The Jacksons Tour 1977


Tour associated with « The Jacksons » era (1976)



Tour dates

April 10 : The Jacksons perform a concert at Uniondale’s “Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum” during “The Jacksons’ Tour”. While no footage of the tour has ever surfaced, a press article published the day after mentionned that Stevie Wonder was on stage that night.

May 16 : The Jacksons perform at the Queen Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland.

May 17 : The Jacksons perform “Forever Came Today”, “Show You The Way To Go” and a Motown medley medley at Kings’s Theatre in Glasgow as part of the Royal Command Performance celebrating the Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee celebrations. The groups meets Queen Elizabeth for the second time.n.

May 24 : The Jacksons perform a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon in London.

Commercial release

None of the concerts was officially released on VHS/DVD.

TV/Bottlegs/You Tube :

None of the concert aired on TV.

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