Rebbie 1994

February 19 : The whole Jackson family (except LaToya) is reunited at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas to rehearse & tape The Jackson Family Honors TV Special which is broadcasted a few days later around the world. The Jacksons performs “2300 Jackson Street” with Rebbie & the grandchildren including 3T.

August 27 : Rebbie learns the tragic death of Dee Dee Jackson ( Tito’s ex wife and mother of the 3T) who was found dead in her swimming pool by her boyfriend Donald Bohana. The Jackson family gathers at Hayvenhurst to support Tito and his kids the 3T after hearing the tragic death of Dee Dee who was found dead in her boyfriend’s swimming pool.

Late August/Early September : Janet invites her nephews to spend a few days at her Malibu beach home to rest and prepare for the funerals. The whole family (except LaToya) attends Dee Dee’s funerals. Michael pays for the funerals and later he invites 3T to New York and produces their first album “Brotherhood”.

September : Katherine, Joe, Randy, Alejandra, Jermaine, Lea Bongo, Genevieve & Randy Jr move  from Hayvenhurst to Beverly Park while the house is undergoing renovations due to extensive damage cause by the Northridge earthquake.

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