Y&R 1980

Victor Newman, sensing a closeness between Julia and Brock that went beyond friendship, became jealous. Julia agreed to stay with Victor, provided he commit completely to their marriage. But Victor was convinced that Julia and Brock Chancellor were lovers, and Victor turned to Lorie Brooks for attention. Soon after, Victor provided Julia with a gun for protection when a robber attacked her. Meanwhile, Brock caught Victor and Lorie kissing, and resumed his romance with Julia.

Julia told Victor that she wanted to have a baby. But behind Julia’s back, Victor had a vasectomy. Julia also began modeling at Michael Scott’s studio, which was partly owned by Victor. Brock left town because of Julia’s inability to end her marriage to Victor. While Victor was out of town, his former secretary, Eve Howard, suddenly surfaced. Julia had hostile feelings for Eve, who d had a one-night stand with Victor. Feeling vulnerable and confused by Eve’s presence, Julia slept with Michael. Julia was immediately overwhelmed with grief. Her friendship with Brock had remained strictly platonic. But now that she had slept with Michael, Julia had actually cheated on Victor for the first time in their marriage. When Julia accepted a modeling assignment for Jabot, with Michael as the photographer, Victor suspected that they were lovers.

Katherine Chancellor had a change of heart about Derek and made him head of Chancellor Industries. George Packard, a friend of Rex’s, didn’t trust Derek and arranged for Judy Wilson to work as Derek’s secretary. But George’s plan backfired. Judy led Derek to believe that she was actually his ally. Meanwhile, Douglas Austin tried unsuccessfully to pursue a romance with Katherine. With Douglas pining for Katherine, Derek turned his romantic attention to Judy. Fed up with Derek, Katherine decided to dump him. But Derek got Katherine drunk and they made love, which hurt Douglas. While on a cruise with Derek, Katherine realized that he didn’t really love her. She jumped overboard. Katherine survived and ended up on a remote island. But Derek, who believed that she was dead, sought to take control of her assets. Mitchell Sherman, Katherine’s lawyer, persuaded Victor to regain control of Chancellor Industries to protect Sherman s client in her absence.

With trouble brewing in Lance and Lorie’s marriage, Lance began an affair with Monique. Realizing, however, that he wanted his marriage to work, Lance Prentiss sent Monique back to Paris and set his sights on wining back Lorie.

Lucas Prentiss told Lance and Lorie that he had located Leslie at Jona’s. Jona supported Lucas’s efforts to win back Leslie. But Leslie had fallen in love with Jona. Casey ended her association with Lucas after realizing that he was still hung up on his wife, Leslie. Lucas then told Lorie that Leslie had amnesia. Soon after, Lorie visited Leslie. When Leslie didn’t recognize Lorie, she didn’t reveal to Leslie that they were sisters. Eventually, after recalling more fragments of her past, Leslie returned to Genoa City, but the memories confused her. She didn’t understand how Lance could be the father of her son. Lorie worried that Leslie would soon regain her memory and demand custody of Brooks. Meanwhile, Vanessa Prentiss became Leslie’s ally because she knew that losing Brooks would destroy Lorie. But Leslie surprised Lorie when she awarded full custody of Brooks to her and Lance. Leslie explained that she couldn’t be a proper mother to a child she hardly remembered. Soon after, Leslie resumed her piano career and resolved to stay in Genoa City and regain her memory. Jona also stayed behind, and he competed with Lucas for Leslie’s love. Lucas was also jealous of Jona’s growing friendship with Casey. Vanessa met with Jona and encouraged him to take whatever means necessary to win Leslie’s love because she didn’t want to see a reconciliation between Leslie and her son, Lucas. Leslie agreed to take a cruise with Lucas, which bothered Lorie. She fretted that, if Leslie and Lucas resumed their marriage, they might seek custody of Brooks.

Jill Foster accepted a job at Jabot Cosmetics, owned by John Abbott. Jill immediately became interested in reporter Steve Williams, Carl s and Mary’s oldest son, who stopped by Jabot on an assignment. But Peggy Brooks was also attracted to Steve. Soon after, Jill was pursued by John’s playboy son, Jack, who had accepted a job at the company so that he could be close to Jill. Meanwhile, Jill took credit for Jack’s decision to work at Jabot because it made her look good to John, the man whom Jill was ultimately interested in snaring. Impressed by Jill’s ambition and talent, John awarded her with a promotion. He made her the liaison with Michael Scott’s studio and the campaign that Jabot was launching with Julia Newman as the model. Jill also became roommates with Eve Howard.

Chris Brooks befriended April Stevenson, who was distraught because of her pregnancy. Soon after, Paul Williams discovered that April was pregnant with his baby, but he refused to take responsibility. Instead, he urged April to put the baby up for adoption. April’s parents tried to pressure her into revealing the identity of her unborn baby’s father, but April remained silent. Part of April’s parents tactics included telling her that she had a twin sister, which they had given up for adoption. Eventually, they discovered that Paul was the baby’s father.

After escaping the prostitution ring, Nikki turned to the New World brotherhood, a cult. Soon after, Paul, who felt guilty about April’s pregnancy, also joined the cult because he thought that it would provide him with serenity. Eventually, Paul realized that the cult was a farce and quit. Greg, meanwhile, decided to let go of Nikki. A hitman arrived in Genoa City with plans to kill Greg. But he accidentally shot Liz, who recovered. When Nikki heard the news, she rushed to the hospital. Peggy Brooks joined forces with Steve Williams to write an expose about the cult and even infiltrated it, which nearly cost Peggy her life

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