Michael’s timeline : 2002

January 9 : Chris Tucker presents the Artist of The Century Award to Michael at the American Music Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Chris introduces film director Brett Ratner to Michael.

February : Michael is on the cover of VIBE magazine with an exclusive interview & photoshoot at Neverland.

February 9 : Michael & Elizabeth Taylor attend the fund-raiser Art For Aids : A Tribute To Rock Hudson at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach. Later in the evening, they attend a private dinner at Dana Point with Michael’s dermatologist Dr Arnold Klein.

February 13 : Michael hosts a party for Prince’s 5th birthday at Neverland with Grace & the Cascio family.

February 21 : Birth of Michael’s new son Prince Michael II at the Grossmont Hospital in San Diego, California. Soon after Michael accompanied by Connie Cascio pick up the baby from the surrogate’s representative at an hotel and take in to Neverland on a private luxury bus. They soon nickname him Blanket!

February 24 : Michael, Elizabeth Taylor & Brett Ratner attend a private party at Mark Damon’s house to announce that Neverland Entertainment and Raju Sharad Patel have signed with Damon’s independant film company MDP Worldwide Entertainment to create a new division called Neverland Pictures.

March 16 : Michael is best man at the wedding of David Gest & Liza Minnelli celebrated in New York City with a galaxy of stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Frank Cascio, Joan Collins and Michael’s brothers Randy & Tito.

Angry with Sony Music who refused to release “What More Can I Give” & finance the “Unbreakable” short film, Michael invites several fans to his suite to explain them the situation and encourage them to push the promotion of “Invincible”.

Michael also decides to finance & produce the “Unbreakable” short film by himself. He hires Brett Ratner to direct it and asks Chris Tucker & Mel Gibson to play in it. He also contemplates the idea of a new world tour mainly to pay back his debt to Sony.

Back to Neverland, Frank decides to take a break from working for MJ and he comes back to NYC.

April : Michael is about to start shooting the “Unbreakable” short film when Sony announces that they won’t release the single. The promotion of the Invincible album is over with only 2 singles!!!

Michael’s former business manager Myung-Ho Lee files a $13 million lawsuit claiming that on September 14, Michael met him in Los Angeles and signed an agreement to pay him those fees but he never got them. Michael’s lawyer Zia Moddaber answsers that his client never signed anything and was not even in Los Angeles on that date…

April 03 : Michael hosts a party for Paris 4th birthday at Neverland with Prince, Blanket, Brett Barnes and Grace.

April 12 : Michael talks to the the actionnaires of MDP Worldwide through a recorded video message asking them to rename the company Neverland Pictures. The first movies project is called “Wolfed”.

Michael shoots a scene for the movie “Miss Cast Away” at Neverland directed by Brian Michael Stollers. Together, they work on a movie project called “They Cage The Animals At Night” based on a novel.

April 20 : At the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Michael tapes a performance of “Dangerous” for Dick Clark’s 50th Anniversary of American Bandstand.

April 21 : Michael, Grace and the kids go to NYC.

April 22 : The three biggest Michael Jackson’s fan-clubs in the world gather their effort to denounce the lack of promotion of Invincible from Sony Music and they organize many demonstrations of fans to re-launch the album.

April 24 : Michael performs “Dangerous”, “Black Or White” & “Heal The World” (joined by Diana Ross!) during a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee’s Every Vote Counts ‘campaign held at the mythic Apollo Theatre in Harlem. It is Michael’s last live performance in front of an audience.

Brett Barnes, Prince, Paris, Blanket, Grace, the Cascio family Chris Tucker & Rodney Jerkins attend the event. Afterwards Michael makes a photoshoot with Bill Clinton.

While in NYC Michael introduces Prince, Paris & Blanket to President Clinton and Diana Ross and his son Evan Ross.

May :  Katherine, Jackie, LaToya, Tito, Janet, Rebbie & Randy stage an intervention at Neverland to help Michael on his prescription-drug dependency.

Michael & LaToya are reunited 14 years after their last meeting during the 1988 Bad Tour.

Michael introduces them to Blanket.

June 6 : Michael joins the NAC (National Action Network), a recently formed coalition which has been set up to investigate artist exploitation by major record labels supported by lawyer Jonnnie Cochran and civil rights campaigner Reverend Al Sharpton. He also denies owing $200 millions to Sony Music

June 10 :Michael arrives in London and checks in the Marriott Renaissance Hotel.

June 11 : Michael has dinner with Uri Geller and his family. Geller introduces him to British journalist Martin Bashir who wants to do a TV documentary on Michael.

June 12 : Michael goes shopping at Hamley’s.

June 13 : Michael goes shopping at HMV store.

Michael is inducted into the National Academy of Popular Music/Songwriters Hall Of Fame. Liza Minnelli & David Gest accept the award on his behalf.

June 14 : Michael visits the Houses of Parliament accompanied by Uri Geller and magician David Blaine.

Later, Michael leaves Paddington Station, on a train ride to Exeter with Geller, Blaine, Mark Lester & 200 fans. They go to St James’ Park where 10 000 had gathered for this fund-raising event, organized to raise money for the footclub club and two charities aimed at combating Aids and malaria.

June 15 : Michael attends a fan demonstration at the Sony Music offices in London . He arrives riding on the top deck of a London open topped bus which has been organized for him by a group of fans.

Later, Michael attends a fan-club event with Uri Geller at the Equinox nightclub where he speaks for the first time of his problems with Sony and his CEO Tommy Mottolla.

June 17 : Michael has business meetings with Mohamed Al Fayed and Adrian Grant.

June 18 : Michael flies back to L.A and goes to Neverland.

June 20 : Michael’s french fans Joanna and Sandra visit Neverland where they see Michael with his children.

July 6 : Michael attends a fan demonstration at the Sony Music offices in Manhattan, New York. As he did in London, Michael arrives on the top of a double-decker bus.

Later, Michael goes to a civil rights meeting to speak out against the music industry’s treatment of the artists and he calls Tommy Mottala a “racist, mean and devilish man” which causes a huge controversy.

In the evening, Michael attends a fan-club party with Grace & Karen at the Webster Hall where he accepts the 30th Anniversary Fan Award.

July 9 : Michael goes to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network headquaters in Harlem where he speaks again of a conspiracy in the record industry against black artists.

July 13 : Michael gives a live telephone interview with The Journal News.

Mid July : Michael moves into the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas with Prince, Paris & Blanket, their nannies Grace & Patricia & bodyguards.

July 30/31 : Michael invites British journalist Martin Bashir to Neverland to shoot a documentary on his life.

August 6 : Michael Siegfried & Roy at The Mirage in Las Vegas and he introduces them to Blanket. Soon after they tell the press that Michael has a new son thus revealing to the world the existence of Prince Michael Jackson II.

August 26 : Michael invites Chris Tucker to Las Vegas so that they can work on film projects together.

He also invites the Wolf, a German family who lost everything during the recent floods to Neverland.

August 29 : Michael goes to New York City to appear at the MTV Video Awards Ceremony, held at Radio City Music Hall, where Britney Spears presents him a birthday cake for his 44th birthday but Michael misundetstands and gives a thanking speech for the Artist of the Millenium award. The Cascio family attends the event;

Michael opens the gates of Neverland to all the fans that came for his birthday.

September : Michael invites journalist Martin Bashir to Las Vegas . They do interviews and go on a shopping spree with Prince, Paris & Grace.

September 26 : Michael is at Neverland with Martin Bashir to shoot an interview with young Gavin Arvizo who says Michael saved him from cancer. At one point, he holds Michael’s hands and reveals that he has slept over in his bed (Michael adds that he slept on the floor).

October 12 : Michael invites more than 200 members of the US Air Force and their families to spend the day at Neverland.

November 2 : Michael accepts the World Arts Awards through a recorded video message during the World Awards For Men in Vienna.

Early november : Frank Cascio visits Michael at Neverland.

November 13/14/15 : Michael goes to the Santa Maria Courthouse to testify in the Marcel Avram trial. His appearance causes media frenzy.

November 19 : Michael arrives in Berlin, with his three children and Grace.

Later he shocks the world by dangling Blanket over the balcony of his hotel suite because he wanted to show him to the fans.

In the evening he goes to the restaurant with journalist Martin Bashir & business partner Dieter Wiesner.

November 20 : Michael is on the cover of all the tabloids around the world because of the “Balconygate” and although he issues a statement of apologises, he is severly critisized. Michael makes things worse by taking Prince & Paris to the zoo (with Grace, Wiesner & Bashir) but he puts scarfs on their faces to protect their identity which is also severly critisized.

In the evening he attends the charity gala “A Tribute to Bambi” with Wiesner & Bashir where he donates one of his jacket for auction.

November 21 : Michael attends the Bambi Awards with Wiesner & Bashir where Boris Becker presents him the Pop Artist Of The Millenium award.

During the ceremony, the video for “What More Can I Give” is premiered.

November 23 : Michael and his entourage fly back home.

November 25 : Janet introduces her new boyfriend Jermaine Dupri to the Jackson family during Thanksgiving dinner at Hayvenhurst.

November 28 : Bunte magazine publishes an interview of Michael

December : Michael invites Dieter Wiesner & Ronald Konotzer at Neverland to work on a 10 year plan named “MJ Universe”.

December 1 : Michael takes Prince, Paris & Blanket to Disney World in Orlando with the Cascio family.

December 3/4 : Michael goes back to the Santa Maria Courthouse to resume his testimony in the Marcel Avram trial. He arrives on crutches after being severly bitten by a spider at Neverland.

December 9 : Live from Neverland, Chris Tucker presents Michael a special award to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Thriller during the Billboard Awards. Frank Cascio and 4 fans are present (including Joanna Thomae).

December 20 : Gold magazine publishes an interview of Michael.

Michael goes to Miami to visit houses and work with Barry Gibb on a charity song.

December 24/25 : Michael celebrates Christmas at Neverland with Prince, Paris, Blanket, the Cascio family, the Bhatti Family, the Schleiter Family & the Farshchian family.

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