Y&R 2000

Megan’s wedding day ended in tragedy when Tricia hit Tony on his motorcycle while backing out of the driveway. A makeshift ceremony took place at the hospital but Tony died in Megan’s arms shortly after the vows were exchanged. Ryan suggested that Tricia go to therapy for her trauma and intimacy issues. Meanwhile, Sharon suspected that Tricia killed Tony and urged the police to reopen the case. When Tricia finally confessed that she was part of a conspiracy with Grace, Megan left Genoa City and moved to Boston. Tricia’s mental state started to spiral downward and Ryan decided to separate. He denied Tricia’s sexual advances and turned to Victoria for support. Feeling rejected, Tricia joined forces with Matt and vowed revenge on Victoria.

The police arrested Warton while the real stalker [Gary] continued to write “greatest fan” letters to Victoria. With Warton and Ross out of the way, Gary and Victoria grew closer. By the time she realized he was the stalker, however, it was too late; he kidnapped her and took her to Nick’s old tree house where he held her captive. Paul managed to save her in time and Gary was brought to justice. Although she was not physically harmed, Victoria remained emotionally disturbed by the ordeal. She visited Gary at the correctional facility where she, in turn, attacked him!

In New Mexico, Ramona prepared a farewell dinner for Victor. After making passionate love, Victor confessed that he wanted to save his marriage with Nikki. Ramona arrived to profess her love to Victor but she returned to Mexico after learning that he was sharing the penthouse with Diane. After returning from her Italian vacation with Brad, Nikki was still confused about her feelings for Victor. She confronted Diane and the two women entered a fierce competition over Victor and his sperm sample. Later, Diane consulted a fertility specialist and was successfully impregnated with “Victor’s” sperm. When Victor learned of Diane’s pregnancy, he was livid and moved out of the penthouse. Diane traveled to Kansas where Hope assured her that Victor would be committed to his child. Nikki and Victor rekindled their romance but he broke it off when he learned that she invested $35 Million in Jabot!

Meanwhile, Brad tried to resign from Newman Enterprises and he and Nikki entertained the idea of working for Jabot. Victor had secretly purchased Jabot’s remaining loan, however, and refused to grant Jack an extension when the time expired for the payment. When Brad paid off half the loan, Victor threatened legal action to enforce his non-compete clause. Victor tried to end his career but Ashley used her influence on Victor to convince him not to go after Brad.

After Jack was tested for testicular cancer [negative], he made a sperm deposit. When he discovered that Ashley was pregnant, Jack flew to Paris to confront Christian. Meanwhile, Ashley informed Victor that she was pregnant. Brad volunteered to be Ashley’s Lamaze partner and their relationship grew deeper. She accepted his marriage proposal despite her lingering feelings for Victor. Moments before the wedding, Ashley went into labor at home and Victor drove her to the hospital. Brad arrived moments after the baby was born and exchanged wedding vows with Ashley. Brad wanted to legally adopt the baby, later to be named Abby, but Ashley feared that doing so would reveal the biological father.

Phyllis made a surprise return to Genoa City and Jack offered her a job as the website producer. She tried to balance her feelings for both Michael and Jack and was thrilled when Jack asked her out for dinner. In the end, she accepted a job offer for the Brash & Sassy campaign!

Billy distanced himself from his friends and began hanging out with J.T. He used Mac’s birthday party as an excuse to go to J.T.’s house where he drank until he passed out in the snow. Raul used CPR to resuscitate Billy and he was rushed to the hospital where he went into full cardiac arrest. Friends and family gathered to show their support and he eventually made a full recovery. Billy and Mac shared their first kiss but agreed to keep their feelings a secret. Billy continued his relationship with Brittany and Mac remained close to Raul. When Billy and Mac were crowed prom king and queen, things became increasingly complicated. Although Brittany was hired as Jabot’s new Glow Girl, Billy and Mac were featured in the advertisement because of their prom “royalty” status. Both Brittany and Jill were upset with the situation. Jill tried to dig up dirt from Mac’s past and was frustrated when her birth certificate confirmed that Brock was her biological father. Unable to continue the lie, Mac finally broke up with Raul who punched Billy in the face after discovering the truth. Meanwhile, Brittany discovered that Billy and Mac were dating and plotted her revenge. She devastated Mac by telling her that she had been sleeping with Billy all summer. Billy tried to tell Mac the truth but she refused to listen to him. She returned the opal ring and Billy struggled to keep his emotions under control. Billy returned to his relationship with Brittany and the couple nearly had intercourse before being interrupted by Jack. The Glow by Jabot house was reinstated for a New Year’s Eve party. Although she still had feelings for Billy, Mac was unable to confront him in person. When Jack offered her a job running the New Year’s Eve webcast, however, she accepted to spite Jill.

Tomas and Nina grew closer together and eventually consummated their love. She began to publicly refer to him as her boyfriend and was delighted when he shaved off his mustache. Tomas encouraged Nina with her writing and offered to edit her material. As Nina’s writing improved, Tomas developed a “writer’s block” and turned to the bottle for relief. Hugh recommended Nina’s novel and it was chosen for publication. Furthermore, a big time movie producer showed interest in her story. Later, Tomas surprised Nina in Taos with a wedding proposal and she eventually accepted.

Olivia told Neil that she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. When she heard that little Nate witnessed Malcolm’s attack, Olivia called Michael to revoke Malcolm’s visitation rights. Callie finally confessed that she was married to Trey and she pleaded with Olivia not to punish Malcolm and Nate for her mistakes. Malcolm was devastated by Callie’s dishonesty and the wedding was called off.

Olivia, Malcolm and Neil were shocked when Drucilla returned to Genoa. When Lily contracted chickenpox, Neil invited Dru and her daughter to stay at his house. Dru and Neil rekindled their passion but she ran back to Paris after a disagreement. Malcolm traveled to France, however, and convinced her to return to Genoa City. Meanwhile, Olivia’s health declined and Dru volunteered to donate her bone marrow. Olivia began chemotherapy and Dru ultimately gave Neil her permission to pursue her sister. Dru reconnected with Malcolm and a kiss lead to a night of lovemaking. He helped her put together a new portfolio and, in turn, Sid offered her a new contract. She traveled to Paris after a miscommunication with Malcolm; he went after her but she refused to return. Olivia questioned Malcolm’s commitment to Nate and threatened to reduce his visitation rights.

Michael persuaded Chris to become a partner in his firm and she accepted, despite Paul’s disappointment. Mary pressed Paul to have a baby with Christine and he consulted a fertility clinic. Paul was delighted when her pregnancy test came up positive but a doctor later confirmed that the test was in error. Paul and Chris began to communicate their feelings with one another and their marriage took a turn for the worse.

Nick and Sharon signed a lease for a new coffeehouse and prepared to legally adopt Cassie. As a result, Victor cut Nick’s responsibilities at Newman Enterprises and he almost resigned. Nick and Sharon were relieved when Cassie’s test results confirmed that she did not have tuberculosis. Meanwhile, Matt Clark returned to Genoa City disguised as “Carter” and got a job at the coffeehouse. He joined forces with Warton and together they planned to frame Nick for dealing drugs.;-)

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