“Destiny” era (1978)


1/Original track listing from the album released on December 17, 1978 (recorded in 1978)

Blame It on the Boogie
Push Me Away
Things I Do for You
Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
Bless His Soul
All Night Dancin
That’s What You Get (For Being Polite)

2/Demos/Alternate Versions

Shake A Body (demo version of Shake Your Body) : Recorded in 1978 & released in 2004 (The Ultimate Collection Box Set)

3/Outtakes/unreleased tracks from the album’ sessions

4/Others songs from this era

5/Songs known to exist but never released/leaked

6/Singles and short films

1st single : “Blame It On The Boogie” (released on August 23, 1978) 

Date of shooting : August 1978

Date of premiere : September 1978

Directed by : Peter Conn

Official release : On DVD in 2010 (Vision, long version) and on the Jacksons’ You Tube official page.

7/TV Performances and live concerts


Previous era : « The Wiz » era (1977-1978)

Next era : « Off The Wall » era (1978-1980)


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