Michael’s timeline : 2004

January 2 : CBS airs a TV Special for Number Ones featuring many young artists speaking about Michael’s influence.

January 12 : While Jermaine gives a press conference outside Hayvenhurst to organize fans’ support, Mark Geragos hosts a big meeting of Michael’s team at the Beverly Hills Hotel attended by Charles Koppleman, Leonard Muhammad, Al Malnik, John Branca, Alan Whitman, Zia Modabber & Kevin Mac Lin.

Marc Schaffel & Dieter Wiesner have lunch with Debbie Rowe at the Ivvy restaurant to talk about her children.

January 15 : Geragos announces that Michael & him have hired top criminal layer Benjamin Brafman.

Gloria Allred asks the Department of Child & Family Services of Los Angeles to remove Michael’s children from his care.

January 16 : Michael arrives 20 minutes late at the Santa Maria Courthouse where he is formally arraigned. Accompanied by Katherine, Joe, Janet, Jermaine, Tito, Randy, Grace, Karen, Frank Dileo & Leonnard Muhammad. He pleads not guilty to all the charges and judge Rodney Melville imposes a gag order preventing both sides from making public comments about the current case.

After going out of the courthouse, Michael gets on the top of his SUV and invites all the fans for an after arraignment party at Neverland!

January 24 : Social workers from the Department of Child & Family Services of Los Angeles go to Michael’s rented mansion in Beverly Hills to talk with Prince, Paris, Blanket & Grace.

Michael goes back to Neverland where he gets the visit of Dominic, Eddie & Frank.

Because of the trial Michael & Frank are prohibited from having contact so that is the last time that they speak until the verdict day 18 month later!

January 31 : The police searches the houses of Marc Schaffel & his assistant Christian Robinson.

February 1 : Janet performs “All For You” & “Rhythm Nation” during the Superbowl Halftime Show and then Justin Timberlake appears on the stage to perform “Rock Your Body” with Janet. Following the line, “better have you naked by the end of this song,” Justin ripps off the fabric that was covering Janet’s right breast.

Michael, who stays with Grace & the children at his friend Ron Burkle’s house in La Jolla, watches his sister Janet’s performance  on TV.

February 7 : Michael hires Raymone Bain as new official Spokesperson.

February 13 : Michael hosts a party for Prince’s 7th birthday with Grace & the children at his friend Ron Burkle’s house in La Jolla.

Geragos & Brafman go to Santa Maria Courthouse where they obtain a delay of the prelimiary hearing to have more time to study the prosecution case.

February 16 : Michael, Grace, the kids, Omer Bhatti & Dr Sebi arrive in Old Snowman in Colorado where Michael has rented the Meanwhile ranch (close to Aspen)

February 20 : Raymone Bain denies reports claiming that Michael came to Aspen for a detox programme.

Retired family judge Stephen Lachs accepts to mediate Michael & Debbie litigation over her visitation rights on Prince & Paris.

February 21 : Michael hosts a party for Blanket’s 2nd birthday with Grace, Prince, Paris, Omer Bhatti & Dr Sebi in Old Snowman in Colorado where Michael has rented the Meanwhile ranch (close to Aspen).

March : Michael’s new official website MJJ SOURCE is launched.

Sneddon sets a Grand Jury proceeding to avoid the preliminary hearing.

Michael, Grace & the kids go to Hawaii.

March 9 : Michael Jackson “The One” is released on DVD.

March 19 : The Department of Child & Family Services of Los Angeles refuses to remove Michael’s children from his care.

March 25 : Secret Jury selection is completed in Santa Barbara.

Michael files a lawsuit in US District Court in Los Angeles to regain possessions that were sold to a European buyer by Henry Vaccaro.

March 29 : Prosecutor Ron Zonen gives his opening statement during the first day of a Grand Jury proceeding where neither Michael nor his lawyers have the rights to appear. Members of the media are also prohibitted from attending.

March 30 : Gavin & Star Arvizo testify before the Grand Jury.

Michael visits the office of the Republican Congressman, Chaka Fatah, in Washington, which Fatah stated to the press “Michael Jackson has been the main inspiration and motivation for my involvement in the issue of safe blood for Africa”.

March 31 : Michael returns for the second day to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., this time as a guest of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Led, to speak with several members of Congress about his commitments to fighting the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

April 1 : Michael is presented with a special award from the African Ambassadors’ wives at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C. in honour of his worldwide humanitarian efforts, and particularly for his work in fighting AIDS in Africa (Grace attends the presentation).

April 2 : Geragos & Brafman go to Santa Maria courthouse where they obtain the Arvizo family court documents in the JC Penney case.

Judge Lachs refuses visitation rights to Debbie but he accepts to nullify her 2001 decision to give up her parental tights which sets a new battle between Michael & Debbie’s attorneys.

April 03 : Michael hosts a big party for Paris’s 6th birthday.

April 8 : Michael, Grace & the kids go to Orlando to visit theme parks.

April 11 : Medias report the allegations of Daniel Kapon, a young man who claims to have been abused by Michael when he was a kid. It turns out that the Santa Barbara Police Department did not find him credible and closed this case after investigating it.

April 21 : Michael who is is a rented mansion in Orlando learns that he has been indicted by the Grand Jury in Santa Barabara. He asks Randy to intervene quickly.

April 24 : Randy hosts a meeting at Michael’s house in Orlando with his civil lawyer Brian Oxman and top criminal lawyer Thomas Mesereau Jr.

April 25 : Michael announces that he has changed his legal team. Mesereau officially takes over Geragos & Brafman. He also decides to get rid of the Nation Of Islam and to go back to Neverland.

April 30 : Michael arrives on time at the Santa Maria Courthouse with Katherine, Joe, Grace, Randy, Jackie, Mesereau, Oxman & Raymone Bain.

He pleads not guilty to 10 counts retained by the Grand Jury. The new charges indicate a new timeline of allegations + a charge of false emprisonment + abduction of a child with the help of 5 undicted co-conspirators (Schaffel, Wienser, Konitzer, Tyson & Amen) Outside of the court house, Mesereau & Michael give a little speech before returning to Neverland.

May 28 : Mesereau goes to the Santa Maria courthouse with Brian Oxman & Joe Jackson for an hearing where Judge Melville sets September 13 as date for the trial to begin.

June : Randy fires Bob Jones, vice president of MJJ Productions since 1987, after discovering that he is writting a tell all book on Michael. He also stops paying Marc Schaffel.

June 15 : Judge Melville refuses to lower Michael’s bail.

Diane Dimond reveals the details of the Chandler secret financial settlement of 1994…

June 25 : Mesereau goes to a hearing in Santa Maria .

Katherine hosts the graduation party of Austin Brown at Hayvenhurt with Janet, Rebbie, LaToya, Jackie & Tito among others. Michael, who is in Miami calls Austin to congratulate him.

July 1 : Michael learns about his friend Marlon Brando’s death.

July 4 : Michael celebrates Independance day in Miami with Grace and the kids.

July 9 : During a hearing in Santa Maria , Judge Melville scolds Michael for violating the gag order in a written statement.

July 20 : The story of a woman claiming to bear Michael ‘s quadruplets dominates gossip medias…

July 27 : Michael is seen shopping at Memorial City Hall in Houston with a friend of Randy called Monique.

Mesereau goes to Santa Maria where he obtains the trial to be pushed back to January 31st 2005…

August 2 : Michael’s lawyers depose a motion against Sneddon for violating the gag order.

August 6 : VH1 hairs Man In The Mirror, a TV film about Michael’s life and scandals.

August 15 : Michael attends church service with Randy, Mesereau, Oxman & Steve Harvey in South Central, Los Angeles. Later, Michael & Randy visit the Cecil L. Williams Education Center.

August 16 (Day 1 of pre-trial) : Even though his presence is not complulsory, Michael goes to the Santa Maria courthouse. Accompanied by Katherine, Joe, Janet, LaToya, Jermaine, Jackie, Randy, Grace, Karen, Mesereau & Oxman to watch district attorney Tom Sneddon testify about the search of Brad Miller. After the court Michael & the family go to Neverland to spend time with Prince, Paris & Blanket.

August 17 (Day 2) : Testimony of Stanley Katz (Gavin’s psychologist)

August 19 (Day 3) : Testimonies of Jay Jackson & William Dickerman. The defense plays a video tape of the Neverland search.

August 20 (Day 4) : Testimonies of Joseph Marcus & Violet Silva about the Neverland search.

August 23 (Day 5) : Because she has just given birth to a baby boy, Janet Arvizo Jackson can’t go testify so the pre-trial is delayed…

August 30 : For his 46th birthday, Michael takes all the Jackson family (including Janet, JD, LaToya & Jeffre) to the Noe Restaurant at the Omni Hotel of Los Angeles.

September 3 : TV show Dateline reveals that Michael made a second financial settlement with Blanca Francia in 1995 to avoid a new scandal involving her son Jason.

September 13 : New controversy around the book of Raymond Chandler, Jordy’s uncle who never met Michael Jackson but pretends to know the truth about his relationships with children…

Debbie gives an interview to Entertainment Tonight. Considering that she has violated her confidentiality agreement, Randy decides to cancel her annual 1$ million payment.

September 15 : Police search the house of Evvy Tavasci, Michael ‘s assistant since 1991!

September 16 (Day 6) : The pre- trial resumes in Santa Maria .

September 17 (7th day): Even though his presence is not complulsory, Michael goes to the Santa Maria . Accompanied by Katherine, Joe, Janet, LaToya, Jermaine, Jackie, Randy, Grace, Karen, Mesereau & Oxman to watch Janet Arvizo Jackson testify.

Mesereau gives a speech to state that Michael regrets the settlements he has done on the past.

The Jackson family returns to Neverland where Michael has invited the fans and later they all have dinner at the Epihany Restaurant in Santa Barabara.

October 4 : Michael’s lawyers present a motion to withdraw Tom Sneddon from the case because of his too personal involvment.

October 12 : Michael calls the Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show to ask TV networks not to air Eminem new video which makes fun of him. BET accepts but not MTV which creates a new controversy.

October 13 : Rita Cosby visits Hayvehurst and tapes an interview with Alejandra, Genevieve, Randy Jr, Donte, Jaafar & Jermajesty for the CBS Early show in support of Michael.

October 14 : Michael’s layers go to the Santa Maria Courthouse where Judge Melville refuses to withdraw the case and to suppress any elements taken during the search of Neverland and Brad Millers’ offIce.

LaToya is a guest on the Frank Skinner Show in the UK where she defends Michael.

October 15 : Steve Cochran leaves Michael’s legal team.

November : Alejandra files for divorce and Jermaines gets married for the third time to his new girlfriend Halima Rashid. Alejandra and her children remain at Hayvenhurst with Katherine.

November 4 : Michael’s lawyers go to the Santa Maria Courthouse where Judge Melville refuses to withdraw Tom Sneddon from the case.

A man called Joseph Bartucci files a civil complaint in New Orleans claiming that Michael abused him in May 1984 when he was 18 and he supposedly suppressed that from his memory until 2003…

November 11 : Michael makes a phone call to the Geraldo Riveira Show to speak against the Eminem video

November 16 : Sony releases Michael Jackson : The Ultimate Collection featuring 4 CD’s of hits and unreleasing songs + a live DVD of the Dangerous Tour.

Marc Schaffel files a civil complaint in Los Angeles seeking 3 $ millions for money loans. He reveals that he has written a tell all book about Michael with Stuart Backerman.

November 20 : Brian Michael Stoller’s comedy “Miss Cast Away” featuring Michael is released on DVD

November 29 : Michael’s lawyers go to the Santa Maria courthouse where Judge Melville refuses them the right to have a psychiatrist analyse the Arvizo family.

December 3 : More than one year after searching Neverland, the Santa Barabara Police investigators come back to the ranch to make pictures and measures…

December 4 : Michael accepts to provide a sample of his saliva to the police for DNA testing.

December 17 : Michael (accompanied by Karen & Raymone) welcomes 200 unprivilged children to spend the day at Neverland. 50 journalists are also invited including Geraldo Rivero whom Michael thanks for his support.

December 20 : During a hearing at the Santa Maria Courthouse, Judge Melville refuses defense request to delay the trial for 6 weeks.

Michael records a video message to thank his fans on his MJJ SOURCE website.

December 21 : Hamid Moslehi (Michael’s videographer from 96 to 2003) files a civil complaint agains’t Michael for non payment of his work on Take 2 and Private Home Movies.

December 24/25 : Michael spends Christmas at Neverland with Prince, Paris, Blanket & Grace.

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