was Lonving Me”) and the Darkchild Team.

April 03 : Michael hosts a party for Paris 1st birthday at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

April 10-12 : Michael spends the week end in London with Mohamed Al Fayed. He attends an English football match at Fulham’s Craven Cottage, makes a surprise visit to Liberty Radio and gives an interview to tabloid Daily Mirror.

April 12-14 : Michael stops by Paris before going back to London.

May 1 : Michael receives a charity award at the Bollywood Awards held at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New York .

May 10 : Michael attends a private screening of “Matrix” movie in Manhattan .

May 17 : In NYC Michael attends a private screening of “Star Wars Episode 1” in Manhattan with Prince and magician Uri Geller.

May 25 : “Girlfriend/Boyfriend” is released as a single.

June 1 : Due to Prince’s sickness, Michael cancels his participation in the Pavarotti And Friends Charity Concert in Modena.

June 9 : Michael is in Munich with Prince, Paris and Grace to hold a press conference for Michael Jackson And Friends.

June 10 : They stop by Paris .

June 11 : They stop by New York where Michael meets Sony executives.

June 13-20 : Michael rehearses for the concerts in Los Angeles .

June 21 : Michael arrives in Seoul with Grace and the kids.

Frank Cascio becomes Michael’s new personal assistant and he flies from NYC to Seoul.
Wayne Nagin becomes Michael’s manager and his brother Skipper new head of security.
Myung-Ho Lee becomes Michael’s new financial manager

June 24 : Michael rehearses his performance for MJ & Friends in Seoul including the song “She’s Out Of My Life” cut from the final setlist.

June 25 : Michael performs the first charity concert in Seoul .
Backstage he spends time with Boys 2 Men and Mariah Carey.

June 26 : Michael, Frank, Grace and the kids arrive in Munich .

June 27 : Michael performs his second concert in Munich . During Earth Song, a technical problem occurs and the central section of The Bridge Of No Return collapses which hurts Michael’s feet and back (he’s taken to the hospital after the show)

June 29 : Michael, Frank, Prince, Paris and  Grace arrive in Paris and check in the Plaza Athenée Hotel.

June 30 : Michael and his friends go to see the Matrix movie on the Champs Elysées.

July 3-4 : In a studio near Paris , Michael makes a top secret photoshoot with French photograph Arnaud Bani, his make up artist Karen Faye and stylist Michael Bush.

July 5-13 : Michael Grace and the kids stay at Disneyland Paris where they are joined by Debbie & Anton Schleiter, Omer Bhatti and the Cascios kids.

July 14-24 : Michael and his entourage go to Sun City . On the 18th, they attend Nelson Mandela’s birthday.
Dominic and Connie Cascio join them.

July 25-27 : Michael and his entourage go to London where Michael meets Mohamed Al Fayed and Prince Naseem.

July 28 : Michael, Frank, Grace and the kids fly back to L.A.

Early August : After a few days at NeverlandMichael resumes the recording sessions of his new album in New York City . He moves into a beautiful Townhouse on the Upper East Side with Grace, the kids and Frank.
Rabbi Scmuley Boteach pays a visite to Michael at this townhouse and they soon become friends.

August 15 : Michael meets the Dalai Lama in NYC.

August 29 : Michael is back at Neverland to celebrate his birthday with Grace, Prince, Paris, the Cascios & the Bhattis.

Michael decides to cancel the Millenium concerts due to take place in Hawaii & Seoul on the 31st of December.

September 4 : Michael goes to Sun City with Grace, the kids and the Cascios.

Het accepts an award and presents a cheque to Nelson Mandela during the Kora All African Awards.

September 9 : Michael & Elizabeth Taylor speak about their close friendship in Talk magazine

September 11-14 : Michael is in Disneyland Paris with the Cascios, Grace & the kids. Debbie joins them.

October 1 : Michael attends a jewish service in New York with Uri Geller & Schmuley Boteach.

October 8 : Debbie officially files for divorce and sign a confidentiality agreement.

October 11-early November : Michael & the kids stay at Neverland.

October 23 : Birth of Royal Jackson, first child of TJ with Frances Casey, first grandchild of Tito and first great grandchild of Joe & Katherine.

November 12 : Michael plans to star as the lead actor in a film named “The Nightmares of Edgar Allan Poe” and starts working on songs for the soundtrack of the movie.

November 25 : Michael & Schmuley Boteach take their kids to see the movie Toy Story in New York for Thanksgiving.

November 30 : To celebrate Thriller as the best video ever, Michael gives an interview to MTV and appear on the cover of TV Guide with exclusive pictures/interview.

December 4 : Michael attends Whitney Houston ‘s Fund Raising Event at the Marriott Marquis hotel in New York with his old friend Gregory Peck.

December 20 : After recording over 75 songs for his new album, Michael leaves NYC and go back to Neverland for the holidays with Grace, Franck & the kids.

December 24/25 : Michael & the kids celebrate Christmas with the Cascios & the Bhattis at Neverland.


Mid January : Michael leaves his townhouse in Manhattan and after a few days of vacation at Neverland, he resumes the recording sessions in Los Angeles with Bruce Swedien.

February 13 : Michael hosts a party for Prince’s 3rd birthday at Neverland.

March : Michael stops the recording and leaves for Europe with Grace, Prince & Paris. They spend time with the Chaplin family in Switzerland.

March 31 : Michael takes Prince & Paris to a zoo in Hamburg, . While in town they stays at the Schleiter family house with Anton & Frantcheska.

April 03 : Michael hosts a party for Paris 2nd birthday in Hamburg at the Schleiter family house.

May 7 : Michael takes Prince & Paris to the famous Knie Circus in Zurich.

May 8 : Michael arrives in Monaco with Prince, Paris, Grace, Bob Jones, Karen Faye, Michael Bush & german business man Dieter Wiesner.

May 10 : Prince Albert of presents Michael with the Artist Of The Millenium Award at the very end of the World Music Awards ceremony.

May 12 : Michael goes to London with Prince, Paris & Grace & they visit his good friend Mark Lester and his family.

May 26 : Michael escorts Dame Elizabeth Taylor to a tribute concert honoring her at the Royal Albert Hall in London .

May 30 : Michael becomes a key investor and partner of Inc

June : Michael & the kids go to switzerland before going back to Neverland.

Marcel Avram sue Michael for breach of contract of the Millenium Concerts and asks for $21 million.

July 29 : Michael takes the kids to the Siegfried & Roy magical show at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

August 27 : Michael invites Rabby Schmuley Boteach & his family to spend one week at Neverland so they can work on their projects for the children (a book and a new foundation). The same day, he invites 10 year old cancer victim Gavin Arvizo & his family (his parents Janet & David, his brother Star & his sister Davellin).

Gavin & Star ask him to sleep over in his room, Michael offer them his bed and sleeps on the floor with Frank Cascio.

August 29 : The Arvizo and Boteach kids arrange a small party for Michael 42nd birthday at Neverland with the Cascios, Prince & Paris.

Early September : Michael resumes recording sessions on his new album in L.A and asks Teddy Riley to work with him.

September 30 : Michael sells his merchandising rights to Dieter Wiesner who creates MJ NET Entertainment.

October 07 : Alejandra gives birth to Jermajesty and takes him home to Hayvenhurst to live with Genevieve, Randy Jr, Donte, Jaafar, Jermaine, Katherine & Joe.

October 28 : Michael & Elizabeth Taylor attend the Carousel Of Hope charity gala at the Hilton Hotel of Beverly Hills.

November : Michael, Frank, Grace & the kids go back to NYC and check in the Four Seasons Hotel.

Michael resumes recording sessions for his new album in NYC.

November 20 : Michael attends Schmuley Boteach birthday party at his home in the New Jersey .

November 21 : Michael presents 6 songs from his new album to Sony Music excecutives in New York .

In the evening he attends the launching of his new foundation “Heal The Kids” with Shmuley Boteach & Frank Cascio at his publicist Howard Rubenstein’s house.

November 25 : Michael & the kids spend Thanksgiving dinner at Shmuley Boteach home in New Jersey .

November 30 : Michael attends the Angel Ball Fundraiser with Schmuley Boteach and Denise Rich in NYC. N’Sync present him an award and Michael gets to see President Clinton, Elie Wiesel and Professor Stanley Greenspan.

December 2 : Michael attends Tommy Mottola’s wedding at the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York .

December 19 : Michael makes an appearance on the stage of the Madison Square Garden in New York at the end of the charity concert Miracle On the 34th Street and hugs Whitney Houston & Destiny’s Child.

December 24/25 : Michael, Grace & the kids celebrate Christmas at the Cascio family home in Franlin Lake in New Jersey.


Early January : Michael, Grace & the kids go back to the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC.

February 13 : Michael hosts a party for Prince’s 4th birthday in NYC.

February 14 : Michael gives a press conference for “Heal The Kids” at the Carnegie Hall in New York with Shmuley Boteach & Frank Cascio.

March 4 : Michael arrives in London on crutches after injuring his foot. He is accompanied by Frank Tyson & David Gest.

March 5 : Michael goes shopping with Macauley Culkin in London before attending the launch party of Shmuley Boteach & Uri Geller’s book at the Royal Institute of British Architects.

March 6 : Michael goes to the Oxford University to give a moving sppech about childhood. Frank, Uri, Schmuley & german business partner Dieter Wiesner attend the event.

March 7 : Michael is Uri Geller’s best man at his wedding celebrated in the Berkshire by Schmuley Boteach.

In the evening he attends the 10th annual Michael Jackson Day held by Adrian Grant at the Hammersmith Apollo Theatre.

March 9-11 : Michael & Frank spend the week end in the Italian Alps before returning to New York.

They meet Dr Jurgen Todenhoefer and his family.

March 10 : Janet is the first artist to be honored with the MTV Icon Award during a TV Special on MTV. At the end, Jermaine, Jackie, Marlin & Tito go on stage to congratulate Janet and Michael appears via a pre recorded video.

March 19 : N’Sync induct Michael in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame as a solo artist during a special presentation at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York . Michael invites Frank “Tyson” Cascio and Shmuley Boteach as his guests.

March 21 : Schmuley Boteach, Uri Geller & Michael meet Isreali Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in NYC.

March 25 : Michael goes to Newark, New Jersey, with Frank & Schmuley to distribute books to children under Heal The Kids.

Some time later, Michael & Shmuley have a fallout and Heal The Kids Foundation is dismanttled.

April : Michael, Grace & the kids spend 2 weeks at Teddy Riley’s home in Virginia where he & Michael work on Invincible.

Then they go back to NYC and check in the Plaza Athénée Upper East Side.

Avril 3 : Michael hosts a party for Paris 3rd birthday at Teddy Riley’s home in Virginia where he & Michael work on Invincible. Frank Cascio joins them.

May : Michael, Frank, Grace & the kids check in the Sheraton Bel Harbour in Miami Beach where Michael completes the recording & mixing of Invincible with Bruce Swedien, Rodney Jerkins & Teddy Riley.

Michael meets Dr Alex Farshchian who becomes his personal physician.

Michael meets comedian Chris Tucker through Gavin Arvizo. Michael & Chris become friends and record a new version of “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” for the soundtrack of Rush Hour 2.

June : Michael hires Marc Schaffel and they create a new company Neverland Valley Entertainment with a common bank account.

June 12 : Michael goes to the Hit Factory studio in New York to present his new album called Invincible to Sony excecutives. He wants the song “Unbreakable” to be the first single but Sony insists for the song “You Rock My World” and Michael accepts. He starts to work on the short film with director Hype Williams.

June 28 : Michael gets on stage at the end of the Summer Jam Concert festival in Long Island to hug rapper Jay-Z with whom he has just done background vocals For his song Girls, Girls, Girls.

July : Michael goes to Miami with Bruce Swedien to complete the final mixing of Invincible.

Dissatisfied with the video concept of Hype Williams, Michael hires Paul Hunter to direct You Rock My World.

He starts rehearsing for 2 concerts produced by David Gest and scheduled for september 7 & 10 in New York to Celebrates his 30th Anniversary as a solo artis

August : Michael starts working on the “Unbreakable” short film with director Dave Meyers. He has a visual concept and asks Lucasfilms Studio to take care of the special effects.

August 9 : In a Los Angeles dance studio, Michael starts rehearsing a medley with his 5 brothers for the upcoming New York concerts.

August 13-21 : Michael shoots the “You Rock My World “short film in Los Angeles directed by Paul Hunter and featuring Chris Tucker and a special appearance by Marlon Brando!

August 22 : After several leaks, the song “You Rock My World” is finally released as the 1st single from “Invincible”. It peaks at #10 on Hot 100 Billboard.

August 29 : Michael celebrates his 43rd birthday at the Cascio family home in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

August 30 : Early in the morning, Michael opens the stock exchange at NASDAQ on Times Square in New York City.

He is also presented with a birthday cake and a Shirley Temple poster.

September 6 : Michael goes to the Madison Square Garden to rehearse his duets with Britney Spears, Whitney Houston & N’Sync. In the evening, he makes a surprise appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards at the Metropolitan Opera House, Lincoln Center in NYC to dance with N’Sync at the end of their performance.

Janet also attends the MTV Video Music Awards.

While in NYC Janet visits the Jackson family who is in town for Michael’ concerts at the Madison Square Garden.

September 7 : It’s Michael’s day in New York City ! All the biggest stars of music, films & sport gather to attend his concert at the Madison Square Garden . Michael arrives one hour late with Elizabeth Taylor and during the first part of the show he watches tributes perfomances of his songs by today’s biggest artist in a VIP section with all his family & friends (Joe, Katherine, Rebbie, Macauley Culkin, the Cascios, Gregory Peck, Mark Lester & many more) while other friends such as Liza Minelli or Marlon Brando pay him respect on stage.

During the second part of the show, Michael performs a live medley with the Jacksons (joined by N’Sync on Dancing Machine), + The Way You Make Me Feel in duet with Britney Spears, Billie Jean, Black Or White with Slash, You Rock My World & We Are The World with Quincy Jones, Yoko Ono and many stars.

After the concert, Michael attends briefly an after party held at the Tavern On The Green.

September 10 : Michael performs a second concert at the Madison Square Garden . At the end of You Rock My World, Usher & Chris Tucker gets on the stage to dance with him!

Backstage, Michael has an argument with Corey Feldman over his plans to write a book on their friendship.

September 11 : After hearing of the terrorist attacks in New York , Michael leaves New York with Grace, Prince & Paris and the Cascios. They go at the Cascio family house in New Jersey. The Jackson family rides back to California in a bus.

September 16 : Michael annouces that he is going to record the song “What More Can I Give” with many artists for the victims of the terrorist attacks in New York . The song is produced by Marc Schaffel for Neverland Valley Entertainment.

September 21 : The video for “You Rock My World” is premiered in Europe .

Michael records the song “You Are My Life” with John Mac Lain in Los Angeles and he likes it so much that he decides to add it at the last minute to the tracklist of “Invincible”!

October 9 : The single of “You Rock My World” is released in Europe and becomes a huge hit.

October 15 :While Quincy Jones is promoting his autobiography On the Oprah Show, Michael calls him on the phone to congratulate him.

Michael completes the recording of “What More Can I Give”. Many artists have recorded their parts including Justin Timberlake, Usher, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Ricky Martin, Aaron & Nick Carter, Luther Vandross, Boys 2 Men, Gloria Estefan ect…

October 16 : Sony releases special editions of Michael’s classic albums “Off The Wall”, “Thriller”, “Bad” & “Dangerous” with exclusive new materials (interview, demo & previously unreleased songs).

Michael films a scene for the movie Men In Black 2 directed by Barry Sonnefield where he plays Agent M.

October 17 : Debbie Rowe goes to the family court in Los Angeles to give up her parental rights on Prince & Paris because she says she has not seen them for a year and do not want to disturb them by making intrusions in their life once in a while.

October 21 : Michael is in Washington DC where he participates at a TV concert for the victims of September 11. He performs “Man In The Mirror” and at the end, he sings “What More Can I Give” with all the artists of the night (including Usher & Mariah Carey) Prince, Paris, Macauley Culkin, the Cascios, Kenny Ortega & Marc Schaffel attend the concert backstage.

October 22 : Michael records a Spanish version of “What More Can I Give” titles “Todo Para Ti”.

October 26 : Michael participates in an online/audio chat with his fans hosted by Yahoo & Get Music.

October 30 : Worldwide release of the album Invincible.

November 7 : For the first time in his career, Michael makes an appearance at the Virgin megastore of Times Square in New York to promote and sign copies of Invincible. He is accompanied by Frank & Eddie Cascio + his make up artist Karen Faye.

He also gives several interviews to the TV shows TRL (MTV), Entertainment Tonight (CBS) et 106 & Park (BET).

November 12 : Michael is on the cover of TV Guide with an exclusive interview and pictures.

Entertainment Tonight airs the first footage of the “What More Can I Give” video. The song is ready but Sony doesn’t want to release it. They also refuse to put commercials for Michael’s new album during the airing of his concert on CBS.

Michael is furious against Sony CEO, Tommy Mottola.

November 13 : CBS broadcasts an edited version of Michael’s concerts at the Madison Square Garden and gets great ratings.

December 3 : The single  “Cry” is released in Europe while Butterflies is played on US radios (with a remix featuring rap artist Eve).

Michael does not appear in the video.

December 14 :Michael gives an interview to USA Today.

December 17 : Michael makes a photoshoot with Prince & Paris at Neverland for an upcoming VIBE magazine coverstory with photographer Jonathan Exley.

December 19 :Michael gives an interview to the Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show.

Later he attends the KIIS-FM Jingle Ball Concert in Los Angeles where Rick Dees & Magic Johnson present him the Legend Award.

December 24/25 : Michael celebrates Christmas at Neverland with the Cascios, the Bhattis, Prince & Paris.


January 9 : Chris Tucker presents the Artist of The Century Award to Michael at the American Music Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Chris introduces film director Brett Ratner to Michael.

February : Michael is on the cover of VIBE magazine with an exclusive interview & photoshoot at Neverland.

February 9 : Michael & Elizabeth Taylor attend the fund-raiser Art For Aids : A Tribute To Rock Hudson at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach. Later in the evening, they attend a private dinner at Dana Point with Michael’s dermatologist Dr Arnold Klein.

February 13 : Michael hosts a party for Prince’s 5th birthday at Neverland with Grace & the Cascio family.

February 21 : Birth of Michael’s new son Prince Michael II at the Grossmont Hospital in San Diego, California. Soon after Michael accompanied by Connie Cascio pick up the baby from the surrogate’s representative at an hotel and take in to Neverland on a private luxury bus. They soon nickname him Blanket!

February 24 : Michael, Elizabeth Taylor & Brett Ratner attend a private party at Mark Damon’s house to announce that Neverland Entertainment and Raju Sharad Patel have signed with Damon’s independant film company MDP Worldwide Entertainment to create a new division called Neverland Pictures.

March 16 : Michael is best man at the wedding of David Gest & Liza Minnelli celebrated in New York City with a galaxy of stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Frank Cascio, Joan Collins and Michael’s brothers Randy & Tito.

Angry with Sony Music who refused to release “What More Can I Give” & finance the “Unbreakable” short film, Michael invites several fans to his suite to explain them the situation and encourage them to push the promotion of “Invincible”.

Michael also decides to finance & produce the “Unbreakable” short film by himself. He hires Brett Ratner to direct it and asks Chris Tucker & Mel Gibson to play in it. He also contemplates the idea of a new world tour mainly to pay back his debt to Sony.

Back to Neverland, Frank decides to take a break from working for MJ and he comes back to NYC.

April : Michael is about to start shooting the “Unbreakable” short film when Sony announces that they won’t release the single. The promotion of the Invincible album is over with only 2 singles!!!

Michael’s former business manager Myung-Ho Lee files a $13 million lawsuit claiming that on September 14, Michael met him in Los Angeles and signed an agreement to pay him those fees but he never got them. Michael’s lawyer Zia Moddaber answsers that his client never signed anything and was not even in Los Angeles on that date…

April 03 : Michael hosts a party for Paris 4th birthday at Neverland with Prince, Blanket, Brett Barnes and Grace.

April 12 : Michael talks to the the actionnaires of MDP Worldwide through a recorded video message asking them to rename the company Neverland Pictures. The first movies project is called “Wolfed”.

Michael shoots a scene for the movie “Miss Cast Away” at Neverland directed by Brian Michael Stollers. Together, they work on a movie project called “They Cage The Animals At Night” based on a novel.

April 20 : At the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Michael tapes a performance of “Dangerous” for Dick Clark’s 50th Anniversary of American Bandstand.

April 21 : Michael, Grace and the kids go to NYC.

April 22 : The three biggest Michael Jackson’s fan-clubs in the world gather their effort to denounce the lack of promotion of Invincible from Sony Music and they organize many demonstrations of fans to re-launch the album.

April 24 : Michael performs “Dangerous”, “Black Or White” & “Heal The World” (joined by Diana Ross!) during a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee’s Every Vote Counts ‘campaign held at the mythic Apollo Theatre in Harlem. It is Michael’s last live performance in front of an audience.

Brett Barnes, Prince, Paris, Blanket, Grace, the Cascio family Chris Tucker & Rodney Jerkins attend the event. Afterwards Michael makes a photoshoot with Bill Clinton.

While in NYC Michael introduces Prince, Paris & Blanket to President Clinton and Diana Ross and his son Evan Ross.

May :  Katherine, Jackie, LaToya, Tito, Janet, Rebbie & Randy stage an intervention at Neverland to help Michael on his prescription-drug dependency.

Michael & LaToya are reunited 14 years after their last meeting during the 1988 Bad Tour.

Michael introduces them to Blanket.

June 6 : Michael joins the NAC (National Action Network), a recently formed coalition which has been set up to investigate artist exploitation by major record labels supported by lawyer Jonnnie Cochran and civil rights campaigner Reverend Al Sharpton. He also denies owing $200 millions to Sony Music

June 10 :Michael arrives in London and checks in the Marriott Renaissance Hotel.

June 11 : Michael has dinner with Uri Geller and his family. Geller introduces him to British journalist Martin Bashir who wants to do a TV documentary on Michael.

June 12 : Michael goes shopping at Hamley’s.

June 13 : Michael goes shopping at HMV store.

Michael is inducted into the National Academy of Popular Music/Songwriters Hall Of Fame. Liza Minnelli & David Gest accept the award on his behalf.

June 14 : Michael visits the Houses of Parliament accompanied by Uri Geller and magician David Blaine.

Later, Michael leaves Paddington Station, on a train ride to Exeter with Geller, Blaine, Mark Lester & 200 fans. They go to St James’ Park where 10 000 had gathered for this fund-raising event, organized to raise money for the footclub club and two charities aimed at combating Aids and malaria.

June 15 : Michael attends a fan demonstration at the Sony Music offices in London . He arrives riding on the top deck of a London open topped bus which has been organized for him by a group of fans.

Later, Michael attends a fan-club event with Uri Geller at the Equinox nightclub where he speaks for the first time of his problems with Sony and his CEO Tommy Mottolla.

June 17 : Michael has business meetings with Mohamed Al Fayed and Adrian Grant.

June 18 : Michael flies back to L.A and goes to Neverland.

June 20 : Michael’s french fans Joanna and Sandra visit Neverland where they see Michael with his children.

July 6 : Michael attends a fan demonstration at the Sony Music offices in Manhattan, New York. As he did in London, Michael arrives on the top of a double-decker bus.

Later, Michael goes to a civil rights meeting to speak out against the music industry’s treatment of the artists and he calls Tommy Mottala a “racist, mean and devilish man” which causes a huge controversy.

In the evening, Michael attends a fan-club party with Grace & Karen at the Webster Hall where he accepts the 30th Anniversary Fan Award.

July 9 : Michael goes to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network headquaters in Harlem where he speaks again of a conspiracy in the record industry against black artists.

July 13 : Michael gives a live telephone interview with The Journal News.

Previous era : History/Blood On The Dancefloor years : 1994-1997

Next era : Number Ones/The trial years : 2003-2005

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