Y&R 2001

Billy realized that staying pals with Mac while dating Brittany was doing Mac more harm than good. Although Billy told Mac he would start tutoring at the shelter again, he abruptly changed his mind, much to Mac’s disappointment. One day in the coffee shop while Mac was on duty, Billy made a point of giving Brittany the opal ring in front of Mac. Mac was devastated; this was, after all, the ring Billy had once given her. Later, to fuel Billy’s jealousy, Mac pretended to be interested in J.T. (who was in on the ruse). Meanwhile, Billy began an e-mail correspondence with “CleanQueen,” unaware he was venting about his girl troubles to Mac. J.T. found a Glow By Jabot videotape from the previous summer and learned that Brittany lied about having sex with Billy. At Mac’s request, Raul watched the tape and revealed the shocking news. Mac was all set to tell Billy the truth, but Brittany, who got wind of the situation, destroyed the tape. Brittany also discovered CleanQueen’s identity and blabbed to Billy. Billy blasted Mac for not coming clean with him, as it were. Mac and Brittany got into a confrontation, and Mac told Brittany she was going to show Billy the pool house tape. Brittany boasted that the tape was toast, but Mac called her bluff by claiming she had a copy. The trick worked and Brittany ran to Billy to confess that they never had sex in the pool house. Billy felt betrayed by her lie and promptly ended their relationship. Billy and Mac later reconciled, and Brittany sought revenge by digging up dirt from Mac’s past and posting information about Mac (who agreed to be on camera for the second season of Glow by Jabot) on the show’s Web site. This led to Amanda, Mac’s estranged mother, to learn of Mac’s whereabouts. Amanda showed up at the Chancellor Estate, and she and Mac had an awkward reunion.

Raul had a persistent cold that would not go away. He complained of being thirsty all the time, his eyes bothered him, and was consuming a lot of sweets. Billy and Rianna consulted a medical Web site and deduced that Raul was diabetic. Meanwhile, at the pool house, Raul hyperventilated and passed out. He was rushed to the hospital and slipped into a coma. Raul’s friends and family kept vigil, and the young man recovered. Olivia informed Raul that he had Type-one diabetes, and would have to make some lifestyle changes. It wasn’t long before Raul took his condition in stride, and ignored onlookers at the coffeehouse as he gave himself an insulin shot. But when Raul saw Rianna and J.T. together at the Glow by Jabot boutique (he had recently learned that Rianna and J.T. had once been intimate), Raul accidentally overdosed himself and fell into insulin shock. Raul was hospitalized, but he made a full recovery.

Diane gave birth to a boy whom she named Christian Victor Newman. Victor insisted on a paternity test, which proved that he was not the infant’s father. Victor told Diane to leave town lest he brought legal action against her. Diane was convinced that Nikki switched the sperm samples and confronted her about the truth. Diane and her baby moved to Italy, and Nikki (with Victoria’s encouragement) confessed to Victor that she had indeed switched the samples. Victor berated Nikki, noting that her actions resulted in the creation of an unwanted child. A guilt-ridden Nikki did some investigating and discovered that Jack was the biological father. Nikki secretly traveled to Italy to apologize to Diane for her role in the sperm switch.

An unsuspecting Sharon invited beloved employee Carter (aka Matt) to her house for dinner. Carter slipped a Mickey into Sharon’s margarita, and she passed out. Carter was just about to rape her but was scared off when Nick came home. When club kid Jordan was hospitalized from the tainted ecstasy he purchased from Matt, Matt snuck into the hospital and disconnected Jordan’s ventilator, killing him, lest Jordan fingered Matt. Thanks to all the evidence Matt and Warton planted, Nick was arrested and thrown in jail. While Nick stewed in jail — Warton was locked up, too, having been double crossed by Matt — Matt lured Sharon to an isolated cabin. Warton revealed Matt’s true identity, and the cavalry — Victor — arrived at the cabin before Matt could rape Sharon. Matt escaped and jumped into Tricia’s car (suspecting that Carter was up to no good, Tricia, who was Carter’s paramour, had followed him to the cabin), but Tricia crashed the car, sending both of them to the hospital. Tricia signed a deposition stating that Matt was responsible for Jordan’s death, and Nick was freed. As he lay dying, Matt demanded to see Nick. Once they were alone, Matt suggested to Nick that Matt had raped Sharon the night of the dinner party. Then Matt yanked out his ventilator tube, placing it in Nick’s hand. Matt croaked, and Nick’s goose was cooked (a police officer walked in and assumed Nick sent Matt to his final resting place). Nick was tossed back into jail, but Warton (with help from an unwitting Cassie) convinced the authorities that Matt was demented enough to frame Nick for murder by committing suicide. Nick was released (as was Warton — who decided to go straight — at a later time).

The Newmans’ troubles were far from over. Tricia (who agreed to divorce Ryan) convinced everyone that she was sane as long as she took her medication. When her father, Keith, was hospitalized with a stroke and became comatose, Tricia reacted quickly. Knowing that the Newmans would want her back in the mental hospital now that Keith was incapacitated and couldn’t watch over her (Tricia’s sister, Megan, was also unavailable), Tricia gave Victor an unusual proposition: She would move into the penthouse with him, where he could keep an eye on her himself. Victor accepted (and promptly reactivated the video surveillance system that was last used on Diane), much to his family’s shock. Tricia conferred with Matt’s ghost (a figment of her imagination) on a daily basis, and plotted against Victor and Victoria (who was set to remarry Ryan). When Victor spurned Tricia’s advances, she drugged his tea, had sex with him, and then claimed rape. Naturally, Victor didn’t remember a thing, but DNA proved he had sex with Tricia. Fortunately, Victor did remember drinking the tea, and urged the district attorney to test the DNA sample for drugs. Meanwhile, Tricia told everyone she was leaving town and then checked into a nearby hotel. Victoria and Ryan’s wedding day arrived, and Tricia slipped into the church unnoticed. She knocked Victoria unconscious with a candlestick and disguised herself as the bride. At the altar, Ryan was horrified when Tricia lifted her veil and revealed herself to the stunned guests. Tricia pulled out a gun and fired at Victoria (who entered the chapel after coming to), but Ryan jumped up and took the bullet instead. Ryan underwent surgery, but he died shortly afterwards. Tricia (who admitted that Victor didn’t rape her) was committed to a psychiatric hospital where doctors watched her strange behavior as she bid farewell to Matt.

Sharon discovered she was pregnant. Remembering Matt’s cruel implication that the child may have been conceived during an act of rape (which was a complete falsehood), Nick felt that he and Sharon should give the baby up for adoption after it’s birth. Sharon was appalled; even if the child wasn’t Nick’s she was still it’s mother. The couple argued, Sharon fell, and she delivered a premature girl who didn’t survive. A post-mortem paternity test concluded that the child was indeed Nick’s. A heartbroken Sharon kept the news to herself, but she eventually told Nick. By then, however, the couple’s marriage was headed toward a downward spiral.

Ashley gave Brad her consent to adopt Abby. But the cozy little threesome was interrupted when Traci came to town with her and Brad’s teen-age daughter, Colleen. Traci admitted that she and her husband, Steve, were having marital problems. Everyone decided it was in Colleen’s best interests to stay in Genoa City while Traci returned to New York to salvage her marriage. Ashley found herself uncomfortable with Brad and Colleen’s budding relationship. Later, when Traci announced that she and Steve had reconciled, Colleen (who by now was part of the Glow By Jabot crowd) didn’t want to leave town. She ran away and wound up at the shelter, where Amanda (who was living there at the time) convinced Colleen to return to her family. Colleen went back to New York, but started acting out by smoking pot with her friends. John persuaded Traci to let Colleen live with him, and wasn’t long before Colleen was once again in Genoa City.

Paul was all set to visit Christine in Hong Kong when his trip was waylaid by a beautiful damsel in distress named Isabella. Unbeknownst to Paul, however, Isabella had been hired by Michael to permanently break up the Williamses’ marriage (Michael desired Chris for himself). Claiming that she was in mortal danger of her imprisoned (yet still influential) husband, Paul went so far as to inviting Isabella to stay under his roof. Meanwhile, Chris (who was by now living in Australia) made a return trip home and caught Paul and Isabella in flagrante. Chris filed for divorce and although Paul was saddened, he professed his love for Isabella. Paul became confused, though, when Chris suggested she wanted to reconcile. This led to an argument between Paul and Isabella, the latter of whom was later in a car accident. Paul visited Isabella at the hospital, and she informed him that she was leaving town. After Paul left, Dr. Walker told Isabella that she was pregnant. Isabella sought comfort in Michael’s arms, and they made love. Paul and Chris never did reconcile, and Chris left town. Isabella announced that she was pregnant — with Michael’s child.

Disapproving of Malcolm’s lifestyle, Olivia reduced his visitation rights with Nate. Malcolm confronted Olivia about the situation, and was stunned when she cut Malcolm off from Nate completely. Neil, Mamie and Ashley tried to make Olivia reconsider, but to no avail. A sympathetic Mamie arranged for Nate and Malcolm to “accidentally” bump into each other on several occasions, but Olivia went ballistic when she found out what was going on. Olivia and Malcolm went to court where the judge (after hearing Nate’s heartfelt testimony) awarded Malcolm reasonable visitation rights. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Alex became engaged. Alex discovered that Neil had very strong feelings for her and decided she could no longer continue a professional relationship with him. Instead of accepting Neil’s lucrative job offer at Newman Enterprises, Alex joined Michael and Chris’ law firm. This didn’t sit well with Malcolm, and their relationship began to suffer. Meanwhile, Neil reconnected with Olivia and they made love. After Ryan’s death, however, Neil sank into a deep depression and started to drink heavily. In a vulnerable moment, Neil told Malcolm that he had feelings for Alex. Malcolm was upset, but reasoned that Neil’s feelings were unreciprocated. The truth of the matter was that Alex was in denial about her attraction to Neil.

Phyllis went after Jack like gangbusters, but got cold field when he started talking marriage and children. Phyllis new how much Jack wanted to raise a child (he hadn’t met his son Keemo until the latter was already an adult), but parenthood was a touchy subject for Phyllis, as it reminded her that she had been deemed unfit to rear her own child, Danny, by a court of law. Phyllis finally accepted Jack’s proposal, and they made plans to throw an engagement party. But during the preparations Phyllis began to experience sharp abdominal pains and was eventually hospitalized. Phyllis underwent surgery for a tubular pregnancy; she recovered but was told she couldn’t bear children. Phyllis wanted to call off the engagement, but Jack refused, insisting that he loved regardless of her inability to have kids. At the engagement party, Phyllis was all set to officially end their relationship, but a moving speech by Jack in front of the guests overwhelmed her. Once again Phyllis accepted Jack’s proposal, and they wed in a lovely ceremony Dec. 26.

Nina and Phillip moved to Los Angeles when she was tapped to write a screenplay. Unfortunately, her relationship with Tomas did not survive the transition…Jill started dating Jabot web master Sean, but was a little troubled by their difference in ages. Although Sean insisted that he was sincere in his emotions, it proved necessary for him to woo Jill back more than once. ;-)

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