Prince Jackson Defends Grandpa Joe

Prince J.jpg

June 30, 2018 

Joe Jackon passed away earlier this week after a terminal cancer diagnosis. The father of the late Michael Jackson was the man who started the careers of the Jackson family, managing them into mega-success and is to be credited for their legacy that lives on today. Unfortunately, there are some dark accusations against Joe that has tainted his own legacy as previous reports say he physically abused Michael and his brothers as well as allegedly sexually abusing his daughters.

For 21-year-old Prince Jackson (Michael’s son) he doesn’t care about Joe’s past and he wants you to put some respect on his grandfather’s name. In a new video of Prince, he tells viewers he’ll soon be uploading a full explanation of his feels on YouTube but in the meantime, keep talking. “Y’all can keep talking all the shit you want saying he abused my dad and all this,” he says in the video below. “But he raised these kids right, otherwise they would have been in gangs or fucking dead.”

Adding: “So go ahead, keep talking shit but you won’t ever be as great as one of that mans fucking balls in his nuts – just remember that.”


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