Y&R 1992

Cast Members (actors still on the show today in bold)

-Jess Walton as Jill Foster (5th Jill)

-Jeanne Cooper as Katherine “Kay Chancellor

-Doug Davidson as Paul Williams

-Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki Reed (2nd Nikki)

-Eric Braeden as Victor Newman 

-Marguerite Ray as Mamie Johnson

-Veronica Redd as Mamie Johnson (2nd Mamie)

-Jerry Douglas as John Abbott (2nd John)

-Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott (2nd Jack)

-Carolyn Conwell as Mary Williams

-Michael Damian as Danny Romalotti

-Brenda Epperson as Ashley Abbott (2nd Ashley)

-Beth Maitland as Traci Abbott

-Patty Weaver as Gina Romalotti

-Kate Linder as Esther Valentine

-Heather Tom as Victoria Newman (2nd Victoria)

-Tracey E. Bregman as Lauren Fenmore

-Lauralee Bell as Christine “Cricket” Blair

-Nathan Purdee as Nathan Hastings

-Don Diamont as Brad Carlton

-Tricia Cast as Nina Webster

-Michael Evans as Douglas Austin

-Quinn Redeker as Rex Sterling

-Peter Barton as Scott Grainger

-Barbara Crampton as Leonna Love

-Beau Kazer as Brock Reynolds

-Kimberlin Brown as Sheila Carter

-Tonya Williams as Olivia Barber

-Victoria Rowell as Drucilla Barber

-Marilyn Alex as Molly Carter

-Scott Reeves as Ryan Mcneil

-Kristoff St. John as Neil Winters

-Christian LeBlanc as Michael Baldwin

-Michael Tylo as Blade Bladeson

-Greg Wrangler as Steve Connelly

New characters :

-Nate Hastings (son of Nathan Hastings & Olivia Barber born onscreen)

-Blade Bladeson

-Colleen Carlton (daughter of Brad Carlton & Traci Abbott)

-Steve Connellu

Characters leaving :-

Sheila Carter (presumed death onscrenn leaving to L.A on Bold & Beautiful)

Characters returning :


As 1992 started, Molly Carter continued to be a threat to her daughter, Sheila. Things got worse for Sheila when Paul Williams started snooping around the hospital, asking questions about a baby-switch. During Paul’s investigation he learned that Sheila had made up the story about being trapped in a snowstorm when she had given birth to Scotty Junior. At the same time, the doctor who had treated Sheila for her real miscarriage ended up working with Dr. Scott Grainger and expressed his sympathies over the loss of Scott’s baby, which only perplexed Scott. Sheila was also disheartened that Scott wasn’t interested in making love to her. Sheila finally succeeded in locating a doctor who would remove Scotty Jr.’s birthmark. But soon after, a suspicious Lauren hatched a phony insurance scheme to get blood samples from Sheila, Scott and their baby. A resourceful Sheila managed to destroy her own blood sample. To Sheila’s dismay, however, her mom was bent on revealing the truth about the baby-switch.

Fed up with both Lauren and Molly, Sheila kidnapped Lauren at gun-point and held her, and her mother, hostage in a remote farmhouse. Intent on killing both Lauren and Molly, Sheila finally confessed to her baby-switch scheme. When a fire broke out, however, Lauren and Molly escaped from the farmhouse. After the flames were doused, authorities assumed that Sheila had died in the fire. Soon after, Lauren and Scott agreed to live together again so that Scotty Jr. would have both of his real parents under one roof. Eventually, Lauren and Scott arranged to remarry, which disappointed Paul. However, it wasn’t long until Paul’s former wife, April, resurfaced in Genoa City. And Lauren began a secret affair with Brad Carlton. Molly was shocked when her daughter, Sheila, suddenly showed up on her doorstep with an invitation to join her in Los Angeles, where she had forged a new life.

Victor Newman promised to drop his suit for custody of his children, Victoria and Nick, if his ex-wife, Nikki, would undergo surgery for her back pain. Nikki refused, and ended up collapsing during in a snowstorm. But Nick found her. At the hospital, Nikki regained consciousness and consented to the surgery. However, she pleaded with Ashley to raise her children if she didn’t survive.

After Nikki’s surgery, Jack Abbott pressured her to stay away from Victor. Jack also expressed his desire to have a baby with her. Meanwhile, Victor was angry to discover that Jack and Brad were plotting a hostile takeover of Newman Enterprises. In an emotional confrontation with Jack, Victor suddenly collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Regaining consciousness, Victor pleaded with Nikki to marry him. While Nikki struggled with Victor’s proposal, Jack announced their marriage was finished and he walked out on her. Soon after, Nikki accepted Victor’s proposal. But when Nikki discovered that she was pregnant with Jack’s baby, she quickly changed her mind. She reconciled with Jack, but chose not to tell him that she was pregnant. Eventually, Jack discovered the truth.

Dru’s career took a surprising turn when she discovered that Al and Vinnie had plans to feature her in a porno movie. When Dru refused to cooperate, they locked her in a closet, along with Nina and Chris. They were rescued by Danny and Neil. Later, Dru became aggravated when Neil stood her up in order to spend time with Olivia. To get even with Neil, Dru arranged for Nathan to see Neil and Olivia together. But Dru’s scheme backfired when Neil learned of it and canceled his plans to see Olivia. He also made it clear to Dru that things were over between them. Later, Dru agreed to pose nude for a centerfold in Sensuality Magazine. Meanwhile, a pregnant Olivia discovered that she had cancer. Olivia’s doctor urged her to immediately have a hysterectomy, but Olivia wanted to have her baby first. When Olivia’s blood pressure skyrocketed and put her health in jeopardy, her doctors said that they needed to induce labor.

Ryan went behind Victoria’s back and began sleeping with Nina. When Victor learned of the romance between Ryan and Victoria, he paid Ryan $10,000 to leave town. But a crafty Ryan only pretended to break off with Victoria. While Ryan considered ending his affair with Nina, he changed his mind when she presented him with an expensive sports car. After slipping into Ryan’s apartment to surprise him, Victoria learned of his affair with Nina. Upset, she broke off their involvement. A few days later, Victoria had a change of heart and arrived at Ryan’s apartment with a supply of condoms and hoping that they could make love. To Victoria’s disappointment, Ryan turned her down. Eventually, Victoria and Ryan smoothed over their differences and secretly eloped in Chicago.

In order to keep Victor from learning about his marriage to Victoria, Ryan led his boss to believe that he was marrying Nina. When Victor congratulated Nina on her upcoming wedding, she assumed that Ryan wanted to marry her. After Victoria and Ryan’s civil wedding ceremony, Victoria found it difficult to make love to Ryan because she kept having flashes of him with Nina. Victoria also suspected that Ryan was still seeing Nina. Acting under the impression that Ryan was no longer involved with Victoria, Victor rewarded him with a promotion and a substantial raise.

Concerned about Victoria’s secretive behavior and where she was spending her days, Victor hired Paul to trail her. Eventually, Paul saw Victoria enter a hotel with a man. Paul immediately phoned Nikki, who arrived at the hotel and found Victoria in bed with Ryan. When Victor learned of this, he fired Ryan and filed rape charges because Victoria was underage. Victoria tearfully blurted out that she was pregnant. Desperate to get Ryan out of jail, Victoria borrowed bail money from Katherine Chancellor. After Ryan’s release, Victor offered him a blank check to drop out of Victoria’s life. Ryan declined, claiming that he was in love with Victoria. Touched by Ryan’s gesture, Victoria moved in with him. Tension soon developed in their marriage, however, because of money problems. Realizing that Ryan was strapped for money, Nina slipped a hefty sum, saying that it was a loan. and rather than tell Victoria the truth, Ryan claimed that he had found a new job.

Rex and Katherine remarried after Rex pretended that he was dying from a heart attack. Meanwhile, Jill followed Mamie’s advice and moved out of John Abbott’s house, thinking that it would prompt John to pursue her. When John didn’t express any interest, Jill started to date Alex “Blade” Bladeson to try and make John jealous.

Jill also enjoyed a brief fling with Victor, and even mistakenly believed that he wanted to marry her. She impulsively told John that there was a new man in her life and that they were getting married. Later, Victor explained to a tearful Jill that he wasn’t in love with her, and that he hoped that she didn’t think he was only using her. Acting under the assumption that Jill had married Victor, an elated Jack threw a party to celebrate her final departure from John’s life. At the party, Jill quietly said that a mistake had been made and then dissolved in tears. When John spotted Victor comforting Jill, he deduced that she was involved with him. Touched by Jill’s vulnerability, John arranged to have her move back into the Abbott house.

With Brad Carlton’s help, Traci gave birth to a baby girl, Colleen. Soon after, Traci tried to seduce Brad, but he rejected her, stating that he didn’t want another surprise pregnancy sprung on him. Realizing that their marriage was a sham, Traci accepted a job offer in New York from publisher Steve Connelly.

Danny Romalotti disapproved of the late hours that Chris was spending with her attorney boss, Michael Baldwin. While Chris and Michael were working on a case, Michael impulsively kissed Chris, but she made it clear that she was happily married to Danny. Soon after, Chris was made a partner in the law firm. Unfortunately, Michael used Chris’s promotion to try and pressure her into having sex with him by suggesting that if she didn’t, she’d lose her job.

Even though Chris realized that her job was at stake, she turned Michael down. In retaliation, a rejected Michael spread vicious rumors about Chris’s moral character. When Chris learned of Michael’s smear campaign against her, she hired John Silva to help her file a sexual harassment suit. Worried about the negative publicity the law suit would generate, Chris’s law firm offered her a lucrative promotion to drop it, but Chris declined. In order to prove that Michael had harassed her, Chris secretly obtained a taped confession from him. She then played the tape for her bosses and Michael lost his job. Thinking that newlywed status would help him fight these charges, Michael quickly married a former employee, Hillary. However, when she heard the Michael’s taped confession, that promptly ended their relationship.

In retaliation, Michael arranged to make it look as if Danny was involved with a woman named Rebecca. When Michael quickly landed a job at another law firm, Chris was infuriated. At the court hearing, Michael defended himself against Chris’s charges of sexual harassment. Chris’s case was strengthened when Hillary testified against Michael

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