Y&R 2004

Sharon started the year off with a bang by hitting Cameron with a champagne bottle and presuming him dead. Traumatized by the events she went to great lengths with the help of both Nikki and Larry to cover her tracks and hide his body. Low and behold it turned out he had faked his mortality and came back to haunt Sharon. He eventually admitted that he wasn’t going to ever leave her be and insisted he marry her and leave Genoa City forever. As they boarded a jet, Nick was able to sneak on and battled Cameron. All three jumped out of the plane with parachutes and the younger Newmans brought Cameron to justice and finally restored their marriage to solid ground.

For corporate espionage, Victor was court ordered to perform community service and he negotiated with the Judge. Victor proceeded to renovate and opened an inner city recreation center for young people. Victor ended up mentoring Devon, a young man who had a troubled upbringing. Victor asserted his power over Jack by offering to pay off Jabot’s debts on the condition they oust Jack as CEO. Jack was headed further into a downward spiral when he and Phyllis called it quits. A good man doesn’t stay down for long and Jack soon found himself living the playboy life. His free wheeling ways eventually landed him in an affair with Jill, much to the disgrace of Ashley.

J.T. pursued his rock star dreams and headed out to the West Coast, as Shiloh arranged a deal with a Los Angeles record company. When he realized the toll it was taking on his relationship with Colleen, he decided it’s not for him. In turn, Colleen decided that college life was calling and she broke off their romance opting to pursue education back in New York.

When J.T. found a mysterious ruby earring at the inner city recreation center, Nikki was forced to re-live the tragedy of her accidentally shooting a little boy at her 5th birthday party. Victor’s obsession with business left him unavailable to fill her emotional needs and Nikki sought comfort in an unlikely person, strip club owner and mobster, Bobby Marsino. He enlisted her help with the club and the two were soon running it together. When Sharon followed Nikki to work one night, the two exchanged words, but overall it made Sharon realize she longed for more than just staying at home now that the kids were older.

Raul was determined to get back at Brittany for her devotion to Bobby, going so far as pretending to have a girlfriend. When he realized his affections were a lost cause, he decided to go off to college.

Things continued to get serious between Brittany and Bobby and he proposed marriage. It was bad timing for J.T. who realized his true feelings for Brittany. She seemed to return the sentiments, but then went through with the wedding, having J.T. has her best man.

When Jill’s birth father Arthur returned to town, romance with he and Kay quickly heated up, but not without suspicion. Alcoholism hit Kay very hard again, but she battled her demons after a visit in a dream from Rex and Phillip and through the help and support of Arthur and Jill. Kay also embraced her mother/daughter relationship and let Jill keep a watchful eye on Chancellor Industries. Jill quickly realized CEO Elliot Hampton was up to no good, but his seductive ways blind-sided her. After a quick proposal, Jill broke off the engagement when she came to her senses when evidence of embezzlement surfaced along with his dishonest business practices. Elliot fled the country trying to avoid felony charges.

Arthur’s stepson, Harrison, came to town claiming Arthur had poisoned his mother, prompting Jill to suspect Arthur was only after Kay’s money. Arthur got wind of the accusations and left town reigniting the long standing bickering between Jill and Kay.

Phyllis’s world was rocked when her son Daniel returned to Genoa City, but wanted nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, Phyllis gave romance a “go” with Damon. His mysterious past rose to the surface as it turned out he once had a son who was murdered and the killer was up for parole. Unable to stay out of it, Phyllis confronted the murderer. When he followed her to Damon’s apartment a battle ensued resulting in Damon killing him.

After deciding to all work in the same office, Paul and Chris defended Damon and Michael defended Phyllis. This put both parties in a compromising position when Paul and Chris had to hide jail transcripts that would free Phyllis but incriminate Damon. Phyllis went to great lengths, including disguising herself as a man, and eventually she cleared their names.

Michael and Kevin’s worlds were rocked when their mother, Gloria, left Detroit and came to town and decided to live with them. Kevin was crushed when he found out his declared love of his life, Lauren, was actually heavily involved with his step-brother, Michael.

In an effort to repair Kevin’s reputation, Daniel and Kevin hired a punk kid to lace Lily’s drink with the roofies at the grand opening at the recreation. center. The plan worked seamlessly at first, but the punk kid tried to rape Lily in the elevator, sending Lily to the hospital. Kevin looked like the hero, but definitely was not guilt free. The punk kid later came back to taunt Daniel and Kevin but Phyllis and Damon scared him off for good.

As Kevin served jail time, he was so badly beaten that he was sent to the hospital where he pretended to be insane to avoid more jail time.

Gloria learned to set her sights on getting rich and romanced one of Genoa City’s most wealthy men: John Abbott. John fell right into her trap, but her feelings soon turned real. To the utter surprise of Ashley, Jack, Michael, and Kevin, John and Gloria return from a cruise holiday married as husband and wife.

Capping off Michael’s year, he refused to acknowledge the holidays. With some clever maneuvering on Chris’s part, Victor demanded Michael come to the ranch. After Michael watched Cassie and Noah hang stockings and wrap presents, Chris and Paul showed up with Kevin. Realizing Chris set everything up, Michael became emotional and caught up in the Christmas spirit.

Dru convinced Neil to take in Devon as their foster son, making her case to Lorena, the social worker. Rocking their world even more, Malcolm shocked everyone with his return, having been presumed dead in Africa for over two years. Olivia came to terms with his return. Neil struggled to mend their differences while Dru struggled to keep past secrets buried – the possibility that Malcolm could indeed be Lily’s paternal father. ;-)

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