January 9 : Janet is spotted at the Bedrock shop in Tokyo, Japan.

January 14 : LaToya, Jeffre, Rick Hilton and Kathy Hilton attend the 2014 UNICEF Ball presented by Baccarat at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, California

January 19 : Janet is spotted at the Bristol Restaurant in Paris, France.

January 23 : Janet invites 5 fans to have a drink at her hotel and she reveals to them that she’s still working on the new album and has been collaborating with brazilian producers.

January 25 : Janet is spotted at the airport in Paris.

January 26 : Back in L.A, Janet watches the Grammy Awards with Gil & Preston.

February 13 : Prince celebrates his 17th birthday in L.A.

The Jacksons Unity Tour 2014

20 February
– 6 April
Las Vegas, NV Planet Hollywood Showroom USA Rocktellz & Cocktails
2 May Louisville Louisville Marriott USA Grand Derby Gala (private show)
12 June Detroit, MI MotorCity Casino Hotel USA Sound Board
13 June Mt Pleasant, MI Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort USA
28 June Oklahoma City Science Museum Oklahoma USA Muscogee Creek Festival
2 – 6 July Atlantic City Caesars Circus Maximus Theater USA Rocktellz & Cocktails
11 July Paris Palais de Congres de Paris France
12 July Henley UK Henley Festival
24 July Monte Carlo Salle Des Etoiles
Sporting Monte Carlo
France Monte Carlo Sporting
Summer Festival
25 July Carcassonne Grand Theatre De La Cite France Festival de Carcasssonne
27 July Hyères Hippodrome de la Plage France
30 July Amsterdam Paradiso The Netherlands
3 August Tienen Grote Markt Belgium Suikerrock Festival
16 August Atlanta, GA Georgia World Congress Center USA Atlanta Celeb Fest
30 August Orlando, FL USA Tom Joyner Family Reunion
11 September Isle of Man Villa Marina Gardens UK
13 September Hardwick Hardwick Hall Hotel Garden UK Hardwick Live Garden Party
26 October Jakarta Jakarta Convention Center Indonesia Java Sounds Fair
1 November Hong Kong Grand Hall of Hong Kong
Convention Centre
Hong Kong 13th annual Foreign  Correspondent
Club Charity Ball
3 November Manila Solaire Grand Ballroom
Solaire Resort & Casino
31 December Dubai Dubai Media City Amphitheater United Arab Emirates New Years Eve Bash

February 21 : Blanket celebrates his 12th birthday in Las Vegas and attends his uncles The Jacksons concert with Prince, Katherine & Joe.

February 22 : Birth of Kai-Ari Jackson, second child of Siggy & Toyia.

February 25 : Janet & Wissam arrive in Paris.

Recent media reports have speculated that Grammy winner Janet Jackson is separating from her husband Wissam Al Mana, but a source close to the couple sets the record straight.

The source tells Entertainment Tonight of Jackson and Mana’s relationship, “The rumors about their marriage are a lie. They are very happy and very much together. In fact, the couple has recently purchased an even larger home in New York.”

March 3 : Prince, Paris & Blanket visit a children hospital and are seen together for the first time since Paris suicide attempt last June.

March 8 : Janet & Wissam leave Paris and fly to NYC.

March 20 : Janet is spotted at the Zuma Restaurant in Dubai.

April 3 Paris celebrates her 16th birthday at the Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah.

April 17 : La Toya and her nephew Prince  attend a special screening of ‘Dancing In Jaffa’ at ICM Screening Room in Century City, California.

May 8-18 : Janet & Wissam are in Paris for her birthday. She invites Gil & Preston.

May 15 : Janet goes to the 79 Club  with Wissam, Gil & Preston.

May 16 : Janet invites 20 fans to share her birthday cake at her hotel with Gil & Preston by her side. At night Wissam takes her to the restaurant for a romantic dinner.

May 26 : Randy Jr, Paris, Prince, TJ, Jermajesty, Jaafar & Austin celebrate Memorial Day together.

June 6 : La Toya visits at SiriusXM Studios in New York City.

June 7 : “Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 1 titled “There’s Something About La Toya” is aired on OWN.”

Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 2 titled “What Happens in Vegas” is aired on OWN.

June 8 : Prince & Blanket attend Donte’s 22nd birthday party.

June 14 : Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 3 titled “Put a Ring on It” is aired on OWN.

June 21 : Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 4 titled “The Proposal” is aired on OWN.

June 27 : LaToya attends day 1 of the Radio Broadcast Center during the BET Awards in Los Angeles, California.

June 28 : Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 5 titled “La Toya Takes a Bow” is aired on OWN.

July : Paris leaves the Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah and she comes back to her family home in Calabasas.

She is seen with her first boyfriend.

July 5 : Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 6 titled “Runaway Bride” is aired on OWN.

July 12 : Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 7 titled “How to Lose a Guy in One Episode” is aired on OWN.

July 13 :  Living with The Jacksons”, 6-episode show about Alejandra and her kids to debut on Reelz November 18

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Members of Michael Jackson’s extended family are stepping out of what they call “the Jackson bubble” for a reality show. The six-episode show, debuting Nov. 18 on Reelz, focuses on Alejandra Jackson, the ex-wife of Michael’s brother Jermaine, and her five children. After Michael’s death five years ago, they left the Jackson family home in suburban Encino, a move that a clip from the show suggests wasn’t their idea. “We didn’t want it to happen that way,” Alejandra’s daughter Genevieve said Saturday at the summer TV critics’ tour.
Son Donte Jackson added, “Some of the politics came into play.” At the same time, Genevieve said the family lived under constraints at the Encino house.

“We were very sheltered,” she said. “There’s a lot of outside people coming in and out of our house. We had to watch what we said.” Alejandra Jackson and her brood started a new life away from the home of grandparents Katherine and Joe Jackson. She had two children with Randy Jackson — Genevieve and Randy Jr. — and then married Randy’s brother Jermaine, having sons Jaafar and Jermajesty. Alejandra has raised Donte since he was 2 after he was adopted by Katherine and Joe.

“It’s a long story,” Alejandra said about her love life.
Considering the amount of tabloid attention the Jackson family has received, why not keep their lives private?
“People already had a preconceived judgment of us and we weren’t speaking,” Randy Jr. said. “Now we feel comfortable enough to show how we really are.”

“Living with the Jacksons” A Special Television Event To Premiere on REELZ November 18, 2014. For the First Time Ever Viewers Will Get An Inside Look at Life Outside of the “Bubble” of the Jackson Family Estate. Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2014

REELZ today announced a special television event – “Living with the Jacksons” (working title) featuring the Jackson family members who grew up inside the Jackson Family Estate and who are now living outside of it for the very first time. From the charmed and cursed life of the Jackson family, Alejandra Jackson emerges as a single mother to her five children: her two sons, Jaafar and Jermajesty from her marriage to Jermaine Jackson, Genevieve and Randy Jr., Alejandra’s daughter and son from her relationship with Jermaine’s brother Randy Jackson, and Donte, who Alejandra has raised since he was two years old. Together they are stepping outside of the inner world of the Jackson family and are ready to take on the world and embrace it with all the passion, joy, trials and tribulations that most families deal with but with one more ingredient that no one else on the planet has—they are Jacksons. “Living with the Jacksons” is produced by ID Productions.

“Jackson is the ultimate name in the world of entertainment and ‘Living with the Jacksons’ is an excellent fit for our network,” said Stan E. Hubbard, CEO of REELZ. “We are committed to providing a rich experience for our viewers and this family’s story of loyalty, heartbreak and perseverance is universally relatable.”

“The Jackson family’s journey has been a topic of interest for decades, and we’re fortunate to be able to share this first-hand account with our viewers,” said Rob Swartz, SVP of Development and Current Programming at REELZ. “The series provides an emotional and entertaining insight into an extraordinary yet familiar family dynamic, ideal for the network’s Hollywood Happens Here programming slate. ‘Living with the Jacksons’ is truly a show worth finding.”

*Working title

The Family
The mother of this amazing brood, Alejandra has navigated the press her entire life and has dealt with the drama of the Jackson family. Alejandra is from Colombia and has never lost her accent, something her kids repeatedly tease her about. As a single mother she has to grapple with letting go of her oldest children the same way all parents must but being a Jackson provides its own set of challenges. Turning her attention to her abandoned career path of fashion design, Alejandra partnered with her brother Franklin in Peru where they plan to relaunch her fashion line.

The oldest of Alejandra’s kids, Genevieve is a beautiful and gifted singer and performer facing the task of getting her stalled career and dreams back in high gear. But that won’t come easy and the tremendous expectations could short-circuit her ambitions if she isn’t careful. Beneath her dream lies the deep pain of an estranged relationship with her father, Randy Jackson, and on top of everything her love life is anything but simple. With an ex-boyfriend producer wanting to work with her, Genevieve has to convince her disapproving mother that she can handle dating and a career at the same time.

Randy Jr.
Alejandra and Randy Jackson’s oldest son, Randy Jr., dreams of becoming an actor, producer and mogul but needs extreme determination in order to face the high expectations that come with it. In stark contrast to his sister, Randy Jr. has set himself on a road of forgiveness with his father. He thinks his sister can’t let go of the pain and disappointment of the past and won’t be able to fully move forward if she doesn’t. Always the prankster, Randy Jr. is constantly getting in trouble and plotting the next joke. Like his sister he has a tight rope to walk with the pressures from his mother to focus more on his career and less on his social life.

Almost the same age as Randy Jr., Donte is the adopted son of Katherine and Joe Jackson. When Donte was two years old his birth mother granted full custody to Joe and Katherine who brought him to the Jackson Estate. Soon after, Alejandra and Jermaine fell in love with this beautiful child and raised him as their own. It was difficult for Donte when Alejandra and Jermaine divorced 13 years later but Alejandra was a passionate mother and never let him go. Donte is thoughtful, quiet and prefers to stay in the background until he’s sure of his surroundings. Donte is allowing his story to be told for the first time and his story of adoption is one that holds many surprises and will show the power of love this family holds like no other.

Jaafar is the 17-year-old heartthrob of the bunch and son of Jermaine and Alejandra Jackson. He has a surprising singing voice and his gentle manner disguises his mischievous ways. Like Randy Jr. he’s a big joker and is always looking for the best way to trick his sister and brothers. With his 18th birthday quickly approaching Jaafar is ready to celebrate in true Jackson fashion.

The youngest son of Alejandra and Jermaine Jackson is 13-year-old Jermajesty who is the baby of the family. He is playful and mischievous, and is always around looking for fun. Like his siblings, Jermajesty is working to mold his talents while living in the shadow of his famous aunt and uncle.

July 19 : Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 8 titled “If My Heart Could Speak to Your Heart…” is aired on OWN.

July 26 : Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 9 titled “Lights, Cameras, Jackson!”is aired on OWN.

July 29 : La Toya and Jeffre Phillips visit Hollywood Today Live Studio in Hollywood, California.

July 30 : Janet invites Gil, Preston & Tony to an Island in Greece.

In a new interview, sound engineer Ian Cross reveals : “The Janet Jackson’s of the world can’t just spend their time in one studio in one city anymore…we’ve been working in Qatar. We’ve been working in Paris, the Middle East, and now we feel like we can work anywhere.”
And as for what to expect? “The new album is going to be great. It’s a process. There’s a lot in store, yet to come. I can’t go into too many details but I think Janet Jackson’s fans are going to be very excited about the new album, and I think people who don’t know her as fans are going to be excited about it, too.”

August : Birth of Summer Sanchez, third child of Brittny.

August 1 : Janet tweets : “IF there is a new project you’ll hear it from my lips”.

Ian Cross’s interview is deleted from the website Barefott Sound with a “coming soon” legend…

August 2 : LaToya, Prince, Paris & Blanket attend Jaafar’s 18th birthday.

“Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 10 titled “Meet the Parents Season” is aired on OWN.

August 8 : Janet goes to London with her team (Gil, Preston & Tony).

Several sources announce a new album in november and negociations for an upcoming performance on X Factor UK.

August 9 : “Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 11 titled “The Big Announcement”is aired on OWN.

“Life With LaToya” Season 2, Episode 12 titled “The Meltdown” is aired on OWN.

Katherine, Joe, Prince, Blanket, Jermajesty appear in the season finale of Life With LaToya.

August 13 : Gil & Preston go back to L.A while Janet stays in London with Tony.

August 28 : Katherine, Rebbie, Austin, Yashi, Prince, Paris, Blanket & Omer attend The Michael Jackson Tribute Festival of the Arts at 2300 Jackson Street, the boyhood home of Michael Jackson in Gary, Indiana.

August 29 : Janet & Tony visit Harrods in London.

August 30 : Janet flies commercial from London to NYC.

September 13 : LaToya  attends the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Awareness’ annual ‘Summer Spectacular Under The Stars’ at a private residence on in Beverly Hills, California.

October 31 : Janet makes her first public appearance in 18 months at the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience gala dinner at the Armani Hotel in Dubai. She is accompanied by Wissam and Preston who flew from L.A just for the occasion.

November 15 : Janet & Wissam attend the ROTA gala in Doha.

November 24 : Prince, Paris & Blanket have pre-Thanksgiving dinner at their Calabasas home with the family.

December 14 : “Today we begin our journey with UNICEF”. Wissam & Janet.

December 17-19 : Janet & Wissam visit Palestinian areas as well as UNICEF Zaatari refugee’s camp in Syria.

December 24/25 : Prince, Paris, Blanket & Omer celebrate Christmas together in L.A.

December 31 : Janet attends a concert in Dubai featuring “The Jacksons” (her brothers Jermaine, Jackie, Tito & Marlon). She sits next to her sister in law, Jermaine’s wife Halima.

Previous year : 2013

Following year : 2015

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