“Control” era (1985-1987)


Recording sessions : August-October 1985

Studios : Flyte Tyme Productions in Minneapolis.

Label : A&M Records

Release date : February 4, 1986

Original track listing

“What Have You Done for Me Lately”
“You Can Be Mine”
“The Pleasure Principle”
“When I Think of You”
“He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive”
“Let’s Wait Awhile”
“Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)”

Peak on Billboard 200 : 1

Demos/Alternate Versions 

Control (Video Mix) : Released in 1987 (Control : The Remixes)

Outtakes/unreleased tracks from the album’ sessions

Others songs from this era

Baby Sister : Background vocals. Released in 1986 (Latoya Jackson “Imagination”)

Diamonds : Lead vocals. Released in 1987 (Herb Alpert “Keep Your Eye On Me”.

Making Love In The Rain : Background vocals. Released in 1987 (Herb Alpert “Keep Your Eye On Me”.

Singles and videos


No concert

Previous era : « Dream Street » era (1984)

Next era : « Rhythm Nation 1814 » era (1988-1991)

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