History/Blood On The Dancefloor years : 1994-1997


January 1 : Michael attends a Barbara Streisand’s concert at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas with friend Mike Milken.

January 5 : Michael gives a moving speech to claim his innocence at the NAACP Image Awards Ceremony at Pasadena Civic Auditorium. He also presents the award for Best Choreographer to Debbie Allen.

January 12 : Michael wins the trial for “The Girl Is Mine”, “Thriller” & “We Are The World”.

January 17 : Michael invites a group of disadvantaged children to spend the day at Neverland on Martin Luther King’s birthday.

Recording sessions for Michael’s new album is scheduled to begin at Record One studio in Sherman Oaks but are canceled after the Northridge earthquake strikes that morning at 4:30 am causing devastation to the downtown Los Angeles area.

The Hayvenhurst estate is damaged by the earthquake. The Jackson family moves to a rented house during renovations.

January 24 : Los Angeles prosecutors announce that they do not have enough evidence to charge Evan Chandler with extorsion.

January 25 : Michael & Jordy’s lawyers reach an agreement to settle the civil case. The Chandlers agree to withdraw their complaint against a confidential financial compensation and the trial is cancelled.

February 2 : Michael attends a concert of The Temptations at the Sheraton Desert Inn of Las Vegas with his date Lisa Marie Presley.

February 9 : Santa Barbara ‘s District Attorney, Thomas Sneddon Jr & Los Angeles ‘ District Attorney Gill Garcetty both set up a Grand Jury to determine if there is enough evidence to indict Michael and put him through a criminal trial. Miko Brando is among the first to testify.

February 14 : Michael goes to a Denver courtroom to testify that he did not steal the song “Dangerous” from Crystal Cartier as she proclaims.

February 15 : Michael wins this new trial!

February 19 : The whole Jackson family (except LaToya) is reunited at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas to rehearse & tape The Jackson Family Honors TV Special which is broadcasted a few days later around the world.

Michael does not perform but he presents two lifetime achievement awards to Berry Gordy & Elizabeth Taylor . His date for the night is Lisa Marie Presley.

The Jacksons performs “2300 Jackson Street” with Rebbie & the grandchildren including 3T.

Late February : Michael starts recording his new album at the Hit Factory Studio in New York City. He takes residence at the Helmsley Palace.

Brad Buxer, Bill Bottrell, Matt Forger, Brad Sunberg, Rene Moore and Bruce Swedien join him to work on new songs.

Frank & Eddie visit him often as well as the 3T, Austin Brown (Rebbie’s son) & Deepack Choprah.

April 12 : Michael goes to Planet Hollywood in NYC

April 16 : Michael goes to see the movie “Stomp” at the Orpheum in NYC

April 18/19 : Michael is spotted in Orlando, close to Disneyworld.

April 24 : Michael makes a photoshoot with photographer Timothy White on the 10th floor of Big Sky Productions in NYC for the cover of History album.

April 28 : Michael accepts a Caring For Kids award during the Children Choice Awards at the City Center in New York CIty (where he has moved to a penthouse at the Trump Tower).

May : Michael starts working on a remake of a musical named “The Seven Faces Of Doctor Lao” with special effect specialist Stan Winston.

May 25 : Michael & LIsa Marie Presley arrive at Casa de Campo de Campo in Domenican Republic .

May 26 : Michael & Lisa Marie secretly get married in a 12 minutes ceremony only attended by Eva Darling & Thomas Keough!

June 5 : Michael takes Lisa Marie & her children Benjamin & Dannielle to Disneyworld in Florida

Michael also pays a visit to Shaquille O’Neal to talk about a musical collaboration.

June 20 : Big Boy, the first ever Jackson 5 single is re-released by Ben Brown, the owner of Steeltown Records along with previously unreleased material from the 1968 recording sessions at his studio.

June 23 : Michael visits Cab Calloway in a New York Hospital.

July 11 : Medias learn about Michael & LIsa Marie ‘s secret wedding.

July 26 + 27 : Janet gives two concerts at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Michael attends the concerts disguised in Cheik Arab.

August 1 : Lisa Marie confirms that she is indeed married to Michael.

August 5 : Michael & Lisa Marie arrive in Budapest (Hongria) and make their first public appearance together as a married couple causing a media frenzy.

August 6 : Michael & Lisa Marie visit sick children at an hospital and meet Bela Farkas, a little boy in need of a transplant. Moved by his story they decide to fiance his operation that will save his life.

August 7 : Michael shoots a teaser for his forthcoming album with a whole army of russian soldiers! Jimmy Safechuck is an assistant on the set.

August 9 : Michael & Lisa Marie fly back to New York where Michael resumes the recording of his new album.

Michael introduces Lisa Marie to the Cascios.

August 10 : Janet gives a concert at the Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion in Devore, CA.

August 20 : Michael & Lisa Marie are on the cover of many magazine around the world (Jet, Hello, Paris Match ect…) with the exclusive pictures taken by photograph Dick Zimmerman in NYC.

August 27 : Michael hosts the wedding of Miko Brando & Karen Hamilton which takes place at Neverland (he is Miko’s best man). But he has to leave when he learns the tragic death of Dee Dee Jackson ( Tito’s ex wife and mother of the 3T) who was found dead in her swimming pool by her boyfriend Donald Bohana. The Jackson family gathers at Hayvenhurst to support Tito and his kids the 3T.

Late August/Early September : Janet invites her nephews to spend a few days at her Malibu beach home to rest and prepare for the funerals. The whole family (except LaToya) attends Dee Dee’s funerals. Michael pays for the funerals and later he invites 3T to New York and produces their first album “Brotherhood”

September : Katherine, Joe, Randy, Alejandra, Jermaine, Lea Bongo, Genevieve & Randy Jr move  from Hayvenhurst to Beverly Park while the house is undergoing renovations due to extensive damage cause by the Northridge earthquake.

September 2-6 : Michael & Lisa Marie visit France (Nice, Cannes , Paris & Disneyland) and spend time with Prince Al Waleed who wants to launch a production company with Michael.

September 8 : Michael & Lisa Marie open the MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony with a big kiss live from Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Janet attends the ceremony where she accepts an award for “If”.

September 24 : Tom Sneddon & Gill Garcetti announce that there is not enough evidence to charge Michael with child molestation…

October : Michael & Lisa Marie are on the cover of Ebony with an exclusive interview of Michael by Robert Johnson.

October 8 : Michael & Lisa attend an Elvis Presley tribute gala in Memphis with Janet & Rene and Lisa’s mother Priscillia Presley

Michael starts recording a duet with Janet.

November 5 : Laurent Hopman visits Michael at the Hit Factory Studio in New York and gets to listen to 3 songs from the new album (“Earth Song”, “Stranger In Moscow” and “Smile”)

December 10 : Adrian Grant visits Michael in Chicago where he is recording songs with producer R Kelly.

Michael makes a photoshoot for the album’s booklet with his nephews Jeremy & Jourdynn & his cousins Elijah & Levon

December 24/25 : Michael makes a break in the recording sessions to celebrate Christmas at Neverland with Lisa Marie, her children and the Cascio family.


In order to avoid a new controversy, Michael decides to settle secretly a new lawsuit by Blanca Francia who claimed Michael touched her son Jason back in 1990. She accepts to withdraw her complaint against 2 millions dollars

January 20-24 : Michael & Lisa Marie welcome King Nana Amon Ndoufou in Los Angeles.

February 6 : Michael & Lisa Marie visit lawyer Johnnie Cochran at his new office in L.A.

February 23 : Michael previews several new songs from his new album at the 37th annual NARM convention where he is presented with the Harry Chapin Memorial Humanitarian Award.

March 2 : Michael attends little Craig Fleming’s funeral.

March 18 : Alejandra and Jermaine get married in a secret ceremony at the Hotel Bel Air causing Randy to leave Hayvenhurst!

Some time after, Joe brings a baby boy from Las Vegas to Hayvenhurst. Donte Williams, born on June 13, 1992 is adopted by Joe & Katherine but raised by Jermaine & Alejandra.

March 28 : Michael hosts a party at Neverland to celebrate the end of the recoding of his new album titled History.

April 18-20 : Michael & Lisa Marie welcome 46 youth from 17 countrries at Neverland for the World Children Congress.

April 20 :Michael attends a meeting in L.A with the top execitives from Epic/Sony to prepare the marketing plan of “History”.

May : Michael is on the cover of VIBE magazine with exclusive pictures taken at Neverland with Quincy Jones & his daughter Kidada.

May 15-20 : Michael & Janet shoot the “Scream” short film, directed by Mark Romanek.

May 19 : “Scream”, The first single from the album History is officially launched on radios worldwide.

May 22 : MTV and VIH premiere the HIStory teaser. Later the teaser is rolled out to cinemas across the U.S.

May 25 : Michael, Lisa Marie & her daughter Danielle go to the Six Flags Amusement Park in Los Angeles .

May 31 : “Scream”/”Childhood” is released worldwide. It peaks at #5 on Hot 100 Billboard.

Early June : Michael shoots the “Childhood” short film directed by Nicholas Brandt in Los Angeles .

June 13 : The “Scream” short film is premiered on MTV & BET.

June 14 : Michael & Lisa Marie give an interview to ABC’s Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer. A new controversy arises about some lyrics to the song They Don’t Care About Us that would be anti-Semitic which Michael categorically denies.

June 16 : The “History” album is released in Europe.

Huge statues of Michael are held in some European cities.

Both Life & Hello carry the same pictures of Michael & Lisa kissing (taken by Harry Benson)

Michael is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

June 20 : The “History” album is released in US.

June 22 : Michael appears at the VH1 Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles to perform “We Are The World” with Boys 2 Men and he also receives an award from Morgan Freeman for his charity efforts.

July 10 : Michael & Lisa Marie attend the opening of the Magic Johnson Sony Theatre in Los Angeles .

July 12 : Michael & Lisa Marie shoot the video for “You Are Not Alone” and they also appear on the cover of Jet magazine.

July 25 : Michael attends a press conference in New York City to announce the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards nominations + a special HBO concert planned at the Beacon Theatre on December 10.

July 26 : ABC airs a special feature called “Michael Jackson Changes History” during which Michael gives an interview to Bill Bellamy and premieres the video for “You Are Not Alone”.

July 31-August 6 : After an argument with Lisa Marie, Michael flies to Disneyland Paris to take a break.

August : Michael shoots the video for Earth Song directed by Nicholas Brandt. The video Is filmed in four geographic regions (Americas, Europe and Africa). The first location was the Amazon Rainforest, where a large part was destroyed a week after the video’s completion. Natives of the region appeared in the video and were not actors. The second scene was a war zone in Karlovac, Croatia, with famous Serbian actor Slobodan Dimitrijević and the residents of the area. The third location was Tanzania, which incorporated scenes of illegal poaching and hunting into the video. No animals were harmed in the making of the “Earth Song”, as the footage came from documentary archives. The final location was in Warwick, New York, where a safe forest fire was simulated in a corn field.

August 15 :“You Are Not Alone” is released as the 2nd single from “History”. Commercially, “You Are Not Alone” remains one of Michael”s best selling singles and it is also his 13th number one song. It holds the Guinness World Record for the first song ever to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

August 17 : Michael chats with his fans on the Internet.

September 7 : Michael & Janet attend the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City with Lisa Marie & Rene . MJ opens the ceremony with a 20 minutes long medley (including “Dangerous” & “You Are Not Alone”) and accepts an award with Janet for Scream.

September 23 : Michael performs “You Are Not Alone” at the BET 15th Anniversary Special in Washington D.C. 

November 27 : The single & video of Earth Song are released in Europe. In the United Kingdom, “Earth Song” debuts at number one on the UK Singles Chart, where it remains for six weeks throughout December 1995 — beating the U2/Brian Eno project Passengers to win the Christmas number one spot — and into early 1996. 

November 4 : Michael is in Munich, Germany where he performs “Dangerous” and “Earth Song”. Backstage, he meets Laurent Hopman and Anton Schleiter, of son of Hamburg-based Sony music exec Wolfgang Schleiter. Michael soon becomes friend with the Schleiter family. They will remain close until his death in 2009. 

Mid November : Michael & Sony merge their song catalogues. The new joint publishing venture is estimated at $600 millions!  

December 4 : Michael is rehearsing the HBO concert at the Beacon Theatre with French artist Mime Marceau and they welcome the media. 

December 6 : Michael collapses while rehearsing the concert and he is rushed to the Beth Israel Medical Center . He is suffering from gastro-enteritis, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

Janet cancels her appearance at the Billboard Awards after hearing that Michael had a stroke. She visits him at the hospital. Lisa Marie also visits him and she asks a divorce! Michael decides to postpone the concert.

December 18 : Michael goes resting at Disneyland Paris with the Cascio kids (Frank, Eddie, Dominic Jr, Aldo & Marie Nicole). 

December 24/25 : Michael celebrates Christmas at Neverland with the Cascios.


January : Katherine, Joe, Jermaine, Alejandra, Genevieve, Donte & Randy Jr move back into a renovated Hayvenhurst.

Michael shoots the “Prison” version of the They Don’t Care About Us video directed by Spike Lee in New York.

Michael’s nurse & friend Debbie Rowe offers him to bear his child. She gets pregnant but has a miscarriage.

January 18 : Lisa Marie officially files for divorce. Michael’s spokesman states that they remain friends.

January 25 : Michael goes to Motown Café in New York with his make up artist & friend Karen Faye.

Michael is in NYC to shoot the short film for “They Don’t Care About Us” directed by Spike Lee.

February 10-17 : Michael goes to Rio in to shoot a second version of the “They Don’t Care About Us” short film directed by Spike Lee. He takes the Cascio kids with him.

February 18 : Michael & the Cascios arrive in London .

February 19 : Michael performs “Earth Song” at the Brit Awards in London and he is almost interrupted by Jarvis Cocker, the leader of the British Band Pulp and he also receives the award of Artist Of A Generation presented by Bob Geldof.

February 20 : Controversy over the Earth Song performance in the UK .
Michael & the Cascio kids go to Disneyland Paris to spend a few days before flying back to the US.

March : Michael starts working on a new short film named “Ghost” for the song “2 Bad”, directed by Stan Winston and co-written by Stephen King. This project is based on the “Is This Scary” project that was scrapped in 1993 because of the Chandler scandal.

March 14-20 : Michael is in Paris to visit castles. He stays at the Disneyland Hotel and at the George 5 Hotel.

March 19 : Michael gives a press conference in Paris to announce the launch of Kingdom Entertainment, a Paris based multimedia corporation jointly owned with Saudi Prince Al Walid.

March 31 : They Don’t Care About Us” is released as the 4th single from “History”.

April : Michael starts filming the “Ghost” short film in Van Nuys studios (California)
During breaks, he visits his family at Hayvenhurst disguised as the “Mayor”.

April 28 : Michael attends a performance of Sisterella the play he produced in Pasadena ( California )

May : Debbie Rowe visits Michael on the set of the “Ghosts” short film and announces that she’s pregnant with their baby.

May 3 : LaToya calls Randy and asks him to rescue her from Jack Gordon.

Randy immediately catches a plane with his cousin Tony and they take LaToya from her New York hotel straight to her Las Vegas home.

There, LaToya is treated for bruises and she files for divorce ans asks a restraining order to protect her from Jack Gordon.

LaToya slowly reconnects with the family starting with Randy, Jermaine & Joe and she speaks to Katherine on the phone.

May 8 : Michael makes a break in the Ghost shooting to attend the World Music Awards in Monaco . He performs “Earth Song” and wins 5 awards. At the end of the ceremony he gets on stage to hug Diana Ross. He also addresses the controversy over “They Don’t Care About Us” claiming to never have been anti-Semitic.

May 11 : Michael visits the amusement park Fantasialand near Cologne in Germany with Anton Schleiter.

May 12 : Michael goes to London .

May 13-15 : Michael visits Castles in France before flying back to the to resume work on the Ghost short film.
“They Don’t Care About Us” is finally released in the US.

June : Michael starts rehearsing for the History Tour with Kenny Ortega.
He also rehearses for a special concert in Brunei based on the Dangerous Tour concept.

June 6 : Michael appears on MTV Asia’s Channel 5.

June 7 : Evan Chandler sues Michael, Lisa Marie, Sony Music, Diane Sayer & ABC Television for breaking the confidential agreement of their 1994 settlement.

June 24 : People magazine publishes a picture of Steven Spielberg visiting Michael on the set of Ghosts.

Early July : In Van Nuys, Michael shoots the videos for “Stranger In Moscow” (directed by Nick Brandt) & “Why” (with the 3T).

He also makes a photoshoot with the 3T for the cover of their upcoming single “Why”.

July 13 : Michael arrives in Brunei with the Cascios.

July 15 : Michael attends the 50th birthday of the Sultan of Brunei.

July 16 : For the Sultan’s birthday celebrations, Michael performs his first ever free concert before 60 000 people at the Jerudong Amusement Park. The concert is taped and eventually offered to the people of Brunei.

July 18 : Michael arrives in Johannesburg, where he attends a private birthday for President Nelson Mandela.

July 19 : Michael gives a press conference in Sun City to announce concert plans in South Africa.

July 20 : Michael visits Nelson Mandela.

July 21 : Michael goes to Casanblanca, Marocco, for concert plans.

July 22 : Michael goes to Budapest, Hongria.

July 23 : Michael returns to the Budapest Hospital with Bela Farkas, the little boy whose life-saving operation was financed by Michael in 1994.

July 25 : Alejandra gives birth to Jermaine’s son Jaafar Jackson.

Late july : Michael resumes the History Tour rehearsals in San Bernrdino, California .

Late august : Michael makes a road trip in a private bus with Frank Cascio across Europe : London, Loch Lomond in Scotland, Paris & Montreux (where he records the son”Elizabeth I Love You”)

August 28 : The singles “Stranger in Moscow” is released as the 5th & final single from the “History” album along with a video in black & white.

Early September : Michael goes to Disneyland Paris with Anton Schleiter, his sister Franceska and the Cascio kds.

Janet & Rene attend Stacee Brown wedding to Rex Salas at Neverland with all the Jackson family (except Michael, 3T & LaToya).

The single “Why” (duet between 3T & MJ)  is released in Europe along with a video. It’s a big it in France.

September 4 : Michael arrives in Prague to launch the History World Tour.

September 7 : Michael performs before 130 000 people in Prague .

September 8 : Michael arrives in Budapest where he is welcomed by 4000 fans!

September 10 : Concert in Budapest.

September 12 : Michael arrives in Bucharest with the Cascio kids. They go to a post-revolutionary tour of monuments and orphanages

September 14 : Concert in Bucharest.

September 16 : Michael arrives in Moscow where he is greeted by the City Mayor.

September 17 : Concert in Moscow.

September 19 : Concert in Warsaw.

September 24 : Concert in Zaragoza.

September 28/30 + October 2 : Concerts in Amsterdam.

October 2 : In Holland , Michael launches his own soft drink named Mystery with help from german business man Dieter Wiesner that was introduced to Michael by his longtime bodyguard Wayne Nagin.

October 3 : Michael arrives in London to complete work on the soundtrack for the “Ghosts” Short film.

October 4 : Michael attends a performance of “Oliver” at the London Palladium.

October 6 : Michael arrives in Tunis where he is welcomed by hundreds of fans. While in Tunis , Michael meets and befriends Omer Bhatti, a young Norwegian fan that he decides to take on tour with him. Omer will remain very close to Michael until his death in 2009.

October 7 : Concert in Tunis.

October 11/13 : Concerts in Seoul.

October 18 : Concert in Taipei.

October 20 : Concert in Kaoshung.

October 22 : Concert in Taipei.

October 25 : Concert in Singapoure.

October 27/29 : Concerts in Kuala Lumpur.

October 31 : The short film “Ghosts” is premiered in 11 selected Sony cinemas in the US.

November 1 : Concert in Bombay.

November 5 : Concert in Bangkok.

November 6 : Media learn about Debbie Rowe’s pregnancy.

November 9/11 : Concerts in Auckland.

November 10 : Michael gives an interview to VH1 answering selected questions by viewers.

November 14 : Concert in Sydney. After the show, just after midnight (thus on the 15th) , Michael gets married to Debbie Rowe in the presidential suit of the Sheraton-on-the-Park Hotel.
His cousin Anthony Jackson & Dr Metzger are his Best Men.
He denies in a press release the news reports claiming that Debbie has been artificially inseminated.

November 15 : Michael & Debbie attend the Australian premiere of “Ghosts”.

November 16 : Concert in Sydney (attended by Debbie).

November 19 : Concerts in Bribane.

November 22/24 : Concerts in Melbourne.

November 25 : Michael visits sick children at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. .

November 26 : Concert in Adelaide.

November 30 + December 2/4 : Concerts in Perth.

December : The single “I Need You” by 3T is released in Europe. MJ does background vocals on the song but does not appear in the video..

December 5 : Michael arrives in Manille (Phillipines).

December 8/10 : Concerts in Manille.

December 12 : Michael goes to Tower Records in Tokyo to set his hand and signature in plaster for a plaque to be displayed in the store permanently.

December 13/15/17/20 : Concerts at the Tokyo Dome.

December 19 : Michael attends the Japonese premiere of “Ghosts” with Omer Bhatti.
Later he receives a platinum disc award from Sony Music Japon chairman.

December 26/28 : Concerts in Fukuoka.

December 29 : Michael leaves Japon for Brunei.

December 30 : Michael goes to the Jerudong amusement park in Brunei.

December 31 : Michael spends new years’s eve performing a free concert in Jerudong Park paid by the Sultan of Brunei for his people.


Michael’s head of security Bill Bray retires after 26 years by his side. Wayne Nagin takes over his position.

Jonathan Spence gets married at Neverland Valley Ranch. Michael is not able to attend because he is in Europe.

January 2 : Michael arrives in Hawaii where he is welcomed by 150 local dancers + 200 fans. He soons joins Joe & Katherine who came especially for him.

January 3 & 4 : Michael finishes the first leg of the History World Tour by performing 2 huge concerts at the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu .

Many family members attend the show including Katherine & Joe.

Mid January : Michael goes to Los Angeles & Montreux, Switzerland, to complete work on the “Blood On The Dance Floor” compilation.

January 21 : Katherine’s father, Prince Scruse, dies at the age of 90 years old.

January 24-Febuary 1 : Michael goes resting at Disneyland Paris with Frank Cascio & Omer Bhatti.

He changes his management team by replacing Sandy Gallin with Tarak Ben Ammar from Kingdon Entertainment.

February 4 : Michael goes to a courtroom in Rome to testify that he didn’t steal Will You Be There from Italian artist Al Bano.

February 10-15 : Michael shoots the “Blood On The Dance Floor” short film in Los Angeles .

February 13 : Debbie Rowe gives birth to Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, first child of Michael, at the Cedar Sinai Medical Center of Los Angeles. Michael attends the birth and then takes his son to Neverland. Grace Rwaramba and Pia Bhatti are hired as Prince’s nannies. Pia moves to Neverland with her husband and their kids Shasta & Omer.

February 16 : Michael attends a gala to celebrate Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday in Los Angeles. For the occasion he performs a song that he just recorded in Montreux called “Elizabeth I Love You” and gets a standing ovation by the galaxy of stars attending the event.

Late February : Michael hosts a Jackson Family Day at Neverland to introduce Prince to the clan. Janet who is in studio in Minneapolis can’t attend the party. LaToya is not invited.

March 18 : Michael’s attorneys Zia Modabber & Steve Cochran announce that a jury in Santa Maria has dismissed the complaint of 5 former employees of Neverland who claimed they were fired because “they knew too much”…

March 21 : Michael goes to Marbella where he receives a special award from Sony Music.

The BOTDF single is released. The song becomes a top ten hit in almost every European Union state. “Blood on the Dance Floor” peaks at number one in the UK, Spain and New Zealand, charting for 11 weeks in the latter two nations.

March 25 : British magazine OK gets a world exclusive by publishing the first ever official pictures of Michael & Debbie with their son Prince (at Neverland) accompanied by a candid interview of the couple.

April 2 : The “Blood On The Dance Floor” short film is premiered on VH1.

Michael arrives in Disneyland Paris with Grace & Prince where he rehearses for the History Tour.

April 20 : Michael attends the innauguration of his wax statue by french artist Mime Marceau at the Musée Grevin in Paris . He is accompanied by his new Manager Tarak Ben Ammar.

May 2 : Michael & Tarak Ben Ammar attend a press conference for the Histoy Tour at the Munich stadium in Germany.

May 3 : Michael visits his former tour promoter Marcel Avram in a Munich jail.

May 5 : Michael & Tarak Ben Ammar attend the Italian TV Award Ceremony Telegatti in Milano where Michael presents an award with Luciano Pavarotti. Michael works on a duet project with Pavarotti Called “What More Can I Give”.

May 6 : Michael flies to Cleveland, Ohio, to be inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in a special Presentation with His bothers by Diana Ross & Berry Gordy! Joe, Katherine & Barry Gibb are also present at the event. Randy does not attend the presentation.

May 8 : Michael flies back to Europe to attend a midnight private presentation of his “Ghosts” short film at the Cannes Film Festival with Stan Winston & Tarak Ben Ammar among others.

May 14 : The “Blood On The Dance Floor” compilation is released worldwide.

May 27/28 : Michael goes to to study a project of amusement park for Kingdom Entertainment.

May 29 : Michael arrives in Bremen, Germany with Tarak Ben Ammar and they attend a press conference.

Prince Michael Jr is taken to a Paris hotel suit where he is taken care by his nannies Grace & Pia. Michael joins him after each concert of the European tour. Debbie also flies every week end to spend time with Michael & their son.

May 31 : Michael kicks off the European leg of the History Tour with in Bremen.

June 3 : Concert in Cologne.

June 6 : Concert in Bremen.

June 8 + 10 : Concerts in Amsterdam.

June 13 : Concert in Kiel.

June 15 : Concert in Gelsenkirchen.

June 18 : Michael attends the 30th anniversary of Phantasialand in Germany before flying to Milano to perform a concert.

June 20 : Concert in Lausanne.

June 22 : Concert in Luxemburg.

June 25 : Concert in Lyon.

June 27 : The stormy six-year marriage of singer LaToya Jackson and manager Jack Gordon is officially over. Jackson was granted her divorce Tuesday in Clark County Family Court.

June 27 + 29 : Concerts at the Parc Des Princes in Paris (attended by Debbie).

July : The double single “History”/”Ghost” is released in Europe.

July 2 : Michael takes Debbie & Prince to Vienna where he performs in concert

July 4+6 : Concerts in Munich (attended by Debbie). While in Munich Michaels is injected with Propofol by 2 Germain doctors to help him get some sleep.

July 10 : Concert in Sheffield (attended by Debbie)

Janet is presented with an award from the Spelman College .

July 11 : While a pregnant Debbie returns to L.A , Michael goes to London where he is joined by his ex wife LIsa Marie!

July 12 + 15 + 17 : Michael performs 3 concerts at the Wembley Stadium in London . (Katherine & Lisa Marie attend the shows)

July 19 : Concert in Dublin.

July 25 : Concert in Basel.

July 27 : Concert in Nice.

August 1 : Concert in Berlin.

August 3 : Concert in Leipzig.

August 10 : Concert in Hockenheim.

August 14 : Concert in Copenhagen.

August 16 : Concert in Gothemburg.

August 19 : Concert in Oslo.

August 22 : Concert in Tallinn.

August 24 + 26 : Concerts in Helsinski.

August 29 : Concert in Copenhagen on Michael 39th birthday. A huge cake is presented to him on stage!

September 1 : After hearing the tragic death of his friend Princess Diana, Michael cancels his concert in Ostend .

September 3 : Michael finally performs in Ostend and dedicates the concert to Lady Di.

September 6 : Last concert of the European tour in Valladolid .

September 7 : Michael gives an interview for US TV show 20/20 with Barbara Walters from his Parisian hotel. The interview is aired a few days later on ABC.

September 8 : Michael returns to Neverland with Grace & Prince Michael Jr.

September 13 : Michael attends a public service for Diana in a Los Angeles church.

October 1 : Michael arrives in Cap, with Omer Bhatti.

October 2 : Michael arrives in Cap, with Omer Bhatti, Katherine & Joseph.

October 4 + 6 : Michael performs 2 concerts in Cap attended by Nelson Mandela among others.

October 7 : Michael, Omer, Katherine & Joseph visit Nelson Mandela’s home.

Later Michael is best man at his friend Gerry Inzerillo ‘s wedding to Prudence Salomon.

October 8 : Michael, Omer, Katherine & Joseph arrive in Johannesburg. Lisa Marie Presley and her children Riley and Benjamin joins them.

Michael and his entourage visit Sun City.

October 10 : Concert in Johannesburg.

October 11 : Michael is made honorary member of a tribe in Phoheng. His parents Joe & Katherine, Omer & Lisa Marie attend the event.

October 12 : Concert in Johannesburg.

October 15 : 82nd and last concert of the History World Tour in Durban

October 16 : Michael Leaves Africa and goes back to Neverland with Omer Bhatti.

October 31 : Dr Sasaki performs surgery on Michael to reduce the width of his scar on the scalp.

November 18-23 : Michael goes to Seoul in to support Kim Dae-Jung at the presidential elections.

Michael & Prince Michael Jr are on the cover of LIFE magazine with a special photo story at Neverland.

November 25 : Debbie Rowe gives an interview to KNBC filmed at Neverland where she denies tabloid rumors of an affair between Michael & Lisa Marie & announces that she is pregnant with a baby girl that she & Michael want to name Paris Michael Katherine.

Late November : Michael goes in a Los Angeles studio to record the song Children’s Holiday for Japonese group J-Friends

December : Sony cancels the release of History’s last single “Smile” at the last minute.

A box set is released in Europe containing the “Ghost” short film on VHS + the unreleased song “On The Line” from the Spike Lee movie soundtrack “Get On The Bus”.

December 17 : Michael visits british boxer Prince Naseem at a gymnasium in New York . While in New York , he meets Puff Daddy to speak of a possible collaboration together.

December 20 : Enid Spann Jackson, Jackie’s ex wife and mother of their children Siggy & Brandi tragically dies of a brain aneurysm in a movie theater bahhroom. The Jackson family gather at Hayvenhurst to support Siggy & brandi.

December 24/25 : Michael celebrates Christmas at Neverland with Grace, Prince, the Cascios & the Bhattis. Debbie Rowe, who is 5 months pregnant, visits them

Late December : Michael attends the funerals of Enid Jackson  & Lilian Disney (widow of Walt Disney).

Previous year : 1994

Previous era : Decade/Dangerous years : 1989-1993

Next era : Invincible years : 1998-2002

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