In order to avoid a new controversy, Michael decides to settle secretly a new lawsuit by Blanca Francia who claimed Michael touched her son Jason back in 1990. She accepts to withdraw her complaint against 2 millions dollars

“Stop In the Name of Love” is released as the ninth studio album by LaToya. The album, which was recorded and mixed in Sweden is a collection of dance-style well-known Motown covers, The entire album was recorded in one hour.

January 5 : LaToya and Jack Gordon give a press conference to announce “Jackson Family Secrets phone line” at Fashion Cafe in New York City.

January 16 : Janet is honored by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award, during its CORE  ‘Living The Dream’ Ambassadorial Reception Awards Dinner at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City.

Janet is on the cover of Ebony Magazine

January 20 : Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie welcome King Nana Amon Ndufu IV, ruler of Sanwi, on the Ivory Coast, at Los Angeles airport on a 4 day visit.

January 31 : Whoops Now”/”What’ll Do” are released as “Janet” ‘ eighth and ninth single, respectively. The songs reached number one in New Zealand and peaked within the top 20 in several countries. This double single is not released in the US.

The video for “Whoops Now” Is directed by Yuri Elizondo, the younger brother of René Elizondo, Jr., and depicts Janet and “The Kids” having fun in Jackson’s favorite vacation spot, Anguilla.

The video for “What’ll I Do” is a concert performance taken from the Janet. Tour.

February 6 : Michael & Lisa Marie visit lawyer Johnnie Cochran at his new office in L.A.

February 6 + 7 : Janet kicks off the Australian/Asia leg of the Janet Tour with two concerts at the Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Australia.

February 10 + 11 + 12 + 15 : Janet gives 4 concerts at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Australia.

February 17 + 18 + 20 : Janet gives 3 concerts at the Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia.

February 21 : Janet gives a concert at the Entertainment Centre in Adelaide, Australia.

February 23 : Janet gives the last concert of the Australian leg at the Burswood Dome in Perth.

Michael previews several new songs from his new album at the 37th annual NARM convention where he is presented with the Harry Chapin Memorial Humanitarian Award.

February 27 + 28 : Janet gives two concerts at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore

March 2 : Michael attends little Craig Fleming’s funeral.

March 3 : Janet gives a concert at the Folk Arts Theater in Pasay, Philippines.

March 5 + 6 : Janet gives two concerts at the Indoor Stadium Huamark in Bangkok Thailand.

March 8 : Janet kicks off the European leg of the tour at the Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, Norway.

March 9 : Janet gives a concert at the Valbyhallen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

March 11 : Janet gives a concert at the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

March 13 : Janet Remixed is released in Europe.

March 14 : Janet gives a concert at the Velodrome Berlin, Germany.

March 16 : Janet gives a concert at the Sports Palace in Hambourg, Germany.

Janet performs “Whoops Now” on Wetten Dass in Germany (aired on March 18).

March 18 : Alejandra and Jermaine get married in a secret ceremony at the Hotel Bel Air causing Randy to leave Hayvenhurst!

Some time after, Joe brings a baby boy from Las Vegas to Hayvenhurst. Donte Williams, born on June 13, 1992 is adopted by Joe & Katherine but raised by Jermaine & Alejandra.

March 21 + 22 : Janet gives two concerts at the Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

March 24 : Janet performs “Whoops Now” at Théâtre de l’Empire in Paris, France for French TV Show on TF1.

March 25 : Janet gives a concert at the Palais des Sports in Toulouse, France.

March 26 : Janet gives a concert at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain.

March 28 : Michael hosts a party at Neverland to celebrate the end of the recoding of his new album titled History.

March 29 : Janet gives a concert at the Dome in Marseille, France.

March 31 : Janet gives a concert at the Hallenstadion in Zürich, Switzerland.

April :  LaToya starts her Live Exotic Club Tour in Pensylvania and is booed by the male crowd when she refused to strip and remove her clothes…

April 1 : Janet gives a concert at the Olympiahalle in Munich Germany.

April 4 : Janet gives a concert at the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England.

April 7 : Janet gives a concert at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England.

While in London, Janet performs “Whoops Now” on Top Of The Pops.

April 8 : Janet gives a concert at the Wembley Arena in London, England.

April 10 : Janet gives a concert at the Palais Omnisport de Bercy in Paris, France.

While in Paris Janet is a guest on French TV show “Nulles Part Ailleurs”.

April 11 : Janet gives a concert at the Schleyerhalle in Stuttgart, Germany.

April 13 : Janet gives a concert at the Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany.

April 15 : Janet gives a concert at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany.

April 16 : Janet gives a concert at the Flander’s Expo in Ghent, Belgium

April 18-20 : Michael & Lisa Marie welcome 46 youth from 17 countrries at Neverland for the World Children Congress.

April 20 :Michael attends a meeting in L.A with the top execitives from Epic/Sony to prepare the marketing plan of “History”.

April 19 + 20 + 22  : Janet gives the last 3 concerts of the Janet World Tour at the Wembley Arena in London.

May : Michael is on the cover of VIBE magazine with exclusive pictures taken at Neverland with Quincy Jones & his daughter Kidada.

May 12 : Janet & Rene attend the Eighth Annual Essence Awards at Paramount Theatre, Madison Square Garden in New York City where Janet is presented with an award.

May 15-20 : Michael & Janet shoot the “Scream” short film, directed by Mark Romanek.

May 19 : “Scream”, The first single from the album History is officially launched on radios worldwide.

May 22 : MTV and VIH premiere the HIStory teaser. Later the teaser is rolled out to cinemas across the U.S.

May 25 : Michael, Lisa Marie & her daughter Danielle go to the Six Flags Amusement Park in Los Angeles .

May 31 : “Scream”/”Childhood” is released worldwide. It peaks at #5 on Hot 100 Billboard.

Early June : Michael shoots the “Childhood” short film directed by Nicholas Brandt in Los Angeles .

Janet goes to Minneapolis with Rene to record two new songs for a greatest hits album.

June 13 : The “Scream” short film is premiered on MTV & BET.

June 14 : Michael & Lisa Marie give an interview to ABC’s Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer. A new controversy arises about some lyrics to the song They Don’t Care About Us that would be anti-Semitic which Michael categorically denies.

June 16 : The “History” album is released in Europe.

Huge statues of Michael are held in some European cities.

Both Life & Hello carry the same pictures of Michael & Lisa kissing (taken by Harry Benson)

Michael is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

June 20 : The “History” album is released in US.

June 22 : Michael appears at the VH1 Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles to perform “We Are The World” with Boys 2 Men and he also receives an award from Morgan Freeman for his charity efforts.

July 10 : Michael & Lisa Marie attend the opening of the Magic Johnson Sony Theatre in Los Angeles .

July 12 : Michael & Lisa Marie shoot the video for “You Are Not Alone” and they also appear on the cover of Jet magazine.

July 25 : Michael attends a press conference in New York City to announce the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards nominations + a special HBO concert planned at the Beacon Theatre on December 10.

July 26 : ABC airs a special feature called “Michael Jackson Changes History” during which Michael gives an interview to Bill Bellamy and premieres the video for “You Are Not Alone”.

July 31-August 6 : After an argument with Lisa Marie, Michael flies to Disneyland Paris to take a break.

August : Michael shoots the video for Earth Song directed by Nicholas Brandt. The video Is filmed in four geographic regions (Americas, Europe and Africa). The first location was the Amazon Rainforest, where a large part was destroyed a week after the video’s completion. Natives of the region appeared in the video and were not actors. The second scene was a war zone in Karlovac, Croatia, with famous Serbian actor Slobodan Dimitrijević and the residents of the area. The third location was Tanzania, which incorporated scenes of illegal poaching and hunting into the video. No animals were harmed in the making of the “Earth Song”, as the footage came from documentary archives. The final location was in Warwick, New York, where a safe forest fire was simulated in a corn field.

August 15 :“You Are Not Alone” is released as the 2nd single from “History”. Commercially, “You Are Not Alone” remains one of Michael”s best selling singles and it is also his 13th number one song. It holds the Guinness World Record for the first song ever to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

August 17 : Michael chats with his fans on the Internet.

August 27 : Janet shoots the music video for “Runaway”, directed by Marcus Nispel and choreographed by Tina Landon.

August 29 : “Runaway” is released as the 1st single from “Design Of A Decade 1986-1996” along with the video. It peaks at #3 on Hot 100 Billboard.

September 7 : Michael & Janet attend the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City with Lisa Marie & Rene . MJ opens the ceremony with a 20 minutes long medley (including “Dangerous” & “You Are Not Alone”) and accepts an award with Janet for Scream.

September 23 : Michael performs “You Are Not Alone” at the BET 15th Anniversary Special in Washington D.C.

October 10 : “Design Of A Decade 1986-1996” is released by A&M Records as well as a VHS featuring all the videos from the “Control” & “Rhythm Nation” eras.

Janet goes to Australia to promote “Design Of A Decade”. She tapes an intervew on Rockp Pop Studio TV show.

October 31 : Michael performs Dangerous & You Are Not Alone at the Soul Train 25th Anniversary Special taped at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena.

November : Janet is on the cover of Jet & US magazines. 

November 4 : Michael is in Munich, Germany where he performs “Dangerous” and “Earth Song”
on Wetten, dass..? TV show. Backstage, he meets Laurent Hopman and Anton Schleiter, of son of Hamburg-based Sony music exec Wolfgang Schleiter. Michael soon becomes friend with the Schleiter family. They will remain close until his death in 2009.
November 5 : Michael invites 150 fans to Phantasialand in Cologne. 
Mid November : Michael & Sony merge their song catalogues. The new joint publishing venture is estimated at $600 millions!
November 15 : LaToya is a guest on Geraldo with a blonde wig. Once again she accuses Michael.

November 22 : Michael performs “Dangerous” on Soul Train’s 25th Anniversary special at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

November 27 : The single & video of Earth Song are released in Europe. In the United Kingdom, “Earth Song” debuts at number one on the UK Singles Chart, where it remains for six weeks throughout December 1995 — beating the U2/Brian Eno project Passengers to win the Christmas number one spot — and into early 1996.
December : During an interview with Inside Edition, LaToya once again accuses Michael.
December 4 : Michael is rehearsing the HBO concert at the Beacon Theatre with French artist Mime Marceau and they welcome the media.
December 6 : Michael collapses while rehearsing the concert and he is rushed to the Beth Israel Medical Center . He is suffering from gastro-enteritis, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

Janet cancels her appearance at the Billboard Awards after hearing that Michael had a stroke. She visits him at the hospital. Lisa Marie also visits him and she asks a divorce! Michael decides to postpone the concert.

Mid December : Janet shoots a video for “Twenty Foreplay” where she plays actress Dorothy Danthridge. On the set of the video she gives interviews to BET’s Conversation With Ed Gordon and her French fan-club Black Cat.

December 18 : Michael goes resting at Disneyland Paris with the Cascio kids (Frank, Eddie, Dominic Jr, Aldo & Marie Nicole).

December 24/25 : Michael celebrates Christmas at Neverland with the Cascios.

Previous year : 1994

Following year : 1996 

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