Bold And Beautiful 1987

Cast Members

(veteran actors who have been on the show for 25 years and more in bold)

-John McCook as Eric Forrester

-Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan

-Susan Flannery as Stephanie Douglas

-Ron Moss as Ridge Forrester

-Clayton Norcross as Thorne Forrester

-Teri Ann Linn as Kristen Forrester

-Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison

-Jim Storm as William “Bill’ Spencer

-Joanna Johnson as Caroline Spencer

-Judith Baldwin as Beth Logan

-Nancy Burnett as Beth Logan (2nd Beth)

-Lesley Woods as Helen Logan

-Ethan Wayne as Storm Logan

-Carrie Mitchum as Donna Logan

-Nancy Sloan as Katie Logan

-Lauren Koslow as Margo MacLaine Linley


-Next year : 1988

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