Y&R 1995

Cast Members (actors still on the show today in bold)

-Jess Walton as Jill Foster (5th Jill)

-Jeanne Cooper as Katherine “Kay” Chancellor

-Doug Davidson as Paul Williams

-Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki Reed (2nd Nikki)

-Eric Braeden as Victor Newman 

-Veronica Redd as Mamie Johnson (2nd Mamie)

-Jerry Douglas as John Abbott (2nd John)

-Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott (2nd Jack)

-Carolyn Conwell as Mary Williams

-Michael Damian as Danny Romalotti

-Brenda Epperson as Ashley Abbott (2nd Ashley)

-Beth Maitland as Traci Abbott

-Patty Weaver as Gina Romalotti

-Kate Linder as Esther Valentine

-Heather Tom as Victoria Newman (2nd Victoria)

-Tracey E. Bregman as Lauren Fenmore

-Lauralee Bell as Christine “Cricket” Blair

-Adam Lazarre-White as Nathan Hastings (3rd Nathan)

-Don Diamont as Brad Carlton

-Tricia Cast as Nina Webster

-Michael Evans as Douglas Austin

-Tonya Williams as Olivia Barber

-Victoria Rowell as Drucilla Barber

-Scott Reeves as Ryan Mcneil

-Kristoff St. John as Neil Winters

-Michael Tylo as Blade Bladeson

-Greg Wrangler as Steve Connelly

-J. Eddie Peck as Cole Howard

-Signy Coleman as Hope Adams

-Joshua Morrow as Nick Newman

-Sharon Case as Sharon Collins (3rd Sharon)

-Karen Hensel as Doris Collins (2nd Doris)

-Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Sumners

-Michael Tylo as Rick Bladeson

-Shemar Moore as Malcom Winters

New characters :

-Victor “Adam” Newman (son of Victor Newmand & Hope Adams born onscreen)

-Lily Winters (daughter of Malcom & Drucilla but raised by Neil)

Characters leaving :

-Luan Volien Abbott (death onscreen)

-Mamie Johnson (leaving on a cruise)

-Ashley Abbott (moving to Paris)

-Hope Adams (moving back to Kansas)

-Lauren Fenmore (moving to L.A on Bold & Beautiful)

-Douglas Austin

Characters returning :



In early 1995, while on a date with Sharon, Matt Clark trapped her in his car and raped her. In the process he tore an expensive coat that Nick had anonymously given to Sharon. When a nonchalant Matt suggested that Sharon would enjoy herself more the next time they got together, Sharon warned him to keep away from her. Later, Sharon’s friends and family were confused by her withdrawal, but Sharon was too ashamed to confide in them what had happened.

When Amy Wilson became involved with Matt, Sharon warned her to be careful, and finally revealed that Matt had raped her. Matt, however, convinced Amy that Sharon had lied out of jealousy. Soon after, Nick and Sharon resume their relationship. Angry with Sharon for this rejection, a vengeful Matt, with his buddy Drake’s help, discovered that Sharon had earlier given birth to a baby boy and had given the baby up for adoption. Matt planed to use this information against Sharon. But when Sharon realized that Matt knew her shameful secret, she decided to confess everything to Nick. Before she could tell him, however, Nick proposed marriage and she accepted.

When Nick discovered that Sharon had had a baby that she had given up for adoption, she assumed that he was no longer interested in her. She returned his engagement ring. But Nick made it clear that he loved her and they made plans to elope. That night, Sharon revealed to Nick that Matt had raped her. Angry, Nick left to confront Matt. Earlier that same evening, Amy had broken off her romance with Matt. Amy left to spend the summer in St. Louis. Nick arrived at Matt’s to discover Matt lying unconscious on the floor with a bullet wound. The police arrived and arrested Nick for attempted murder. When Matt regained consciousness, he told the police that Nick had tried to kill him. Determined to save his son, Victor Newman asked Paul and Chris to do everything possible to prove Nick’s innocence. And as Nick’s trial started, he and Sharon secretly elope.

Not long after this, Amy resurfaced in a shelter for battered women. She appeared to be deeply-disturbed. Victor, Paul and Chris located Amy at the shelter in Chicago. Chris persuaded Amy to return to Genoa City, where Victor paid for her stay at a sanitarium.

Alex “Blade” Bladeson accidentally saw Brad Carlton and Ashley embracing. Blade later suggested to Ashley that they take a romantic vacation. Jack also arranged a Caribbean getaway for himself and Luan, but when a jealous Mari Jo Mason caught wind of their plans, she planted doubt in Luan’s mind about Jack’s true feelings for her. Mari Jo then followed Jack to the Caribbean. Blade and Ashley were also vacationing on the same island, with Brad trailing them. When Ashley and Brad saw Mari Jo with Blade’s identical twin brother, Rick, they assumed that Blade was having an affair with Mari Jo. Jack, however, made it clear to Mari Jo that he was in love with Luan. He headed back to Genoa City. As Blade got ready to head home, Rick knocked him unconscious and held his twin prisoner in a cage. When Blade regained consciousness, Rick bid him farewell and left to assume his brother’s identity.

Back in Genoa City, Jack assured Luan that he loved her, and said that they marry soon. Luan had been ill, but she kept this a secret from Jack. Ironically, Jack inadvertently discovered that Luan was suffering from a terminal illness. He resolved to keep his knowledge of her medical condition a secret so that her remaining months with him would be happy. Meanwhile, Luan’s son, Keemo, became romantically involved with Mari Jo. Keemo quickly tired of Mari Jo’s mind-games and broke off with her.

Rick was so successful at his masquerade that, as Blade, he was able to make love to Ashley. But a crafty Mari Jo caught onto Rick’s scheme and confronted him. However, Blade managed to free himself and returned to Genoa City. Blade agreed not to press criminal charges, provided that Rick leave town. With Rick out of the way, Blade focused his attention on his marriage to Ashley.

Rick returned, however, determined to get revenge against Blade. Mari Jo tried to keep the two brothers apart. However, Blade while rushing home to protect Ashley from Rick, was killed in a car wreck. At the funeral, Rick introduced himself to Ashley. Mari Jo confided to Jill Abbott that Rick had posed as Blade for several months, and Jill broke this news to Ashley. Devastated, a grieving Ashley relocated to Paris.

Frustrated by Victor’s remote behavior, a pregnant Hope returned to her farm in Kansas after she received word that Cliff had been injured in an accident. While Cliff recuperated, Hope extended her stay. Victor’s friend, Douglas, arrived at the farm and pressured Hope to return to Victor. During their argument, Hope accidentally tripped over a chair and had to be rushed to the hospital. Victor arrived to make sure Hope was okay and then he returned home. The next day, Hope gave birth to a baby boy, whom she named Victor Adam Newman. To Victor Sr.’s disappointment, Hope decided to stay in Kansas and raise their son on her farm.

Brad began romancing Nikki. Their relationship escalated and Brad proposed marriage. Nikki told Brad that while she was interested, the timing wasn’t right. She promise to reconsider his proposal at a later date. When Brad told Lauren that he loved Nikki, Lauren packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles, where she entered into a business venture with Eric Forrester.

Ex-wife and husband, Chris and Danny shared a tender kiss on the day before Chris’s wedding to Paul. Phyllis saw them together. Determined to keep Chris away from Danny, Phyllis rented a car the next day and sped towards Chris. In order to save Chris, Paul jumped in front of the car and they were both struck down. Chris’ and Paul’s friends and family waited patiently for their arrival at the church. It was Lauren who received the call and had to tell everyone that there had been an accident. Chris survived the accident with minor injuries, but Paul was devastated when the doctor announced that the accident had left him sexually dysfunctional. Feeling incomplete as a man, Paul canceled their wedding without any explanation, which left Chris devastated. She tried to take her mind off their break-up by gathering dirt on Phyllis so that Danny could get a divorce and custody of his son. But Phyllis caught on. To keep Chris off her case, Phyllis altered her son, Daniel’s, blood tests so that it looked as if Danny really was his dad. Paul finally recovered from his impotency and made love to Chris.

Danny agreed to live with Phyllis for four months, since he believed her promise that she would then agree to divorce him. But when the four months were up, Phyllis had had a change of heart. When Danny tried to see his son, Phyllis called the police and got a restraining order against him. Phyllis eventually calmed down and made peace with Danny.

Malcolm apologized to Dru for sleeping with her when she was drugged on cold medication. Soon after, Malcolm landed a photography assignment with Dru as the model. And a few months later, Dru gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Lily, and who might be Malcolm’s child, or Neil’s. Meanwhile, Malcolm attempted to have a relationship with an attractive doctor named Stephanie, but her medical practice kept her too busy for a personal life.

Victoria became jealous of the time that Cole spent with Jeri on a writing project. But Jeri became a non-issue when Cole made it clear that he loved Victoria. Jeri accepted this and returned to her life in New York.

After a fallout with Neil Winters at Jabot, Ryan accepted a job to work for Jill Abbott.

Following Jill’s orders, John Silva revealed in court that John Abbott had had a vasectomy without Jill’s knowledge after their son, Billy, had been born. Meanwhile, John acknowledged his romantic feelings for Mamie and promised that they would be together after his divorce and custody battle were resolved. On the day before the verdict was announced, John suffered a stroke that resulted in a loss of memory. Jill used John’s stroke to her advantage and convinced him that they had decided to stay together.

Eventually, John recovered and regained his memory, which prompted him to reactivate the divorce and custody battle. Of course, Mamie was thrilled that John was once again interested in pursuing their relationship. However, just before a ruling was about to be made, John and Jill decided to stay married for Billy’s sake, which left Mamie heartbroken. In order to keep Mamie away from John, Jill offered her a million dollars and Mamie accepted. By the time John realized what Jill had done, Mamie had met Trent Jones, a business executive, and immediately found herself attracted to him. They left town for an extended cruise.

Olivia Hastings grew concerned about Nathan’s health when he lost his desire to make love to her. Soon after, Paul discovered that Nathan was having an affair with a sexy woman named Keesha Monroe. When Neil found out about this, he confronted Nathan. Nathan promised to break off with Keesha, but Neil suspected that he was lying. So Neil told tells Dru about Nathan’s infidelity to her sister. Olivia was thrilled when Nathan agreed that they should have another baby. And Keesha began dating Malcolm, which troubled both Neil and Dru.

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