LaToya’s timeline : 2007

January 10 : The TV Reality Show “Armed & Famous” premieres on CBS starring LaToya and other celebrities. The program documents celebrities basic training and service as a reserve police officer with the Muncie Police Department. The show is eventually removed from the CBS lineup, due to its inability to compete with American Idol.

A single called “Armed and Famous” was planned but the title was changed to “I Don’t PLay That” shortly before it was sent to radio stations, where it failed to take off, on January 29, 2007, due to CBS’ cancellation of the show.

Early May : Janet & the kids go to the Bahamas to rehearse for the forthcoming mini concert at the Atlantis Resort. They are joined by Katherine, LaToya & Rebbie.

May 11 : Rebbie, LaToya and Katherine attend the grand opening of The Cove Atlantis on Paradise Island. After the concert Janet celebrates her forthcoming birthday at the Aura Nightclub on Paradise Island with JD, La Toya and Usher.

July 7 : LaToya attends the wedding of her nephew TJ to Frances Casey.

November 11 : Birth of Sophia Laniak, 2nd child of Valencia Jackson.

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