LaToya’s timeline : 2021

January 21 : On her social medias, LaToya congratulates Joe Biden & Kamala Harris on Inauguration Day. Janet does not comment on this historical day.

January 23 : LaToya on Larry Kings’s death : I am so grateful to have known such a warm soul! RIP Larry. You will be missed!

May 4 : Janet & LaToya post pictures of Katherine on their social medias on her 91th birthday.

May 29 : LaToya celebrates her 65th birthday at home in L.A.

June 23 : LaToya attends a charity dinner in Aalborg, Denmark raising funds for small children in hospice.

August 1 : Luther Jackson, Joe Jackson’s brother passes away. He was the last Jackson still alive from this generation after the passings of Lawrence Jackson, Verna Mae Jackson & Joe.

LaToya spends Family Day with Katherine, Rebbie, Tito & Brenda Richie and shares a short video with Katherine on her social medias.

August 5 : Tito releases his new music video Love One Another featuring appearances by most of the Jackson family (Katherine, Janet, LaToya, Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon, Johbonnie, Prince, 3T, Austin and many others).

October 2 : LaToya attends Nicole Richie’s 40th birthday party in L.A.

October 24 : LaToya shares a video of her vistitng Katherine.

November 14 : LaToya shares a video wishing happy holidays.

December 11 : LaToya on Instagram : “A Big Big Happy Birthday to you Jermaine! 
Sending you much love!”

December 19 : LaToya shares a new picture on Instagram : “Blessings to you all on this Sunday”

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