“Forever, Michael” (1975)


Recording sessions : October–December 1974

Studios : Motown studios, Los Angeles.

Label : Motown

Release date : January 16, 1975

Peak on Billboard 200 : 101

Original track listing from the album released on January 16, 1975 (recorded in 1974)

1. “We’re Almost There”
2. “Take Me Back”
3. “One Day in Your Life”
4. “Cinderella Stay Awhile”
5. “We’ve Got Forever”
6. “Just a Little Bit of You”
7. “You Are There”
8. “Dapper-Dan”
9. “Dear Michael”
10. “I’ll Come Home to You”

Demos/Alternate Versions/Outtakes/unreleased tracks from the album’ sessions

Others songs from this era

Singles and short films

1st single :”We’re Almost There” (released in February 1975)

Peak on Hot 100 Billboard : 54

2nd single : “Just a Little Bit of You” (released in April 1975)

Peak on Hot 100 Billboard : 23

Promotion (TV performances/Award Shows/magazine covers etc.)

February 18, 1975 : Michael accepts an award on behalf of Diana Ross at the American Music Awards and he also presents an award with Janet to Gladys Knight & The Pips.

March 16, 1975 : The Jackson 5 appear on the Cher TV show.They are introduced by Janet and they perform I Am Love + a skit called The World Is a Mess and finally Cher joins the group to perform a medley of I Want You Back/I’ll Be There/Never Can Say Goodbye/The Love You Save/Dancing Machine.

June 16, 1975 : The Jackson 5 performs Moving Violation at the Dinah Show and Janet & Randy do their Sonny & Cher skit.

June 28, 1975 : The Jackson 5 perform Dancing MachineMoving Violation & Just A Little Bit Of You (by Michael) at American Bandstand.

July 1975 : The Jackson 5 perform Forever Came Today & Body Language at the Carol Burnett Show without Jermaine!

October 5, 1975 : The J5 perform Forever Came Today, All I Do Is Think Of YouOne Day In Your LifeJust A Little Bit Of You & We’ve Got Forever at the Soul Train Show.


The Jackson 5 on tour 1970-1976 

Previous era : « Dancing Machine » (1974)

Following era : « Moving Violation »  (1975)

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