Jackson Dynasty 2023

January 03 : Janet posts a message on Eissa’s 6th birthday : “To my beautiful baby Eissa. Happy 6th birthday! I LUV you and I’m so proud of who you are!”.

January 6 : Janet shares a short video of her “If” performance in Las Vegas on New Year’s eve.

January 13 : Many Jackson family members comment the sudden and tragic death of Lisa Marie Preseley. No public comment from Janet.

LaToya : “We miss you Lisa! You will forever be in our hearts, I will never forget how much you shared the love you had for my brother with me,
I thank you for being so honest #RIP”

January 25 : Janet posts a selfie on Instagram with Dean (they are in London) and Gil (in Zoom) : “First official creative meeting for #togetheragaintour”

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