“Moving Violation” era (1974-1976)


1/Original track listing from the album released on May 15, 1975 (recorded in 1974-1975)

“Forever Came Today” (originally performed by the Supremes) (Holland-Dozier-Holland) – 6:23
“Moving Violation” (Liz Shaw, Harold Beatty) – 3:37
“(You Were Made) Especially for Me” (Michael Lovesmith, Brian Holland) – 3:28
“Honey Love” (Michael Lovesmith, Edward Holland, Brian Holland) – 4:40

“Body Language (Do the Love Dance)” (Hal Davis, Donald Fletcher) – 4:07
“All I Do Is Think of You” (Michael Lovesmith, Brian Holland) – 3:17
“Breezy” (Mel Larson, Jerry Marcellino) – 3:38
“Call of the Wild” (Mel Larson, Jerry Marcellino) – 2:33
“Time Explosion” (Mel Larson, Jerry Marcellino) – 4:13


In 2001, Motown Records remastered all J5 albums in a “Two Classic Albums/One CD” series (much like they did in the late 1980s). This album was paired up with Dancing Machine. The bonus tracks were the outtakes “Through Thick and Thin” (which appeared on 1976’s Joyful Jukebox Music) and the Disc-o-Tech #3 Remix of “Forever Came Today”.

2/Demos/Alternate Versions

3/Outtakes/unreleased tracks from the album’ sessions

4/Others songs from this era

5/Songs known to exist but never released/leaked

6/Singles and short films

1st single :”Forever Came Today” (released on June 10, 1975)

2nd single : All I Do Is Think of You” (released on November 5, 1975)

3rd single : “Body Language (Do the Love Dance)” (released on January 24, 1976)

7/TV peformances

June 16, 1975 : The Jackson 5 performs Moving Violation at the Dinah Show and Janet & Randy do their Sonny & Cher skit.

June 28, 1975 : The Jackson 5 perform Dancing MachineMoving Violation & Just A Little Bit Of You (by Michael) at American Bandstand.

July 1975 : The Jackson 5 perform Forever Came Today & Body Language at the Carol Burnett Show without Jermaine!

October 5, 1975 : The J5 perform Forever Came Today, All I Do Is Think Of YouOne Day In Your LifeJust A Little Bit Of You & We’ve Got Forever at the Soul Train Show.

February 16, 1976 : The Jacksons perform Forever Came Today at the Rich Little Show.


The Jackson 5 World Tour 1973-1976

Previous era : « Forever, Michael » era (1974-1975)

Following era : Motown Years Compilation Albums

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