Michael’s timeline : 1997

Michael’s head of security Bill Bray retires after 26 years by his side. Wayne Nagin takes over his position.

Jonathan Spence gets married at Neverland Valley Ranch. Michael is not able to attend because he is in Europe.

January 2 : Michael arrives in Hawaii where he is welcomed by 150 local dancers + 200 fans. He soons joins Joe & Katherine who came especially for him.

January 3 & 4 : Michael finishes the first leg of the History World Tour by performing 2 huge concerts at the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu .

Many family members attend the show including Katherine & Joe.

Mid January : Michael goes to Montreux, Switzerland, to complete work on the “Blood On The Dance Floor” compilation. He stays at the Fairmont Montreux Palace and spends two weeks at the Mountain Studios recording the songs Blood On The Dance Floor and Elizabeth I Love You with Matt Forger. He also visits the Chaplin Family.

January 21 : Katherine’s father, Prince Scruse, dies at the age of 90 years old.

January 24-Febuary 1 : Michael goes resting at Disneyland Paris with Frank Cascio & Omer Bhatti.

He changes his management team by replacing Sandy Gallin with Tarak Ben Ammar from Kingdon Entertainment.

February 4 : Michael goes to a courtroom in Rome to testify that he didn’t steal Will You Be There from Italian artist Al Bano.

February 10-15 : Michael shoots the “Blood On The Dance Floor” short film in Los Angeles .

February 13 : Debbie Rowe gives birth to Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, first child of Michael, at the Cedar Sinai Medical Center of Los Angeles. Michael attends the birth and then takes his son to Neverland. Grace Rwaramba and Pia Bhatti are hired as Prince’s nannies. Pia moves to Neverland with her husband and their kids Shasta & Omer.

February 16 : Michael attends a gala to celebrate Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday in Los Angeles. For the occasion he performs a song that he just recorded in Montreux called “Elizabeth I Love You” and gets a standing ovation by the galaxy of stars attending the event.

Late February : Michael hosts a Jackson Family Day at Neverland to introduce Prince to the clan. Janet who is in studio in Minneapolis can’t attend the party. LaToya is not invited.

March 18 : Michael’s attorneys Zia Modabber & Steve Cochran announce that a jury in Santa Maria has dismissed the complaint of 5 former employees of Neverland who claimed they were fired because “they knew too much”…

March 21 : Michael attends a Sony Conclave in Marbella, Spain where he is presented with a special award from Sony Music, for 100 million singles sales internationally outside the USA, since his first solo career album with Epic Rec in 1979.

The BOTDF single is released. The song becomes a top ten hit in almost every European Union state. “Blood on the Dance Floor” peaks at number one in the UK, Spain and New Zealand, charting for 11 weeks in the latter two nations.

March 25 : British magazine OK gets a world exclusive by publishing the first ever official pictures of Michael & Debbie with their son Prince (at Neverland) accompanied by a candid interview of the couple.

April 2 : The “Blood On The Dance Floor” short film is premiered on VH1.

Michael arrives in Paris with Grace & Prince and they check in the George V Hotel. He rehearses for the second leg of the History Tour at the Disneyland Paris parade rehearsals studios.

April 12 : Michael has a private meeting with one of his French fan Feisal in his George V suite.

April 19 : Michael attends the innauguration of his wax statue by french artist Mime Marceau at the Musée Grevin in Paris . He is accompanied by his new Manager Tarak Ben Ammar.

May 2 : Michael arrives in Munich, Germany with Tarak Ben Ammar. He is presented with a plaque from soccer club 1860 Munich, as well as a blue and white soccer-shirt saying ‘Michael Jackson’ on the back, at the Munich Olympic Stadium. MJ attendS a press conference for the History Tour at the Munich stadium.

May 3 : Michael visits his former tour promoter Marcel Avram in a Munich jail.

May 5 : Michael & Tarak Ben Ammar attend the Italian TV Award Ceremony Telegatti in Milano where Michael presents an award with Luciano Pavarotti. Michael works on a duet project with Pavarotti Called “What More Can I Give”.

May 6 : Michael flies to Cleveland, Ohio, to be inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in a special Presentation with His bothers by Diana Ross & Berry Gordy! Joe, Katherine & Barry Gibb are also present at the event. Randy does not attend the presentation.

May 8 : Michael flies back to Europe to attend a midnight private presentation of his “Ghosts” short film at the Cannes Film Festival with Stan Winston & Tarak Ben Ammar among others.

May 14 : The “Blood On The Dance Floor” compilation is released worldwide.

May 27/28 : Michael goes to to study a project of amusement park for Kingdom Entertainment.

May 29 : Michael arrives in Bremen, Germany with Tarak Ben Ammar and they attend a press conference.

Prince Michael Jr is taken to a Paris hotel suit where he is taken care by his nannies Grace & Pia. Michael joins him after each concert of the European tour. Debbie also flies every week end to spend time with Michael & their son.

May 31 : Michael kicks off the European leg of the History Tour with in Bremen.

June 3 : Concert in Cologne.

June 6 : Concert in Bremen.

June 8 + 10 : Concerts in Amsterdam.

June 13 : Concert in Kiel.

June 14 :Michael attends the 30th anniversary of Phantasialand in Cologne with Anton and Francesca Schleiter.

June 15 : Concert in Gelsenkirchen.

June 18 : Concert in Milano.

June 20 : Concert in Lausanne.

June 22 : Concert in Luxemburg.

June 24 : The stormy six-year marriage of singer LaToya and Jack Gordon is officially over. The divorce is granted in Clark County Family Court.

June 25 : Concert in Lyon.

June 27 + 29 : Concerts at the Parc Des Princes in Paris (attended by Debbie).

July : The double single “History”/”Ghost” is released in Europe.

July 2 : Michael takes Debbie & Prince to Vienna where he performs in concert

July 4+6 : Concerts in Munich (attended by Debbie). While in Munich Michaels is injected with Propofol by 2 Germain doctors to help him get some sleep.

July 10 : Concert in Sheffield (attended by Debbie)

July 11 : While a pregnant Debbie returns to L.A , Michael goes to London where he is joined by his ex wife LIsa Marie!

July 12 + 15 + 17 : Michael performs 3 concerts at the Wembley Stadium in London . (Katherine & Lisa Marie attend the shows)

July 19 : Concert in Dublin.

July 25 : Concert in Basel.

July 27 : Concert in Nice.

August 1 : Concert in Berlin.

August 3 : Concert in Leipzig.

August 10 : Concert in Hockenheim.

August 14 : Concert in Copenhagen.

August 16 : Concert in Gothemburg.

August 19 : Concert in Oslo.

August 22 : Concert in Tallinn.

August 24 + 26 : Concerts in Helsinski.

August 29 : Concert in Copenhagen on Michael 39th birthday. A huge cake is presented to him on stage!

September 1 : After hearing the tragic death of his friend Princess Diana, Michael cancels his concert in Ostend .

September 3 : Michael finally performs in Ostend and dedicates the concert to Lady Di.

September 6 : Last concert of the European tour in Valladolid .

September 7 : Michael gives an interview for US TV show 20/20 with Barbara Walters from his Parisian hotel. The interview is aired a few days later on ABC.

September 8 : Michael returns to Neverland with Grace & Prince Michael Jr.

September 13 : Michael attends a public service for Diana in a Los Angeles church.

October 1 : Michael arrives in Cap, with Omer Bhatti.

October 2 : Michael arrives in Cap, with Omer Bhatti, Katherine & Joseph.

October 4 + 6 : Michael performs 2 concerts in Cap attended by Nelson Mandela among others.

October 7 : Michael, Omer, Katherine & Joseph visit Nelson Mandela’s home.

Later Michael is best man at his friend Gerry Inzerillo ‘s wedding to Prudence Salomon.

October 8 : Michael, Omer, Katherine & Joseph arrive in Johannesburg. Lisa Marie Presley and her children Riley and Benjamin joins them.

Michael and his entourage visit Sun City.

October 10 : Concert in Johannesburg.

October 11 : Michael is made honorary member of a tribe in Phoheng. His parents Joe & Katherine, Omer & Lisa Marie attend the event.

October 12 : Concert in Johannesburg.

October 15 : 82nd and last concert of the History World Tour in Durban

October 16 : Michael Leaves Africa and goes back to Neverland with Omer Bhatti.

October 31 : Dr Sasaki performs surgery on Michael to reduce the width of his scar on the scalp.

November 18-23 : Michael goes to Seoul in to support Kim Dae-Jung at the presidential elections.

Michael & Prince Michael Jr are on the cover of LIFE magazine with a special photo story at Neverland.

November 25 : Debbie Rowe gives an interview to KNBC filmed at Neverland where she denies tabloid rumors of an affair between Michael & Lisa Marie & announces that she is pregnant with a baby girl that she & Michael want to name Paris Michael Katherine.

Late November : Michael goes in a Los Angeles studio to record the song Children’s Holiday for Japonese group J-Friends

December : Sony cancels the release of History’s last single “Smile” at the last minute.

A box set is released in Europe containing the “Ghost” short film on VHS + the unreleased song “On The Line” from the Spike Lee movie soundtrack “Get On The Bus”.

Tarak Ben Amar decides to part ways with Michael.

December 17 : Michael visits british boxer Prince Naseem at a gymnasium in New York . While in New York , he meets Puff Daddy to speak of a possible collaboration together.

December 20 : Enid Spann Jackson, Jackie’s ex wife and mother of their children Siggy & Brandi tragically dies of a brain aneurysm in a movie theater bahhroom. The Jackson family gather at Hayvenhurst to support Siggy & brandi.

December 24/25 : Michael celebrates Christmas at Neverland with Grace, Prince, the Cascios & the Bhattis. Debbie Rowe, who is 5 months pregnant, visits them

Late December : Michael attends the funerals of Enid Jackson  & Lilian Disney (widow of Walt Disney).

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