Goin’ Places Tour 1978


Associated era : Goin’ Places era (1977-1978)

Set list

“Think Happy”
“Get It Together”
“Forever Came Today”
“I Am Love”
“Keep On Dancing”
“Never Can Say Goodbye”
“Got to Be There”
“Sugar Daddy”
“I Wanna Be Where You Are”
“I’ll Be There”
Medley:”I Want You Back”/”ABC”/”The Love You Save”
“Find Me A Girl”
“Dancing Machine”
“Enjoy Yourself”

Tour dates (Europe & US)

January 22, 1978 – first concert, place unknown

February 24, 1978 – Port of Spain, Trinidad

February 25, 1978 – Port of Spain, Trinidad

February 26, 1978 – San Fernando, Trinidad

March 3: Concert in Oakland, California

May 13, 1978 – Los Angeles, California, Dodger Stadium

May 18: Concert in Nashville, Tennessee

Band Members 

Michael Jackson – Lead vocals
Marlon Jackson – Vocals
Jackie Jackson – Vocals
Tito Jackson – Guitar, vocals
Randy Jackson – Congas, keyboard, piano, vocals

Commercial release

None of the concerts was officially released on CD/VHS/DVD.

TV/Bottlegs/You Tube :

None of the concerts aired on TV.

Previous tour : The Jacksons Tour 1977

Next tour : Destiny Tour 1979-1980

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