Y&R 2005

It was the crash heard around Genoa City! Cassie was quickly transcending from little girl to a young woman. Sharon was keeping an eye on her and getting progressively more worried. When Cassie wanted to attend a party, Sharon hesitated but Nick encouraged her to let Cassie go. Daniel was at the party and, when Lily ignored him, he drank more than he could handle and passed out in the backseat of a car. Cassie’s crush on the older Daniel led her to get into the driver’s seat without a license and low and behold, she crashed, leaving Daniel with no memory of the accident.

As Cassie lay in the hospital in critical condition, Daniel stood blamed for everything. Cassie escaped from the hospital to tell Daniel it wasn’t his fault, but this spiked her fever and, in a powerful Y&R; moment, Cassie said her good-byes to Victor, Nikki, Victoria, Noah, Nick and Sharon and the moniter flat lined and Cassie died with Nick and Sharon in the room.

Determined more that ever to put Daniel behind bars, Nick would stop at nothing. Daniel and Lily decided to run away together to California where they were ultimately caught and leaving Daniel to face trial for the murder of Cassie. Under the full proof investigating powers of Paul and Christine, it was discovered that Cassie was the driver and Daniel was set free, but not without first leaving a powerful impact on all of Genoa City.

With Nick pre-occupied with Cassie’s death, Victoria took over Newman enterprises, and in a surprise move, hired Brad Carlton. Brad and Sharon became quite close as well when Nick became distant and Sharon enjoyed spending time with not only Brad, but became close to Abby, giving Ashley reason to worry.

Sharon earned her spot of Newman Enterprises’s Beauty of Nature line spokes model. When on the rode to promote the products, Brad and Sharon ended up in a kiss that Sharon soon regretted, vowing to work on her marriage.

Meanwhile, Phyllis and Nick had been forming a bond of their own. After first bonding at Michael’s bachelor party, Nick asked Phyllis to work on Newman’s Web site before the Web cast of the new line. When the Web cast failed, it was first presumed that Phyllis had corrupted the site, but, much to the chagrin of Jack, she actually had not. This further improved relations with Nick and Phyllis. As the holidays rolled around, Phyllis and Daniel made amends with the Newmans by bringing by pie on Thanksgiving, further strengthening Phyllis and Nick’s friendship. Finally, when Brad and Sharon were away on business, Nick and Phyllis made love! Vowing to keep it a secret, Nick did not tell Sharon despite her confession that she kissed Brad.

All the while, Brad had been romancing Victoria, a move that didn’t sit very well with her family. After making love to her, however, he confessed to Sharon that he was in love with her! When Sharon neglected to return the sentiment favoring to work on her marriage instead, Brad proposed to Victoria on New Year’s Eve!

With Jack and Phyllis already at odds with business, Phyllis and Nikki proposed an idea for a spa to Victor, who, as a Christmas gift for Nikki, agreed to fund it. When Jack denied the venture to fall under Chancellor Industries, Nikki and Phyllis took it to Jill who gave it the green light under Jabot. This move infuriated Jack who threatened to sue Victor if he moved forward.

The Winters worried endlessly about Lily and her deep love for Daniel. Dru was specifically obsessed with keeping the two teens apart and, as a result, she neglected Devon. Devon sought out his birth mother only to find her doing crack in the park and realizing he better stay away from her for good. With Neil’s help, Devon’s mother Yolanda got the treatment she needed and soon moved in with the Winters. Meanwhile, Lily was sent to boarding school, but she and Daniel managed to secretly communicate through www.studypals.net, the school’s message boards.

With Brittany betrothed to Bobby, things heated up for J.T. and Mac. Mac made the ultimate decision to sleep with J.T. While known as a player in the past, he truly did love her, but circumstances tour them apart. Bobby was in big trouble with the mob. In order to save he and Brittany’s unborn child, they pretended to break up and that J.T. was the father. J.T. always willing to help Brittany, went along with the plan even lying to Mac. This broke her heart and left many unanswered questions. In a strange twist of irony, Mac ended up delivering Brittany’s baby when she went into labor at the loft and J.T. finally told her the truth, but it was too late to gain back Mac’s trust.

Meanwhile, in order to save his wife and baby (and to protect the likes of Nikki who was kidnapped by Vinny until Victor saved her with the help of Paul), Bobby left Genoa City to head into protective custody hoping that Brittany and their son Joshua would join him once Joshua, who was born two months early, could leave the hospital.

For safety reasons, Brittany moved into the Chancellor mansion. J.T. was also staying their and Mac eventually forgave him and their romance was back on. At first, Jill was annoyed everyone was staying in her home, including the newborn Joshua. She soon found herself very attached however. Once the news surfaced that Bobby had been killed and Brittany made a last ditch effort for J.T. by kissing him, but was denied, Brittany decided to leave Genoa City with Joshua.

With J.T. and Mac reunited completely and now sans Brittany, Kevin’s crush on Mac was definitely unrequited. However, the two decided to go into business together and bought Crimson Lights from Nick and Sharon.

Michael decided to roll the dice and proposed to Lauren after transforming the GCAC dining room into a Vegas type celebration complete with Elvis. Lauren said yes and wedding plans, with the help of Gloria, were under way.

Michael got increasingly curious about Lauren’s son Scotty and, much to the chagrin of Lauren, went to find him. Involving her son left Lauren nervous as it might have meant the re-surfacing of Sheila who kidnapped Scotty when he was a baby. Low and behold, Lauren’s worries were warranted and Sheila returned to town causing panic and intrigue throughout Genoa City.

Gloria was in a heap of trouble of her own. Her ex-husband, Terrible Tom, a.k.a. Kevin’s abusive father, returned to town, and, since they never officially divorced, he blackmailed Gloria so that John would not find out.

With their mutual hatred of Lauren and Michael respectively, Sheila and Tom decided to team up. First Ashley and Michael got the upper hand when scheming against Tom. Ashley pretended to be interested in Tom, but really the duo set him up landing him in jail. This move only added fuel to his fire.

Sheila was prancing around town disguised as both Jennifer and Brenda. Scott believed Brenda to be his innocent tutor who was helping him write a novel. When he showed her a necklace he wanted to present to his mother, she stole it and laced it with poison first. While Michael was at his bachelor party, Sheila cornered a delusional Lauren on her roof encouraging her to jump. Michael got to her in time and Lauren spent some time in the hospital, opting to postpone their wedding. The big day did occur however without a stitch! Things got rocky, however, on Lauren and Michael’s honeymoon cruise. While Michael was snorkeling, Tom and Sheila managed to get on board and kidnap Lauren, then blowing up the ship. Tom turned on Sheila and locked her and Lauren up in a bomb shelter. Seeing the explosion left Michael believing his new bride was dead.

Feeling the walls caving in on himself, Tom made a last ditch effort to have Gloria meet him in an alley. Furious, John overheard the conversation and left the house. Seeing this, Ashley panicked yelling for Gloria to call the police after she chased after him. When she arrived she found Tom shot and picked up the gun just as police arrived, leaving her accused of the crime. As Michael tried to get information from Tom as he lay in the hospital about Lauren, Tom flatlined.

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