“History” sessions (1993-1995)


Recording sessions : February 1994-March 1995

Studios : Hit Factory, New York.

Label : Sony Music

Release date : June 20, 1995

Peak on Billboard 200 : 1

Original track listing

Scream (duet with Janet Jackson)
They Don’t Care About Us
Stranger In Moscow
This Time Around (featuring The Notorious B.I.G.)
Earth Song
Come Together
You Are Not Alone
Tabloid Junkie
2 Bad (featuring Shaquille O’Neal)
Little Susie

Demos/Outtakes/unreleased tracks from the album’ sessions :

Family Thing (demo) : Recorded in 1993 but never completed. Planned song for Addams Family Values movie. Cancelled due to allegations of 1993. Also known as “Addams’s Groove”, “Family values”, or “Family morales”. Demo leaked in 2018 but remains unreleased.

2 Bad (Ghost version) : Special version remixed in 1996 for the “Ghost” short film but remains unreleased.

In The Back (demo) : Recorded in 1994-2004 & released in 2004 (The Ultimate Collection Box Set).

On The Line : Recorded in 1994-1996 & released in 1997 (Ghosts Box Set).

Morphine (demo) : Recorded 1994-1997 & released in 1997 (Blood On The Dance Floor). Original demo from 1994 remains unreleased.

Is It Scary (demo) Recorded in 1994-1997 & released in 1997 (Blood On The Dance Floor). Original demo from 1994 remains unreleased.

Ghosts (Demo Guide Vocal) : Recorded in 1994. Full demo leaked in 2017 but remains unreleased.

Learned My Lesson (Much Too Soon) : Written in 1982 but recorded in 1994. A different version was released in 2010 under the title “Much Too Soon”  (Michael). Original demo leaked in 2018 but remains unreleased.

Faces : Failed to make the HIStory album. Also known as “Face” The song is about African pride. Michael Jackson has never recorded any vocals on this track except the introduction words. Originally intended to feature a spoken intro by South African Nelson Mandela made by Jackson on the demo. Features a performance by the percussion group STOMP. The song has never been completed due to Mandela’s advisors not allowing him to send back the song to Jackson with his intro because of the scandals surrounding him during this time. Full demo leaked in 2018 but it remains unreleased.

Why : Recorded in 1994 & released in 1995 as a duet with 3T (Brotherhood). Solo demo remains unreleased.

Basszouille : Written in 1994.

Others songs from this era

I Need You : Song recorded by 3T in 1994 ans released in 1995 on their debut album Brotherhood. Michael does background vocals.

Previous era : « Dangerous » sessions (1988-1991)

Next era :« Blood On The Dance Floor » sessions (1996-1997)

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