Prince, Paris & Bigi’s timeline : 2015

February 13 : Prince celebrates his 18th birthday with family and friends.

February 21 : Blanket celebrates his 13th birthday with family and friends and asks people to call him Bigi from now on.

March 8 : Katherine, LaToya, Rebbie & Paris attend Frances’s baby shower at Hayvenhurst.

March 10 : Birth of Rio Tito Jo Jackson, 4th child of TJ & Frances.

April 03 : Paris celebrates her 17th birthday with family and friends.

May 30 : The whole Jackson family attends Prince’s graduation Party at Hayvenhurst (except Janet, Randy & Marlon).

August 22 : Prince, Paris, Bigi and many of their cousins visit the old Jackson family house in Gary, Indiana.

November 25 : Prince, Paris & Bigi have pre-Thanksgiving dinner at Calabasas with Katherine, Austin and the gang.

December 20 : Paris posts a selfie of her with Grace Rwaramba on her Instagram.

December 24/25 : Prince, Paris, Bigi & Omer spend Christmas together in L.A.

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